Easter/Ostara/Eostre 2020

Easter 2020. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Over 1.7 million people have been affected by the Covid-19 virus, and over 108, 000 people have died worldwide, as of latest statistics. These are astonishing numbers, and as such, the global population is reeling, frightened and deeply worried about the future. The mood of the population is grim and tense. And yet, people are also bizarrely relaxed, as if everyone has just been waiting for something like this to happen. Now that it has, while the natural astonishment supersedes all, the relief is palpable. It’s like a huge, global boil has been popped and we are all just watching the poison flow, taking the most vulnerable, as we do our duty and stand by watching and waiting for the worst of it to be over. We knew something was coming. Now it’s here, and we are all a captive audience.

As an astrologer, this is difficult information to share. I have been looking at this stuff for 20 years, wondering “WTF is going to happen? Something BAD is going to happen.” I have had incredulity from friends “What? You didn’t see this coming?” Well, yes, I did, actually, but so what? This is precisely the reason that I abandoned astrology over a decade ago, (even if it didn’t abandon me). So fucking what if we knew this was going to happen? Who would listen and believe? What good does it do to know something when you cannot change it, because frankly, we can do all the spell-casting, meditation, positive reinforcement, drumming up circle support that we want, but it ain’t going to change dick. The forces that affect us are so much larger than us, individually, that sometimes, all we can do is stand by mutely, and watch the shit show unfurl. This is the loneliness of the astrologer – to have a vision of what is before you, and the knowledge that nobody will listen, could possibly listen. What would people actually do if presented with this arcane knowledge gleaned through the remotest form of investigation? The days of court astrologers, and public policy based on their knowledge are long, long gone.

And so. We are in the midst of a crisis the likes of which our generation has certainly never witnessed. The closest comparison in living memory is WWII. And in many ways, what we experience today is the direct result of the politics of that time. The global alliances, while modified over the last 100 years for the purposes of efficient trade and global merchandising, have changed very little. Old enmities still exist, more or less intact. Old suspicions, distrusts and antagonisms are still alive and well, albeit in new forms which encompass current technological advancements. And yet, we are in a situation which requires global cohesion, cooperation and patience in a manner which has never been asked of the individuals of this world at any point in history. The technological advances that allow us to connect with one another instantaneously also behoove us with the responsibility to look out for our neighbors, though now, the definition of neighbor is a global one, rather than immediately local. Our neighbors are the South Koreans, the Iranians, the Italians, the Brazilians. People travel so widely, for a huge variety of reasons which are completely random and legitimate, that there is no true localization any longer. It is impossible to know what any individual will do, who they know, where they may need to go, or for what reason. And yet, if we come across information which seems useful, the simple act of sharing can cause our neighbors on the other side of the globe to potentially avoid calamity, misery and suffering. We are one society now, and our duties are varied, random, and universal.

Saturn having moved into Aquarius serves to underscore the stakes here. Aquarius is a globally-oriented sign. If there is any sign which can define the spirit of our generation, it truly is Aquarius. People have been speaking about “The Age of Aquarius” for a few decades now, but it seems that nobody really has accepted the true nature of Aquarius. It has been assumed that this wonderful New Age will be a time of magical, mystical free love and happiness. Unfortunately, Aquarius, traditionally ruled by Saturn, is a cold sign. It is austere, analytical and logical. Humane yes, but in an almost clinical fashion. Aquarius is distant, a bit forbidding. There is no joviality, nothing casual, no “free love” and really, no fun. Aquarius wants idealism, but in the fashion of a dry political scientist. This is not a hippy thing – that’s where the mistaken assumption lies. This is pure philosophy, untouched by the grubby hands of mankind. It is idealism for the masses, not of the masses. That is a fine distinction, and it is something that must be taken into grave consideration as we move forward. For it is pure social theory which will save us now. It is the conception of our society in a completely new, boundary-free fashion which will lift us out of ignorance and carry us forward to mutually realized sanctity.

Coming out of this pandemic, we will be changed, as a society. We will be scarred, and transformed. That’s Pluto. There’s no messing around when it comes to the transformation that Pluto creates. And it is vastly creative, in an almost Biblical sense, but while being creative, it is also destructive, transformative, radical and unstoppable. There is no holding back when Pluto starts moving through a situation, simply because that is his modus operandi – to change, to take down what does not work, and put something else in its place. There is no negotiation, no squelching out of deadlines. There is no pity with Pluto. He does not care. Whether or not we are capable of processing that change, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually, is not the domain of Pluto. It is not his concern, it is yours, as an individual. Where are your personal planets? How do they constellate with the outer planets, with Pluto? The way that we process these massive, global transformations is a very personal matter. We are all children of the collective, but it is ultimately up to us each individually to make do with the hands that we have been dealt. As it so happens, many of us have received the very same hands, and so in this circumstance, it is up to us to reach out and share the information that we possess. “How are you doing? What’s working for you? How are you managing that? How did this affect you?” It is in precisely such circumstances that society finds its greatest jumps in growth. The forward motion that can arise in such situations is rare and massive – think the French or American Revolutions, WWI or WWII – and as the systems we had no longer work, we must, under no uncertain terms, utilize new methods to approach the same old problems, as there is simply no choice in the matter. We change because the old ways are just gone, terminated like a dead telephone line. And we must change along with the times.

All the rest is ephemeral, the various moods and swings in the public consciousness. People are grumpy. People are combative. People are peaceful and dreamy. People are conciliatory. People are needy. The point of the matter is – what kind of person are you, here and now, under these circumstances, and what will you do about it all, if anything? That’s the honesty that Jupiter in Capricorn demands of us right now, in conjunction with Pluto. Power structures built on the backs of the people are in a state of profound modification; it pertains to you, me and all of us. Where do you stand?

Art: Alan Sailer, “Bunny Business”, photograph, date uncertain.

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