Astrology: Full Moon in Pisces 2020

Full Moon in Pisces, 2 September 2020, 5:22 UT, Greenwich, UK. Image courtesy of

Full Moon in Pisces today, exact at 6:22 UT, making this the last full moon of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.This is a truly lovely configuration,with flowing, supportive aspects unifying energies in a dance of complexity. This is an especially good time for artists, thinkers, creators and lovers, as there is such lush, inspired energy in the air. Dreamy energies of the Full Pisces Moon, conjoining with Neptune in Pisces fuels romance and reflection. Combined with the dynamic Cardinal t-square involving the Capricorn stellium, Mars in Aries and Venus in Cancer, this is a fantastic time for manifesting high creativity, as there is much power available, though the flip side is that we must be careful to channel that energy practically, being aware that we can now very easily fall into confusion, lassitude, irrational emotions and fears, or simply allowing passion to get the best of us. A heavy emphasis on earth and water elements gives us the possibility to find grounding for inspired solutions, but we must make concerted effort to manifest our dreams, as without the effort, they can easily slip away. Not a problem if you just enjoy the dream for the dream’s sake, but it may be wise to take the power available now and work with it for practical manifestation.

Joseph Noel Paton, ‘Oberon and Titania’, oil on canvas, 1846.

This is a very enchanting Full Moon, where everything feels good, looks good, and yet we can’t quite put our finger on something we seem to be forgetting. Pleasurable power plays abound, and while it might seem like a wonderful idea to succumb to luxuries of emotion or materialism now, you might have a bit of regret in the future – buyers remorse, or just astonished as to why you did that thing you wouldn’t normally do. Don’t lose reason entirely, and enjoy this very sweet time. Make hay while the Moon shines! ❤️

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