How Small We Are

Joachim Patinir, “Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx”, oil on wood, Flemish, 1515-1524. At the Prado Museum.

Psychopomp Charon, ferryman of the dead, is depicted as a huge figure compared to the human soul he is transporting across the river Styx, which separates the land of the living from the underworld, Hades. How small we are compared to the gods!

Mercury Retrograde January 30, 2021

Monogrammist IB, “Mercurius”, etching, 1528. Rijksmuseum

Mercury goes retrograde on January 30 at 26º 27′ Aquarius, until February 20, and remains in shadow after that point until March 13, when it resumes its original position from the point of retrograde. Some astrologers disregard Mercury retrograde, likely because they know how to work with the energy, but these times can and do throw a spanner into the works on a global level, and deserve respect. Mercury rules communication (speaking and listening), short distance travel, business, contracts, basic commerce, and this time manifests as a sublimation of Mercury’s functions, so all that he rules goes slightly awry. We see miscommunication and misapprehension which usually entails tedious revision of some sort. It can be an annoying time!

This cycle will be most challenging for Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio , and any with planets in these signs, though everyone will have the placement somewhere in their chart. The best way to work with this energy is to be patient, take a bit of extra time, and don’t take things too seriously – even seemingly important plans – as things just don’t turn out the way we want under this influence. Go back to old work, clean up, review and hold your horses until the energy clears. Look up old friends and consider what worked in the past which you may not be doing in the present.

Astrology: Lunar Events 2021 – Full Moons, New Moons and Eclipses

January 13, 2021 – 5:01 UT, 00:01 EST – New Moon 23º 13’ Capricorn

January 28, 2021 – 19:16 UT, 14:16 EST – Full Moon 9º 6’ Leo

February 11, 202 – 19:07 UT, 14:07 EST –  New Moon 23º 17’ Aquarius

February 27, 2021 – 8:18 UT, 3:18 EST – Full Moon 8º 57’ Virgo

March 13, 2021 – 10:22 UT, 5:22 EST – New Moon 23º 4’ Pisces

March 28, 2021 – 18:49 UT, 14:49 EDT – Full Moon 8º 18’ Libra d

April 12, 2021 – 2:31 UT, April 11, 2021 22:31 EDT – New Moon 22º 25’ Aries

April 27, 2021 –  3:33 UT, April 26, 2021 23:33 EDT – Full Moon 7º 6’ Scorpio

May 11, 2021 – 19:01 UT, 15:01 EDT – New Moon 21º 18’ Taurus

May 26, 2021 – 11:14 UT, 7:14 EDT – Full Moon Eclipse 5º 26’ Sagittarius

June 10, 2021 – 10:54 UT, 6:54 EDT – New Moon Eclipse 19º 47’ Gemini

June 24, 2021 – 18:41 UT, 14:41 EDT – Full Moon 3º 28’ Capricorn 

July 10, 2021 – 1:17 UT, July 9, 2021 21:17 EDT – New Moon 18º 2’ Cancer

July 24, 2021 – 2:38 UT, July 23, 2021 22:38 EDT – Full Moon 1º 26’ Aquarius

August 8, 2021 – 13:51 UT, 9:51 EDT – New Moon 16º 14’ Leo

August 22, 2021 – 12:03 UT, 8:03 EDT – Full Moon 29º 37’ Aquarius

September 7, 2021 – 00:53 UT, (September 6, 2021 8:53 EDT) –  New Moon 14º 38’ Virgo

September 20, 2021 – 11:55 UT, 19:55 EDT – Full Moon 28º 14’ Pisces

October 6, 2021 – 11:06 UT, 7:06 EDT – New Moon 13º 25’ Libra

October 20, 2021 – 14:58 UT, 10:58 EDT – Full Moon 27º 26’ Aries

November 4, 2021 – 22:15 UT, 17:15 EDT – New Moon 12º 40’ Scorpio

November 19, 2021 – 8:58 UT, 3:58 EST – Full Moon Eclipse 27º 14’ Taurus

December 4, 2021 – 7:44 UT, 2:44 EST – New Moon Eclipse 12º 22’ Sagittarius

December 19, 2021 – 4:36 UT, (December 18, 2021 23:36 EST) – Full Moon 27º 29’ Gemini

