Astrology: August 2020 New Moon in Leo

This year’s New Moon in Leo occurs on August 18 at 22:42 EDT (August 19 3:42 UT). With the ongoing pandemic, we are a captive audience to so much that we do not have the capacity to change, and this is deeply frustrating to so many. What we do have, however, is the capacity to understand that we are all in this together, and this New Moon offers us the opportunity to achieve a profound level of this sort of understanding – of our identity as individuals, and our place as individuals in the greater world.

The Sun and Moon conjoin at 26º 35’ Leo, and added to this union is Mercury at 28º 5’ Leo. This stellium indicates a merging of Feeling, Will and Thought. Often we are at odds with ourselves – we cannot “think straight”, we can’t find a balance between head and heart. At this time, though, we are capable of bringing these elements together and achieving a lovely cohesiveness that we can use to move forward, approaching the next season with some sense of comprehension and stability. Leo is proud, warm, loyal and optimistic, and this is precisely the energy we need now, particularly considering the growing contentiousness surrounding the upcoming US election, as well as mounting fear and uncertainty as we anticipate what could be another wave of pandemic fall-out. The economy struggles to find its feet, our kids are facing a new school year with very little understanding of what that may look like, and the world is trying to rebuild from the catastrophes of the last 8 months. Despite all of this, we have great positive force now available, and with work, we can accomplish many things together, but it has to start with individual willingness to accept the change that is now required of us all.

We are experiencing a modification of how we approach personal values, and our concepts of duty and service. For many people, what we value is what we own, what we have, what we call ours. We consider that we are beholden to none but ourselves, and our duties don’t extend beyond our front door. We are now being asked to really understand that what we have, what is ours, belongs to all of us. The collective is now pushing hard against our individual consciousness, asking us to grasp the absolute truth that we are part of something greater than just our small individual selves alone.Leo rules the Ego, individuality and creativity. This New Moon profoundly enhances our capacity to really embody who we are as individuals, but with the understanding that there is more to “I” than just “me”. This doesn’t mean that we must be nullified, rather we must shine and add our own little bit of individual glitter and importance, that personal contribution and unique value to the whole. We are being invited by the world to open up, and participate consciously in the act of global citizenship. We now have a window of opportunity to proceed with faith and optimism, secure in knowing that we as individuals are actually enhanced by our shared circumstances.

Chiron at 8º 50’ Aries is at the top of the chart, conjunct the Midheaven, indicating that our highest task at this time is to heal our sense of aggression, and that this healing can be achieved through a shift in consciousness. Chiron in Aries is a difficult placement as it conflates the natural urge to aggression with feelings of unworthiness, shame and trepidation, and acts of perceived aggression from others are always met with defensiveness and anger. If there is an individual attempt to cultivate awareness, this placement can give a sense of deep understanding in the utilization of force – a knowing of when and how to use force, exert the will, execute action and enter combat. Without any attempt at awareness, this is a placement that begs projection – the fault is always with that other guy, someone else is wrong, must be blamed and punished, that foreign ideology must be the problem, those people are lying and cheating, it was all their horrible plan to ruin me after all, etc., etc. This ugly scenario has occurred countless times throughout history, and the world loves a good scapegoat on which to hang their woes. The time is ripe for us to dispense with this tendency, and take mature responsibility for our own actions, and if this means that nations all over the world must continue to minimize contact with others, turn their wagons in a circle and clean up their own backyards, then so be it – the universe will accommodate that requirement by forcing us to take this position, whether we like it or not, because it is an evolutionary necessity that we bring things home.

Jupiter conjoined with Saturn and Pluto continues to push a campaign of over-expansion, but when faced with Saturn’s coldness and Pluto’s inscrutability, the net result is a seething mass of frustrated bureaucratic institutional energy. Mars in Aries joins the fray, squaring that stellium in Capricorn, and trining the New Moon stellium, adding fuel to the fire by urging careless, hair-trigger spontaneous action, damn the consequences, just for the sake of doing anything in order to feel a sense of motion and achievement, so hard to find in a time when we are all being told to sit down and shut up. Aries likes to shoot first, talk later but now we need to utilize the fixity and stubbornness of the stellium in Leo to hold the line, consider deeply, and create a more comprehensive and generous approach to dealing with shared circumstances. At best, Leo is generous, warm and proud, and it is this Leo energy, purely solar, creative, bright and fine, which can lead us forward. Venus and Neptune in water signs support from the wings, offering sympathy, caring and sentimentality. We all need to feel that we are of service, we need to be allowed to do something tangible, but right now that need is bound up with having to toe the line and play by the rules, an uncomfortable situation for many people who are used to going their own way.

Many will prefer to continue obstinate heel dragging and refutation of logic, but now, more than ever, it would pay to reflect on what we truly value, how we are willing to obtain those values, and what room there is for change within how we define our sense of self-worth. Another characteristic of Leo is selfishness, and interestingly, this is one time when being selfish is actually just the thing we should be doing, for in focusing on our selves, we can begin to understand how we as individuals can move forward to fit in with the whole. How we approach our personal value structures, as well as how we understand the pressure from the collective imposing new requirements upon our definition of those values, offers the opportunity for reaching new levels in peace and understanding.

Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn – You continue to do the heavy lifting here. Consider the archetype of Atlas, world upon his shoulders, and find how that makes you feel. Does it make you angry? Do you want to blame someone? Do you feel guilty? Do you hate your duties, and do you want to kick it all over and start fresh? Or are you just exhausted and feeling “when will this end”? Look – where are your responsibilities and how is the world requiring you to change how you manifest those duties and capacities? This is slow, deep work, so don’t feel rushed to figure it all out. There is a light up ahead, so keep on moving.

Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – The focus is on self and others, your values against those you may not quite agree with, but cannot avoid, your creativity vs what society is expecting you. It is okay to be selfish, sometimes, but you need to understand (and admit) your motivations. Now is a great time to find the honest truth in your regular approach, tweak that modus operandi, and walk that talk. Yes, you may ruffle a few feathers, but at least you will find out who are your real friends.

Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces – Your role continues to be that of super-conscious motivator, negotiator, listener and muse. People will look to you for answers, because you have the innate capacity to make sense of messy situations. Even if you don’t quite make sense of them, you can at least see a pattern emerge from the chaos, and sketch together a vision of where we are headed, and how things might just be. People need that now, so keep shining that light.

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