Full Moon in Scorpio April 26, 2021

Donato Creti and Raimondo Manzini, Astronomical Observations: Moon, 1711, oil on canvas, 51 × 35 cm (20 × 13 7/8 in.). Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City, Rome. Wikimedia Commons.

Full Moon 7º 06′ Scorpio Monday April 26, 2021 23:33 EDT,/Tuesday April 27, 2021 4:33 UT

This Full Moon in Scorpio is called the “Super Pink Moon”, as in the northern hemisphere, this moon is associated with the first flowers of springtime. Normally, the Moon travels with the Earth at an average distance of 238, 855 miles, but this month’s Full Moon is a Super Moon because it will be travelling closer, within about 222,000 miles (358,000 km).

With the Sun now in Taurus, conjoined in a stellium with Mercury, Venus and Uranus, there is a strong urge towards conscious idealism, aesthetic understanding, and inspired manifestation. As an earth sign, Taurus best makes sense of the world through tangibility; Taurus wants to touch and feel before they believe. With this particular line up of planets, Taurus is being given the opportunity to truly feel and enjoy a sense of manifest inspiration, as energies of communication, pleasure, innovation and self are all combined. This is a time of being able to rationally communicate inspirations, and enjoy a new-found capacity to truly feel universal love and creativity.

While all that may sound great, we have to take into consideration that all of this inspiration, however much it offers pleasure and discovery, comes with an emotional cost. The Full Moon in Scorpio standing in opposition to the Taurus stellium wants to ensure we really feel it when we get involved with something. Plumbing the depths and getting to the core of any experience is an exercise in immersion therapy. Energized by Mars and Jupiter, this Moon wants us to be prepared to do some active emoting and explaining. It’s a great time for long talks, long walks, and really getting into yourself and those closest to you. The T-square with Saturn in Aquarius demands higher reason and efficiency in abstraction to this emoting. All of this touchy-feely stuff, while intense and gratifying on a primal level, requires that in order to be fully comprehended, we need to employ a higher sense of discipline and social consideration. Mostly definitely we need to acknowledge and abide by the rules at this time, onerous or not. While this is a wonderful time of sensual, earthy discovery, and lovely, deep rapport, all that is being kept in check by a conservatism that for the sake of security prefers working with the status quo, rather than tearing down and rebuilding. Think renovation rather than revolution, and that sums up the energy of this time very well.

Regardless of the tendency to some emotional stickiness, this is a great opportunity for building, and getting in touch with nature. Powers of manifestation are running high, so if you are able, get out there and connect with something living in your environment, whether it is your garden, a forest, a river, your pets. Find what you can do to help things in your environment thrive and grow, and enjoy the feelings that come from that nurturing. This a great time for secure, structured planning, for putting the finishing touches on plans that are coming to fruition, or for planting seeds of what you really want. Enjoy watching the fruits of your labor come to a new level of fecundity, and feel the blessings that Earth can provide.

Aries – Enjoy a beautiful sense of florescence in personal values, a new sense of life, light and joy. The past year or so hasn’t been easy as much needed to be dismantled and discarded. Even so, you are still grappling with emotional reckonings and potentially disruptive power struggles in close partnerships. The idea of fraternity feels stringent and dour. Keep the course, and find your bliss.

Taurus – A time of blooming personal discoveries as you feel more inspired and in touch with primal forces than you have in a long time, if ever. Shaky first steps in manifesting a new public persona, and a push-pull energy in close partnerships can feel tedious and tiresome, but consider it building new muscles, uncomfortable at first, but worth it in the long run. Listen to your inner voice, and keep communicating. Your social scene inspires.

Gemini – Expect an influx of high energy from your subconscious mind. Dreams, meditation, and visions all provide highly fruitful fodder for your continued growth. Let yourself be pulled towards a higher ideal and understanding of health – it may be quite different than you had previously considered. You are required to provide real structure to your personal philosophies, and while perhaps tedious, it’ll serve you well in the long run.

Cancer – You feel like getting serious about understanding power, and while that may be at odds with your usually gentle nature, don’t kid yourself, it’s time. Personal creativity is deep and inspired, and a fertile ground for achieving new understanding of your society. What’s right for you is what inspires – investigate the concepts that serve as the thread of reason in your life, and follow the crumbs to empowering your persona.

Leo – Career is oozing with fertility, as you dig deep into your roots to find what makes you tick. Partnerships provide the backbone and structure that you need to thrive – work with the discipline that is required, as it will only serve to enhance what you have going on, as uncomfortable as that may be at times. Expect a confusing kick from your subconscious mind, but don’t try to hide it. Let your voice be heard.

Virgo – You are immersed in a new and highly rewarding sense of idealism, and find great fecundity in delving into philosophy, religion, discovery and higher learning. Communicating this stuff may feel emotional, as you strive to perfect what you are learning. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, though keep in mind, that new ideals can be very rewarding when practically applied in your home and work life.