Astrology: January 2021 New Moon in Capricorn

Mountain Goats, ruled by Capricorn, display their tenacity in striving to reach the heights. Image © Logan Armbruster/

This year’s first New Moon falls at 23º Capricorn, on 13 January, at 5:01 UT, 00:01 EST, and offers a continuation of the tight Saturnian energy that we have been living with for at least the past year. The holidays are over for another year, and for many people, this may have been the hardest holiday season they have had in a while, if ever. There has been trauma experienced across the globe on almost unprecedented levels over the last year, and if you can’t feel this, its time to check in. Times are rough, and pretty much everyone is licking their wounds one way or another right now. The chart of this Capricorn New Moon is the epitome of tension; an intense square involving all of the planets dominates, as Mars and Uranus in Taurus stand off against the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto combined. This is a huge tinderbox of tension. People are angry, frustrated, erratic, and desperate to see answers, change, progress – anything other than the stagnation and uncertainty that has been holding us down for so long now. Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius are conjoined with Saturn, thus giving great voice to the growing wave of Aquarian sentiment sweeping the globe. People are finally, truly concerned about “the people” as a group, and it is becoming increasing obvious that it should have been this way for some time now. The world seems to be waking up, realizing the madness we have been living with as status quo, and it is happening not a moment too soon, as mutterings of war fill the ethers. We need to stick to our highest vision now, and it is taking all of the planets in combined force to stand against that strong, chaotic Martian energy. Hold on tight, people, we are in the midst of tremendous change. Things will become even more tense as we move forward to the impending Saturn/Uranus square that will dominate much of the coming year, which will first be reflected at next month’s New Moon in Aquarius (more on this later).

The Moon meets the Sun and Pluto in a grossly tight embrace. Pluto/Moon in Capricorn means dredging up nasty, archaic, even primordial energy and we will all be feeling quite dour as the Moon passes through this stark, cold landscape of duty, miserliness, spite, discipline, shame, insecurity, and indeed, with Pluto involved, likely some sort of punishment, or at least fear of punishment. The Sun adds its force in a deep urge to rejuvenate and rebuild at the core level. The heavy Mars/Uranus conjunction (which, incidentally, will be exact on January 20, US Inauguration Day) at its worst wants to push hard for change, even more violence, and gives this time a slightly wild, but earthy vibe. Any revolution that may be happening is definitely grass-roots, any new ideas cropping up are coming from the very base of things, very practical, easy to manifest stuff – but make no mistake, this can be the stuff of genius. An oddly pleasant trine to Venus in Capricorn in the midst of all this lends an air of luxury, a bit materialistic and status seeking. Let’s watch and see what kind of new tech, discoveries and inventions rise up over the next little while. Growing Aquarian energy will rise to challenge any innovations, and the voice of the people will be quick to police any potential wrong doing. We are on a razor’s edge now, as things can either move towards universal improvement, or else to full institutionalization of universal control. The concerns of the masses must be voiced and heard in order for this time to lead to any real growth.

Not easy energy folks, but it’s not all bad. This Capricorn New Moon is a perfect time to really reflect on the past, on your time here on Earth, and consider what it is you want to see for yourself in the months (even years) to come. This stuff is dark and heavy for many people, but it’s not necessary to be afraid of the dark. Marvelous things happen in darkness. People make love, often making life spring forth, and nature uses the dark to incubate and nurture new and thrilling creation. Use this month’s dark moon like this – don’t be afraid, go in there and carve yourself a space. Embrace that energy for it is fertile, fecund and rich. This is shadow work at its best, really digging into the muck and the slime of our collective souls, and finding the gems that lie hidden deep down. Remember Pluto is closely related to Ploutos, the Greek god of wealth. Wealth doesn’t necessarily mean stacks of gold coins sitting on your desk (though of course, very nice to have!). Wealth is a richness of the heart, it is a capacity to make better whatever circumstance you come across. Wealth of emotion, of understanding, and of compassion are there in the dark, for it is the darkness which shows us the true need and meaning of these things, contrasted so fully against the images of light. The darkness requires valor and tenacity, for searching under its cover is not easy. Use the darkness of this powerful Capricorn New Moon to do the deep work you need, set your intentions for healing, and plant good, fertile seeds for what you want to see manifest in time to come. Capricorn is one of the best signs for manifestation – use the power available for change now.

