Astrology: Sun Ingress to Libra 2020

Venus of Capua, Roman, AD 117 – 138

The Sun moves into Libra on September 22 at 9:31 EDT, 14:31 UT, bringing in the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Venus-ruled Libra is frequently regarded as a softie, pleasure-loving, aesthetic, indecisive and prone to vacillation, but is also capable of exceptional executive ability, having the power to truly work with people, team-building and leading with a sense of justice, seeking peace and betterment for all. The reason for this common stereotype, depicting Libra as an aesthete push-over, is that the Sun is at its Fall in Libra, which is not a comfortable position for the Sun to be in, as basic solar energies naturally want to express the personal will, ego and authority as strongly as possible, and this sense of raw force is at odds with the Libra approach to life. In Libra, the Ego feels it is necessary to look outside at its surrounding society, comparing and absorbing influences from “the other” in order to find any true sense of Self, constantly requiring the reflectivity and mirroring that comes with interaction and relationships. There is a constant urge to “check in” with others, to interact, get feedback, acknowledgement, gratitude and consideration. Venus-ruled Libra needs relationship and rapport in order to understand who and what they are, and it is this Venusian urge to creating society which allows humanity to be civilized, orderly and refined; these energies are highly valuable for the service they do for society as a whole, so before you second guess your Libra friends and loved ones, think again what life would be like without their refining influences.

Sun’s Ingress to Libra, 22 September 2020, 13:31 UT . Image courtesy of

With the capacity, indeed the necessity to truly see both sides of a situation, and with the cool clarity that the Air element can bring, Libra is capable of achieving great understanding, though the preference will always be to see that achievement through with a sense of fine precision and delicate control. Libra shuns any overt displays of gross emotionality, preferring things to be light, refined and pleasant, and will approach any unpleasantness, or conflict situations with a tendency to chilliness, quickly cutting away any excessive or potentially embarrassing ramifications – even if that occasionally means simply leaving someone else holding the bag, preferring to check in later, and if necessary, smooth over any ruffled feathers, gently reasserting pleasant control and decorum.

Saturn is Exalted in Libra, for the disciplined, ascetic and limiting energies of Saturn find perfection in the Venus-ruled sign. If we consider the heights of architecture and art, the finest expressions of humanity achieved through peace-making and diplomacy, and the crafting of sentiment, theoretical inquiry and philosophy through the discipline of the written word in literature and the sciences, it is easy to see how Saturn could find its expression perfected in the balance of reason and aesthetics.

Some deities associated with Libra are Aphrodite, goddess of Love, Maat, goddess of cosmic order and Justice, Vulcan, god of metalworking, fire and traditionally the husband of Aphrodite, as well as Yama, god of Death and Dharma, lord and judge of the underworld. Plant associations include apples, wheat, white flowers, tobacco and mint. Some famous Libra celebrities include Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Sting, Anne Rice, Matt Damon, Desmond Tutu, Pierre Trudeau and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Yama, Tibet, 17th century

For this coming year, Libra is on a quest for knowledge. The sense of Self is empowered and philosophical, simultaneously seeking adventure and structure, reaching for a newly evolving sense of gravitas. A year to watch out for potentially caustic communication, emotional escapism and a tendency for a highly (over) energized home front. Either renovations or arguments (or both!) could rock the languid Libra boat. Beware of pushing too hard. Dreams are hidden and inspired, partnerships are fruitful and educational.

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