Astrology: Sun Ingress to Scorpio October 22, 2020

Dracula, 1992 starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder (a Scorpio). The novel, Dracula, was written by Bram Stoker, also a Scorpio.

Happy Birthday Scorpio! In beautiful Scorpio style, the Sun moves into Scorpio at midnight October 23 (00:00 UT/October 22 19:00 EDT). How perfect and lovely, a midnight ingress into the sign of all that is dark and mysterious. Traditionally ruled by Mars, modern astrology assigns Scorpio’s rulership to Pluto, and the combination of these planets makes Scorpio intense, brooding, sometimes war-like, hard and cathartic, but also insightful, loyal, deeply loving and tenacious. Not easy energies to hold, but very necessary, as we can’t all be sweetness and light all the time, can we?

Despite what people think they know about these folks, it is my belief that Scorpio people get a bad rap. Indeed, they may be prone to dark moods, dramatic pronouncements, have an affinity for all things heavy and serious, and yes, they wince at superficiality and abhor trivialities, and are likely able to manipulate the pants off you (literally!), but these are the people you want to have around you when things get serious in your life –in fact, the more serious, the more comfortable, as far as Scorpio is concerned. Enough with the fluffy stuff, this is the kind of thing they come out for, and if they care about you, they will stick with you to the end. They won’t mince words and give you platitudes. They won’t hold your hand and say “there, there”. They will get directly to the heart of the matter, and give you the straight goods, and you will be content with this, as it is honesty. As the famous songwriter Billy Joel (interestingly, a Taurus, the sign directly opposite Scorpio) once said, “Honesty is such a lonely word; everyone is so untrue.” Honesty, and loneliness for that matter, are familiar territory for most Scorpios. These people are very familiar with living on the edge, forever looking down into the abyss that is the human soul, even if those around them either prefer to ignore the darker facts of life, or are simply ignorant.

Looking at things from a perspective that many people would have to dig very deep to access, Scorpio is fully familiar with what is hard, dark, taboo and unspeakable, and typically, they laugh at it all. Many people wouldn’t even dare to approach life in the way a Scorpio can – no holds barred, full frontal, straight up and way, way down. It’s hard for people to understand this sort of approach, for while thrilling, it can also be exhausting, isolating and unpleasant to always look at the dark side of the moon. Just ask those closest to Scorpio how often these folks take things too hard, react with suspicion, assume every word is a slight, and generally get a bit too heavy for prevailing circumstances. And if you ever cross a Scorpio, especially if you think you are clever and can really get the better of them – watch out! You will learn what it is to be on the receiving end of that famous stinger, and receive a lesson that may just last you a lifetime. Revenge is a dish best savored by Scorpio, cold and dark as the deepest, most remote lake imaginable.

But if Scorpio darkness is explored, its intricacies realized and understood, the levity that results from having plumbed those depths allows for an emotional and spiritual freedom that, if achieved, is a true rarity. This takes a lot of effort, but the strength of character required to achieve this kind of perspective is stock in trade for most Scorpios. Unfortunately though, as this is Fixed Water, if life has been harder than normal for a Scorpio, and indeed, many Scorpios are prone to make things a little harder than they need to be, a natural kink in the psyche can result, a twist in the spirit, and a particular limping gait will be assumed throughout the lifetime, painfully obvious to those around, creating a nuance of forbidding danger and mystery around the Scorpio native. But if it weren’t for those twisted, gnarly trees in the forest, how would we ever know what it really means to be straight and true?

The next year offers many fruitful days for Scorpio, with a reassuring sense of being quite sure of where you stand, mentally. All your ducks are in a row, and while you may feel mounting pressure to perform, you are getting more and more comfortable with sudden changes of direction, and rolling with random out-of-the-blue shocks and inspirations. Things will get progressively more irksome as Saturn fully moves into Aquarius next year, but this is nothing that any Scorpio can handle. You have the capacity to overcome any and all complications, as you are patient and tenacious. January 2021 could be a bit tense – watch out for accidents, and avoid home renovations that month if possible. Early spring might feel like you are being stymied; push through and watch the details. November should be quite supercharged for you – a great month if you have something major you want accomplished.

Famous Scorpio Personalities: Christopher Columbus, Leon Trotsky, Martin Luther, Marie Curie, Marie Antoinette, Bill Gates, Indira Gandhi, Pablo Picasso, John Gotti, Hilary Clinton, Peter Jackson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Charles Manson, Georgia O’Keefe, Paracelsus, Emma Stone, Albert Camus, Bram Stoker, Winona Ryder, Katy Perry, Prince Charles, Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Driver, Ivanka Trump, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, Neil Young, Joaquin Phoenix, Margaret Atwood, Kendall Jenner, Emilia Clarke