Aries: This new moon will activate your career, and any overriding ambitions you feel will need to contend with pressure from your current circle of friends. Innovations in how you make money, and surprises in what you consider worth the fight spur you to heal your self image. Dreams and meditation inspire – flow with it, you don’t always need to control everything.

Taurus: A new persona is pushing through, revolutionizing your existing philosophical structures. Much thought goes into where your responsibilities lie, career wise, as you seek to realign and heal old, unconscious wounds. Friends and social groups give inspiration as you work towards manifesting a new you. Prepare to dig deep, it’s expected of you now.

Gemini: Heavy matters of sexuality, procreative urges, power issues and shared values, how you draw on the resources of those around you, and your moral responsibilities all come into focus now. You seek to heal your social structures, but beware of coming across as unfocused. Your persona is up for renewal, follow your intuition. Expect strange dreams, and sudden jolts of inspiration.

Cancer: Partnerships are highlighted now, as your need to probe the depths evolves into new habits and work routines. Your public persona needs some healing, look to your highest inspirations to inform. New social scenes can be wildly stimulating, and push a few buttons with existing partners. Your urge to merge compels and draws you forward.

Leo: New paths in your routines, your health and domestic scene require you to acknowledge that your inspirations can use some adjustment. A new pet may be coming soon. What motivates you, particularly that sense of mystery and power, creates new awareness of responsibility with partnerships and close associates. Look to society, and the groups you are most dearly associated with to help show the way. Walk your talk now, or set new goals – it’s one or the other.

Virgo: New creative ventures, a renewed sense of pleasure and pursuit of happiness compels, but look to current responsibilities at work, and how you communicate to co-workers and employees. You feel compelled to embody your inspirations, and this looks like a possible avenue for career, but first you have to deal with the devil you know.

Libra: Home life is highlighted now, and new directions in addressing issues of your deepest ancestry while you seek to actualize your creative efforts require an integrated effort. Partnerships pose a venue for deep healing, as inspiration comes from passion, commitment and power plays. Let higher ideals draw you forward, and don’t squelch the urge to talk.

Scorpio: Deep changes bring new conditions in your immediate environment as you take on more responsibilities in your home and family life as you consider your roots. Work, health and domestic habits feel tender and often unfixable, but allow your creative inspiration to shine, and accept the jolt that partnerships can offer. You are connected to deep levels, let your values speak for themselves.

Sagittarius: What you really want takes new shape, and you are willing to talk about it with those closest to you. Inspirations at home allow you to commit to plans that have been in the works for some time. Your creativity needs some TLC, and work life can offer some challenging surprises, perhaps some bright new co-workers or employees arrive to shake things up. Go with the flow.

Capricorn: A new year, a new you, as what you value requires more serious commitment and communication. You are inspired to reach out to your closest community in new ways. Innovation and surprise on the creative front pose tension, but work with this energy as you seek to heal what you call home. Subconscious contents are front and center, dive in and enjoy.

Aquarius: New urges or new ways to connect with the collective inspire you, and your values, while currently undefined, are informed by matter welling up from your subconscious mind. Communication and understanding comes in fits and starts as you work with this new material, and you feel a heighted sense of seriousness and effectiveness in how you present yourself.

Pisces: You are compelled to do deep work on yourself, accessing old topics that have otherwise eluded your grasp. A new path emerges socially, transforming who and how you align yourself with those around you. Surprises and revelations rise from your immediate environment, and communication can be startling or pushy. You seek to perfect your home life; look to realigning your values first.

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