Astrology: Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

December 21, 2020’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is exact at 0º 28′, and occurs at 17:00 UT, (12:00 EST).

The next time these two planets conjoin in Aquarius, it will be 2080, where they come close to one another, within 1º, mid-March of that year, up to and including on the day of the Vernal Equinox. Also joining Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius that year will be modern ruler of the sign, Uranus, though the conjunction between the three never gets within less than a 3-4º orb.

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This next Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius event, 60 years hence, will be beyond the lifetime of many of us alive today, though our children’s generations will certainly bear witness to those events. Pluto will be in Aries, and Neptune in Leo, so we can expect further transformation in how power is exerted and used, and the fundamental institutions of the military industrial complex to be subject to great scrutiny, and at the same time, glamorization of the military, weaponry and forces of power. The universality of the human experience, and how matters of “might makes right” will likely be undergoing rigorous change, as Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus in Aquarius ramp up to institute new measures of common human experience.

Interesting to consider!