Astrology: Sagittarius New Moon, Inspiration Abounds

Emily Balivet, “Three Fates Morai”, oil on canvas, 2014.

We have a New Moon at 23º 8’ Sagittarius on December 14, 2020, exact at 16:17 UT, 11:17 EST. This is a Solar Eclipse event, the third eclipse in the current Gemini/Sagittarius series which will culminate next year on December 4, 2021. This New Moon offers a remarkable opportunity for us collectively, and individually to open new paths which follow our ideals, moving away from the purely subjective and personal. Wherever this eclipse falls in your chart will be a axis of polarity that will be highlighted again and again over the next year. An eclipse, when personally pertinent (and they aren’t always, don’t be mistaken!) can usually be felt stirring for weeks, if not months before the event itself, and has an after burn effect ranging anywhere from weeks to years, depending on it’s potency in your chart. We had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 15, 2020, at 15º 34’ Sagittarius, another on November 30, 2020 at 8º38’ Gemini, and the following year will have three more eclipses falling along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis – on May 26, June 10, and December 4. Keep an eye on where the Gemini/Sagittarius axis lies in your chart and watch what changes transpire over the coming year.

This New Moon’s Ascendant is just entering Cancer, at 0º56’. As chart ruler, the Moon is engaged in a very cozy stellium with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius – a lovely blend of heart, mind and spirit, all overlaid with inspiring, high-ideal Jupiter energy. We are seeking high-level vision, inspired by justice and idealism, and there is a strong desire to actualize, discuss and share our protective, nurturing ideals. We are at a point of readiness, where we can walk the talk and proceed with well-intentioned plans, but we need to beware of falling into the trap of antiquated ancestral beliefs which obfuscate effective communication and understanding. Squaring the principled and inspired Sagittarius stellium is Neptune in Pisces, which could confuse and diffuse our best efforts as we try to devise well-intentioned plans. Unfortunately, elements of uncertainty, disorganization, suspicion, and disinformation are still heavily at play. Neptune is couched at the top of the chart, indicating that the confusion is largely coming from the organizational, governmental and structural levels. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and while general populations are ready and waiting for further information to clarify multiple pressing situations, information is not passing clearly from the powers that be into our homes and workplaces.

The Capricorn stellium persists, and will do so until the much-lauded conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius occurs on December 20, 2020 (to be discussed elsewhere). Deep currents of control, dominance, and potentially, subversion or violence, combine with forces of metamorphosis and foundation-level alteration. If we reflect on the events of this year, we have seen every possible manifestation of power, politics, finance, sexuality, oppression and dominance thrown into the spotlight. A reformation is at work, and apparently, this is what it looks like. Saturn rules the Midheaven, and occupies the 29th degree of Capricorn. Poised on the threshold of Aquarius, a sign also traditionally under his rulership, Saturn wants to ensure that his influence is strongly felt, for he won’t be visiting his Capricorn domicile for another 30 years. Energies of constrictive organization, executive hierarchy and exceptional attention to details of any potential manifestations of power and administration are now heavy. We can see the wheels of government, multinationals, and forces of global power churning faster and harder as they strive to maintain some structure of society before we fall into collapse. This is a very big worry. We live as citizens of an enormous and expanding global population, the likes of which, so specifically empowered to enacting total, individually-driven chaos, has never before been seen in the history of society.

The bottom line: we are in the midst of great and inspired change, and it would do us good to keep our heads out of the sand and work with the overlaying forces of transformation at work, rather than wasting any more time by digging in our heels in an attempt to stop the inevitable. Given that we are all still gripped by COVID, this is an inspiring energy for the end of an arduous year. Change isn’t always bad, and now we have the opportunity to really understand that. This is time when we can actually work together and move forward, inspired by positive, noble and uplifting energy – as long as we promise to mind the details.

Sign by sign:

Aries: How you think, and what influences your personal philosophy is highlighted now. This impacts how you will proceed with changes that have been stirring in how you want to be remembered. What is it that you manifest in the world? Are you happy with this image of your most public self? This is changing, and you are now inspired to proceed with your plans. Subconscious contents threaten to disrupt, as the tentacles of the past reach up from the depths; strange dreams may be of particular interest.

