Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius, 3 August, 2020, 15:59 UT, Greenwich, UK. Chart courtesy of

This year’s Full Moon in Aquarius (11º 46′) occurs on August 3, and the aspect was exact at 16:59 Universal Time (which is 11:59 EDT). I don’t like reporting cranky news, but I do see this is the sum of this Full Moon – cranky, cantankerous, edgy and a touch cold. Tension is high, people will be argumentative for no apparent reason as subconscious contents push forward for recognition. Expression is stubborn, and people could get slightly perverse about it in an “Oh, yeah? Make me!” sort of way. Seemingly strange ideas rise up, and feel like compulsions, emotions are raw and so expressing themselves defensively, held at arms length for examination in a clinical fashion. Watch this reaction especially around spending money – if you feel like you just HAVE to have that thing, maybe give that a good hard look. It is a rather unsympathetic time. Personal values are butting up against the pressures of the consensus; the solar energies are loud and proud, but emotionally, all that doesn’t seem of any importance as we are pressed to comprehend “the state of it all”, far and above the personal realm.

On a positive note, the possibility of inspiration is high, and while some ideas may seem “radical” or “crazy”, let things sit for a while before just dismissing anything out of habit. If anything, this is a prime time to be open to understanding that the old ways, while tried and true, are not always the best ways, and while innovation may chafe at our comfort zones, it’s a good idea to remember that change is rarely comfortable. Change, is by virtue of definition, the act of entering a state which is new, different, unfamiliar – this leads to insecurity. With Mars in Aries giving everyone the bum’s rush, that’s going to feel hard for a lot of people who like things just the way they are.

Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – may feel particularly hard right now, like life is a slog and there aren’t any breaks on the horizon. There is deep work happening, continue being patient, for someday you will look back on this time as probably the most pivotal period in your lives, in terms of personal development. Yes, you are the poster children for transformation. Own it, and be at ease.

Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – are secretly quaking. Deep down below, as their carefully constructed worlds are being ever so definitely shaken, there is a scramble happening. Cracks in the edifice are forming – what has to topple down? Only you know for sure, but don’t be worried, it’s all for the best, and your majesty will continue to shine in the future, albeit with a few new added features.

Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – you have a good chance to really strut your stuff right now. The world is falling to pieces, and pieces are your specialty – sorting, defining and rearranging so that those in the fray have a sound map to work with as they travel this uncertain terrain. This is your time to shine, and if it doesn’t quite feel like that, fake it till you make it, nobody will notice if you are a bit uncertain on that tightrope walk.

Regardless, always have faith that we can become just as comfortable with the new state of affairs that change may bring, and even come to the conclusion that it was all for the better – eventually. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and progress is never easy, nor is the urge for progress, when all we want to do is maintain our status quo.

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