Astrology: Vernal Equinox 03/20/2020

Vernal Equinox, 3:50 am March 20, 2020 GMT, Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London, England

The Spring Equinox of 2020 begins on a very somber note. This chart is serious – plain and simple. Capricorn on the Ascendant, with a stellium involving an unprecedented combination of Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Mars and Jupiter conjoin from the 12th, chart ruler Saturn grips Pluto from the 1st, with Pluto at 24º 40’ Capricorn exactly conjunct the Ascendant degree, 24º 33’ Capricorn, the dark meat of this sandwich. It doesn’t get any more serious than this. This is unusual, it is stark, it is powerful, and it is not going away any time fast.

The Moon is at 13º Aquarius. Mercury sits alone in Pisces, with a gentle sextile to Uranus in Taurus, inspired, forward-looking and humane. Chiron in Aries waits for the Sun to arrive, opening to a conjunction that can allow acknowledgement of the woundedness, and the healing required to address the pain that is being felt around the world as we pass through this Equinox period. Saturn and Pluto offer a stabilizing force, like a doctor who holds your hand as you go into surgery to finally have that growing tumor removed. It’s going to be painful, but there’s no turning back any longer.

The world is changing, rapidly, in ways that we could not have imagined even one month ago. Our cities and nations are under lock-down. Businesses, travel, medical care, access to public resources, schools – are all locked away from our reach, as we are isolated for what we are to understand is our own protection. Structures, rules, regulations, the very foundation of our society is being renovated. All of this sort of makes me want to weep a bit, and likely many people are feeling this way, but no – there’s no time for that anymore, as this is not anything emotional we are dealing with. Our very bones are being broken and reset – for our own good, for the betterment of all. There’s nothing we can do but stand aside. The power behind this movement is like a locomotive – there is no standing in the way of the transformation that we are witnessing.  We must watch as this thing sweeps across our lands, taking the most vulnerable, frightening the staunch, weakening the already weary. We must bow our heads in supplication to the power of nature, for even in the midst of human misery, nature is stepping forward in expansion, lifting herself away from the muck and the dross that has been repressing her for so long now.  Even a few weeks of lessened human activity has made a tremendous difference to the plants, the animals, the very air we breath. Beyond the scope of my knowledge is the thought that this may perhaps even influence upcoming weather patterns.

Many speculations are afoot – this is a New World Order move for a lock-down of the planet’s population.  The disease that is sweeping the globe, officially known as SARS-CoV-2, and formerly known as COVID-19, was perhaps manufactured, a covert war effort, a stunning device of biological warfare. In an election year, in a world of shifting trade and economic partnerships, we find China chomping at the bit in its attempt to take down Donald Trump’s American empire. There, he is regarded as a “paper tiger”, a weak and foolish man, and the Chinese perceive that there has never been a better opportunity than his term of leadership this to spring into a controlling role in the world stage, and so they have with the development of their “New Silk Road”, a revisiting of ancient trade routes connecting Europe, Africa and Asia.

I am not a political scientist.  I am a planet whisperer. I see the energies of the planets, how they swirl and interact, and how they impact the fools we are, walking blindly on this good green Earth. And as such, I say that now is the time to stop, watch, humbly wait and most of all, pray. This is not a time of chaos – chaos has come and gone. This is a time of sequestering, of clamping down, of eradication, a controlled, energetic and massive implosion. The image of the intentional demolition of an old, dangerous and arcane structure, whose perpetuation would only mean prolonged disease and suffering for many comes to mind .  This world will be looking very different by the end of the year, and given how quickly events are moving, it is difficult at this time to know how different. Next week, on the 23rd, Saturn pops into Aquarius for a couple of months, by month’s end joined by Mars, who will be travelling with Saturn in a constrained attempt to keep situations under control, populations calm and directed. When Saturn’s retrograde back into Pisces occurs in July, Pluto will have fallen too far behind to be of any use in further joint collaboration, and the tension will be dispelled somewhat, with Saturn’s energies put into reconstruction on an organizational level. Imagine him walking through with his teams of cleaners, administrators, directors and pundits, ticking boxes here, circling in red there – ensuring that things are fixed and tidied before he finally departs for Aquarian zones. Shortly after the Autumnal Equinox, he will travel forward and leave the mess of the spring behind once and for all, Jupiter and Pluto remaining together to force through power moves of control, governmental priority and scrutiny of the trappings of privilege, the work of autumn and early winter before Jupiter also moves along into Aquarius, enhancing new structures and new governments.

We have to remember that despite how well organized, automated and convenient our societies may be, we are still at the mercy of Nature. Our bodies are of Nature, they are living flesh and blood and subject to forces that pale in comparison to the tiny yet gargantuan microprocessors which we trust with our most private thoughts and details. None of the technology, the conveniences, the cozy little boxes that we have created for ourselves mean anything in the face of Nature unleashed, and if it takes a pandemic, a fast, rushing disease to stop us in our tracks and remember this, then so be it. We will weather this, as we do all emergencies, tragedies and fatality – because that is what it means to be human. We fall, we stand, we fall again, and we continue with the strength of learning behind us, with the light of hope in front of us, the foundation of wonder at the majesty of Nature at our feet. Even two weeks ago, the idea that our cities and nations would be under a state of emergency was beyond reason.  Today, as we frantically shop for items that we know our families require for what we consider normal living, we are faced with the very real possibility that we may all need to adjust to a new normal, sooner rather than later.