Libra – Connections with the deeper undercurrents feels profound, rich and beautiful, and may well lead to very emotional responses that go beyond what the normally airy Libran mind likes to experience. The urge to provide structure and concrete manifestation of your creative impulse pushes you, causing deep stirrings of a new set of values that want to be born. Career is energized, and can act as an efficient conduit for balancing all that heady emotion.

Scorpio – You find you are wearing your heart on your sleeve, and while that might feel uncomfortable for people who like to keep things a bit more under the surface, you have little choice given the high energy that is pushing forth from the depths. A tense configuration of energies encompassing your deepest commitments wants to see concrete manifestations. Look to combining personal creativity and new surges of philosophical discovery for answers.

Sagittarius – Your subconscious mind is pulsating with primal energy, and the bubbling up of that richness can manifest in a new lease on life, as personal habits, work routines and matters of health are enriched and inspired. You feel compelled to talk about this, but feel nobody is listening. All this murkiness can leave you irritated, but don’t be discouraged. Find comfort and beauty in your personal environment, and allow your dreams to come to the surface in the safety of home.

Capricorn – Deep personal changes continue to manifest as you find new values butting up against heady creative personal endeavors. Your capacity for manifestation is high and inspired with beauty and understanding, while social connections feel emotional, and potentially a little hard to handle, as normally hidden depths are suddenly visible to all. Communication in partnerships is energized but perhaps confusing at this time. Keep it clear and light.

Aquarius – You have your finger on the pulse of manifestation, helping to define how and what needs to come to light. Your deepest sense of security, home and family stands face to face with a profound emotional need to “be yourself” on a career front. Keep communicating your dreams – in fact, make a habit of it for your own good. You find healing in sharing.

Pisces – You may feel a bit murky as you try to make sense of influxes of information, feeling and inspiration. Defining the rush of energy that you feel around you feels challenging, and may lead to a tendency to brood on thoughts best left alone. Your values are going through an active healing and renovation process, and you feel powerful urges to communicate the beauty and understanding you have touched. Let creative impulses guide you in establishing a new rapport with your world.

Crucified Woman

Terry O’Neill, ‘Raquel Welch on the Cross, Los Angeles,’ 1970, C-print mounted on aluminum.

April 17, 2022: It’s an interesting thing to see. Since I posted this little article in December 2021, people visit it every day. Maybe it’s the Khloe Kardashian reference, I don’t know. But perhaps it’s something else. Perhaps it’s that people out there are thinking about this idea of Crucified Woman. Perhaps it’s that people find they need to think about this. Some people wouldn’t consider the idea of crucifixion even on the best of days, let alone during the Easter weekend, so maybe these ideas will be just too too for all of you in that department. Too bad. It’s a done deal. Woman has been crucified one way or another for millennia, and look where this has gotten us. Look at the mourning, suffering planet we live on. Our physical existence, whether in the body of an individual woman or the entity that is Mother Earth, has been subjected to thousands of years of violence, disrespect and oppression. For thousands of years, women have been carrying the cross of subjugation, just to be nailed down on it over and over again in the killing fields since the story of Jesus was told. And before that. And it hurts. It’s enough already. How many women need to be raped, murdered, beaten, persecuted, silenced, humiliated, shamed? Whatever happened to love and equality? Let’s find those ideas again, for all our sakes. Every single person on this planet is depending on it.

There are few artistic representations of crucified woman in the art world. Most famously there is the photograph of Raquel Welch by Terry O’Neill, (owned by Khloe Kardashian) of which he said: “I wanted to symbolize the dilemma facing Welch as the female sex symbol of the decade -‘crucified’ for her sexuality by the movie industry and the wider public who did not take her seriously as an actress. It was deemed too controversial for use at the time, and wasn’t published until 30 years later on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine.”

Despite the figure of a crucified Jesus being the central focus of Christianity for millennia, somehow the image of a crucified woman seems too much to bear. Representing the crucifixion of Christ, the focus has been on God embodied in man, a suffering hero offering himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of a hapless humanity. Woman stands in the sidelines in this story.

The image of a woman crucified makes the pain of the human condition instantly palpable, almost too painful to consider. The body of woman carries the potential for safety and seclusion, the promise of life nurtured and protected. We associate women with sexuality, pleasure, motherhood, and as the esoteric teachings of the ages would have it, with the lowness of the material plane that humanity would do well to move beyond, to ascend above in its quest for spiritual realization. Woman as matter is considered something which humanity should strive to overcome and leave behind. And yet, in overlooking the physical, represented by the symbol of suffering woman, humanity misses the opportunity to address its true vulnerability. The symbol of crucified, suffering woman is an important and necessary focus of meditation if humanity is ever to truly embrace empathy and kindness, the opening of the heart which can allow true inclusivity and understanding to occur.

Almuth Lütkenhaus, ‘Crucified Woman,’ bronze, ~1978, installed at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto.
The Doors album ‘LA Woman’ promotional art, 1971
 Jens Galschiøt , ‘In the Name of God,’ bronze, Copenhagen, 2007. ‘In the Name of God’ is a project launched by Jens Galschiøt depicting a sculpture of a pregnant teenager, created as an indictment against the Church’s strict, regressive policy on sex and sexual education.