Astrology: Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

Paolo Veronese, ‘Mars and Venus United by Love’, oil on canvas, Italy, 1570s

The first Full Moon of October 2020 takes place on October 1, at 17:05 EDT, 21:05 UT, and the vibe at this time strongly speaks of our need to look selfishly, uninterruptedly and energetically at our emotional state – collective and individual. Matters of healing in society, fraternity, our ideals of civic duty and organization are juxtaposed against our ideas of joy and how we realize our creative legacies (including those we leave our children).

The chart ruler for this October 1 event is The Moon herself, and she is in a tight embrace with Chiron, both isolated in their conjunction and opposition to the Sun. The Sun’s light, buried below the horizon, while wanting to express itself creatively and with the refinement of Libra, must take into consideration how aggression and insensitivity function in positioning against natural urges for joy, fulfillment and self-realization. Do we grab what we want, and keep it for ourselves, because we can, and it makes us feel good – or would we feel happier reaching out and sharing? Does sharing make us feel weak? Is the idea of weakness a fallacy or a reality, and where do we find a working neutral zone in defining strength vs weakness? The Sun in Libra wants peace, refinement, gentility and diplomacy, and is willing to shine its light upon a globally needy Full Moon in Aries, demanding and pushing for nurturing, the perpetually hungry beast that bites the hand that feeds. The Sun’s light exposes these innermost processes in the Full Moon configuration, allowing us the opportunity to find understanding and acceptance of this messiness, from which healing and progress can occur.

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Aries wants always to feel first, best, and preeminent, and has very little patience or need for considering the feelings of others. Moon in Aries has the capacity to be quite self-contained, even if it arrives there by alienating everyone in their personal milieu. This Moon can be brash, is not particularly sensitive, is generally demanding and at times selfish, feeling most actualized in the midst of a fight, and most secure when someone is on the other side acquiescing, and conceding. Aries is the ultimate prize-fighter, and the prizes are won after taking more hits, going more rounds, and knocking down more opponents than the other guy. The nature of Aries is to hit first, talk later, and that approach to life makes for many adversaries, and if perpetuated, fewer sympathetic ears, and more closed doors.

But what damage results from that sort of combativeness? That suffering and pain require consideration, for any trauma cannot be sustained indefinitely. This Full Moon, tied as it is with Chiron, allows the opportunity for examination and understanding of how we push ourselves forward emotionally, and how being selfish and demanding, and forcing our needs and wants ahead of others may actually undermine our ultimate security – individually and societally. Conjoined as it is with Chiron, that energy, while thrilling and stimulating, is now irritatingly suffused with guilt, shame and a brooding sense of weakness and self-undoing, a feeling that we are engaged in a continually repeated power play that goes wrong, like a fist that reaches out for contact and meets with thin air. This is not comfortable energy, and when we have always assumed that conquering and feeling dominant are assured means of achieving personal security and comfort, we are now confronted with a failure of that old system to achieve its regularly scheduled emotional fix. Aggression as a modus operandi is no longer working. The worm has turned, and it is growing increasingly obvious that we need to find a new way forward.

Franz von Stuck, ‘Wounded Centaur’, bronze, Germany, 1890.

The cluster of planets in Capricorn – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – continues to crouch and send out wide and disconcerting waves of deep-seated, unsettling yet ultimately empowering and constructive energy. It’s like surfing – the waves are there, some are weak, some are tight, some you miss and some you catch. That stellium offers tremendous opportunity for total transformation – but before you can achieve that sort of energetic shift, you had better have some idea of which wave to catch, and your ultimate destination, or else you will just be bowled over and floundering for solid ground. None of those planets suffer fools gladly; Jupiter can give you the world, but you might become a boring, bloated and over-stuffed blob on your way to your ultimate achievements. Saturn can offer discipline, structure and perfection, but you have to look your fears squarely in the face before you even approach that altar. Pluto can utterly and unrecognizably transform you, and bring you into alignment with your soul purpose, but the courage and stomach required for that katabasis will be the most profound energy expenditure of your life.

Smash all that up against cocky Mars in Aries, pushing and goading from the social and fraternal 11th house, and you have a hot mess of suppressed ambitions, leaky testosterone, and wild speculations. Throw in an opposition from Mercury in Scorpio, chomping at the bit in wanting to subvert and achieve, butting up against stocky and impassable Uranus in Taurus and you have a highly unpredictable stew of perverse outbursts, surprising realizations, zingers and cheap shots that can’t be taken back, but instead fester and bubble in the subconscious, potentially tipping to destabilization and chaos. Mars in Aries, waiting for the Moon to catch up by the weekend, will provoke and instigate, so brace yourselves for a tense and contentious first few days of October.

This is not a time to expect that someone will hold your hand, give you a warm cup of comfort and bemoan the injustices of the world with you – more likely, you will be goaded into an argument or a flat-out fight. No worries – just stay centered, and don’t allow yourself to be pushed off your spot, no matter how deep provocations might hit. This too shall pass, so stay positive and hold on tight – it’s going to be a bumpy ride as we move deeper towards the culmination of this year. (Note: we have another Full Moon in October, on the 31st – a Blue Moon – but that’s another story!)

Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – You continue to groan and strain, pushing and pulling us all forward into a seemingly preferable but as yet undefined future. There is an assumed, strangely compelling belief that “things will be better, if only we can get through this”, an equivalency between experiencing difficulty and pain with virtue and achievement. This is a prime opportunity to consider how you continue chewing the fat of your suffering, and how that affects your self-image, your partnerships, your creative self-expression and your place in society. Perhaps it’s all been a bit too-too much? Take stock and adjust – you now have the ability to cut away that fat and tighten up.

Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – You will feel alternating flashes of inspiration, super-cool ideas and stream of consciousness mixed with impatience, a proclivity to snapping and butting in, and an itching cantankerousness that will find delight in arguments, and extended debate. Insightful reading or viewing could lead to far-flung stretches of imagination. Watch out for impulse shopping and pushing people (and yourself!) too hard. Dreams could be unusual, and you may feel a bit tired and under the weather.

Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – You may find that your innermost selves are suddenly out there at large for consideration and debate, and this could lead to feeling somewhat overdrawn, shy or overexposed. Rapidly changing conversational topics, fleeting subconscious images, and following your gut feel unsettling but strangely good. Go with the flow, and don’t be afraid to share. We are all in this together, and your example could prove inspiring and educational to someone when you least expect it.

Thank you for reading, and be well everyone! Veronica 💫

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