Full Moon in Libra March 28, 2021 – Relating

Elihu Vedder, “The Fates Gathering in the Stars”, American, 1887. Art Institute of Chicago.

It’s a powerhouse day today – Palm Sunday, first day of Passover, and a Full Moon in Libra, exact at 8ΒΊ 18′ Libra, 18:49 UT. This Full Moon offers beautiful insights into how we move in our relationships, where we seek pleasure, enjoyment and society. A conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Chiron, in opposition the Full Moon offers the opportunity for gaining perspective on how we function in our relationships, how we juxtapose ego against emotional needs and proclivities. The light that we now have available opens the path to clearing old wounds around how we seek to satisfy our urge to enjoyment, society, romance and interaction. It’s a particularly good time for us to consider the meaning of the word “relationship”. We usually assume this means an interaction between two or more people, but it can be an interaction between yourself and anything which you consider important in your life – your work, habits, routines, your home, abstract ideas, spirituality, your nation, the institutions we all have to deal with, etc.

What is it in your life that you have a relationship with that might need some review, some consideration and adjustment? Now is the perfect time to reflect on this, and work out how you can make that relationship better, more insightful and inspired. A good time for discipline and meditation. Hoping you are all well.

Full Moon in Libra March 28, 2021 18:49 UT Greenwich, UK. Image courtesy of astro.com

International Women’s Day

Jen Greta, “Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman”, watercolor, USA.

Thank you and blessings to all the wonderful women of this world, all the smart, funny, gorgeous fighters and thinkers, creators and healers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends. Be proud of who you are, ladies, for your beauty, strength, intelligence, sensitivity and wisdom, no matter what stage of life you are in. Happy International Women’s Day πŸ’–