Taurus: How do you share your resources? What is it that you depend upon others to provide you with – security, money, sex, and challenge – the list is endless, but what does this mean to you in particular? This is something to consider as you feel your view of the world changing on a very deep level. Things that were important shift and new ideals emerge. Beware of confusing elements hitting you from society – social media, disinformation. You need to look further in order to really understand.

Gemini: Partnerships and how they impact the way you present yourself to the world are of consideration now. A new beginning in what you want and need from all those “other” people in your life, stirring deep forces of motivation and self-healing. Sexuality could be smoldering, as you explore the idea of meaning in togetherness. Your public persona may seem murky as you work through this stuff. Don’t sweat it and dig in there, the lotus awaits. Check back with the eclipse cycle throughout this year, and you will be surprised to see how far you can grow.

Cancer: A new direction in your interaction with your daily environment. Whether that is your work life, or home life, you will find new understanding and methods as your personal toolkit expands. Revision to one-on-one relationships, partnerships and prime affiliations impact on how this plays out. Your ideals can seem diffuse and hard to grasp right now, which can cause complications on a work front. Inspiration with a sense of higher calling compels. Watch for surprises from friends and group affiliations.

Leo: How you find joy, express your creativity, and your sense of romance and fun are all highlighted now, and you may well be feeling quite philosophical as you go about expressing new ways in fulfilling your sense of pleasure. All the deep mysteries, the taboo and the hidden undertones compel you, but can cause ripples of confusion, delusion or loss of reason as you seek to find your bliss. Watch for impact on your domestic/work routines, as things are changing deep down below, pushing you to manifest ever greater excellence.

Virgo: New directions in home life, as you say goodbye to ways that no longer suit you. Relationships can appear confusing, and require a new direction in how you feel secure in partnership situations. Deep change in how you approach matters of creativity, luck, children, and what gives you a sense of fun and pleasure further act on revisions to your most personal self. See how what happens now comes to greater fruition come May 2021.

Libra: Your communications and daily interactions take on more involvement with sharing your ideas, especially with relatives, siblings and those in your direct environment. Confusion in routines creates some snags as you try to work out the best ways to do things; it’s hard to arrive at a good definition of “best” when you know you can work with all of it. Surprises in partnerships impact how you want to see your home base, the security it represents transforms as a result.

Scorpio: How do you define what is important to you? This cycle highlights your personal values, what you need and how you go about feeling good about yourself. Your methods of communication are undergoing deep transformation, and the importance of your personal, immediate connections takes on profound meaning, particularly in impacting how you strive to manifest your creativity. Creativity and the routines of daily life offer inspiration, surprise and confusion – stick to known systems, but be ready to switch it up if need arises.

Sagittarius: A beautiful Solar Eclipse highlights how you do you, Sagittarius. How do you put yourself out there? What do you show, what do you hide? As you work on revising what’s worth it, and what isn’t anymore, it shows in how you are presenting yourself to the world. Home life, and ideas of security and your inner “domain” seem murky and potentially throw a spanner in the works, as inspiration and distraction collide, leaking into how you like to regard your self. You will have a chance to review your progress come late spring 2021.

Capricorn: Your personal values take on a philosophical cast, and you are easily able to communicate this to others, as long as you stay away from close personal relatives, that is. Immediate concerns and complications with your environment seek to unhinge you a bit, as you work towards revising your overall persona. This New Moon is a great boost for helping you understand, feel, and express your new value system. Work with it, and keep distractions at a distance for now. Home life will be active, and what gives you joy might be surprising – a good time for exciting tech.

Aquarius: Naturally inclined to fellowship and philosophy, you are the poster child of your world when it comes to espousing the values of society. This is your turf, and you are able to communicate and share your inspirations and ideal with greater than normal facility now. Nonetheless, you feel dissatisfied at a level just outside your comprehension. Watch for visions, dreams and the uprush of thoughts that you may not understand at first. Your value system is in flux, be careful of making some slips in judgement, and of acting holier-than-thou.

Pisces: You have a lot to say, Pisces, and now is your time to get up on that soapbox and let it out. This New Moon is highlighting your public persona and how the world sees you. What have you manifested? What do people know you for? A new direction opens here for you, as you move forward with a set of high ideals and a good mix of heart and mind. You may still feel a bit murky as to how to present yourself. Your friendship base, and your personal society is changing – give yourself a chance to catch up as you smooth out your personas, and know that your heart (and head) are in the right place.

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