Astrology: Sun Ingress to Leo 2020

Art: Nick Brandt, ‘Lion Before Storm II’, platinum palladium print, 2006.

Happy Birthday to all you Leos out there! Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the true star of the zodiac, gregarious, warm, loyal, proud, regal, generous, and always above reproach, for why would they ever ruin their reputation by being anything but fabulous at all times?

The month of Leo allows us the chance to embrace creativity and an openness of spirit. Leo rules the heart, and it is during this month that many of us typically take holidays with our loved ones, exploring and enjoying for a time the sense of wonder that most adults leave behind with childhood. The pandemic has certainly changed life for everyone on the planet, but we will leave it to Leo to lead us through with their sunshine and nobility, ever finding the silver lining to even the gloomiest perspectives.

Despite their seemingly effortless ability to conquer everything, all the time, this is a time to watch for Leo, as you will find pressures steadily mounting in terms of health, domestic situations, and the impact of any potential stressors on how partnerships are envisioned. Saturn sits at the threshold between Capricorn and Aquarius, and will move into Aquarius full by mid December 2020, remaining there until April 2023, and while travelling through Aquarius, will ask that Leo gets serious in matters of personal self-definition, how the ego is utilized in moving through the world, and how one finds oneself expressing authenticity vis a vis others. Jupiter blows through Aquarius next year, and will add some wind to your sails, and there is a risk of overdoing things, but that’s no problem, as sometimes we need to overdo it in order to fine tune our efforts until we achieve just the right balance. Jupiter’s expansion, while occasionally dangerous, is always of value in the long run, so work with that flow.

Be true to yourself, Leo, you have the full support of the universe behind you. Tough as it may seem, the discipline you need to let yourself shine at full capacity is there for you now, and for some time to come. Saturn doesn’t ask anything of us that we are truly not able to accomplish, even if that means digging deeper than ever before to find the grit required to succeed. At the end of this Saturn cycle, you will be tougher and more capable, your skills will be honed, and you will be better equipped to express the talents of your unique and glorious soul. Many happy returns Leo!

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