Astrology: New Moon in Virgo 2020

Salvador Dali, ‘Virgo’, lithograph, 1967.

New Moon in Virgo today, the aspect was exact at 7:00 EDT, 12:00 UT, at 25º 01 Virgo. This last decanate of Virgo has Venus/Taurus energy, emphasizing the run-up to the Autumnal Equinox that we will experience on Tuesday September 22, as the Sun makes its ingress to Venus-ruled Libra. This is a gorgeous, earthy, practical, can-do energy, and a very stable and supportive chart bringing us into the coming month, as we all look to the season ahead to give some relief from the constrictions and chaos that this year has unleashed.

With six planets retrograde, energies are quite internalized, but so solidly encouraging that there is a sense of deep-seated devotion, wonder and inspiration here. As we enter this last quarter of 2020, people are finding whether or not the necessary adjustments they have made, resulting from forces beyond their control, have been effective or not, and everyone is keen to gain deeper understanding of where we are headed, how things will continue to change, and what may or may not return to a state of “normal” that closely resembles what we had to leave behind.

This year has asked us to stretch ourselves and reconfigure our psyches, making room for the whole world as something for consideration. The pressure that has been exerted from outside, reaching into our most personal and private spaces, has left many people feeling raw and overwrought. Continual, rolling calamity and catastrophe around the globe has everyone in fighting form, and it is natural that people are wary and fatigued. This season that we enter very strongly offers us the opportunity to consider what it is that we are fighting for, what are we devoted to, why and where do we find a sense of the sacred in our lives. Despite everything we now have the chance to feel infused with a powerful uplifting energy, and to find practical and effective solutions to the problems we face.

We can only go forward, and despite all appearances now is the time to know that we are protected, things will be okay – maybe different, but eventually alright. And there is the crux – we have all been required to fine-tune that sense of “alright”, and what that might mean to us as individuals. What do we need to make ourselves feel that the world is a safe place? What do we value, and how does this impact on our place in the world? These are the questions and insights that are floating about the ether at this time. Head and heart are working independently, but not at odds, with intellect acting as a beacon for our emotions, reaching out and showing the way to achieve positive forward motion. Now we must allow intuition and trust to guide us as we move forward into the end of this very trying year.

An interesting final note about this New Moon – after making aspect, we almost immediately entered void of course, at 7:42 EDT, 12:42 UT. The last aspect it made before exiting was a trine to Saturn, which is such a lovely, enriching, grounded energy, providing us with a beautiful day and evening ahead, as the Moon moves into Libra at 14:56 EDT, 19:56 UT.

New Moon in Virgo, 17 September 2020, 11:00 UT, Greenwich UK. Image courtesy of

I apologize to those who find that I am posting late about such events. I figure that if there are those of you who do Lunar work with exact aspects and times, you will be well prepared and do what you do. I am very trusting of Nature, and feel that her energy is not quite so stringent as to require exact times for our intent to manifest (if that is what we are aiming for). True intent is a powerful thing, and if you are very focused on achieving your goals, time is but a formality in the exertion and realization of will. Always have a care what you wish for, and trust that what is meant to be yours will come to you, eventually. There is no other way!

Thank you for reading, be well everyone ❤️

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