Astrology: Full Moon in Gemini December 18/19, 2021

Joachim Wtewael, La Bataille entre les dieux et les titans (The Battle Between the Gods and the Titans), oil on copper, Netherlands, 1600. Art Institute of Chicago.

The last Full Moon of 2021 occurs at 4:36 UT December 19 (23:36 EST December 18, 2021). This is a Full Moon in the last decan of Gemini (which colors this Gemini Moon with Fixed Air or Aquarian energy) exact at 27º 29’, and the Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A man declared bankrupt.”  For those not familiar with the Sabian Symbols, the system was created by astrologer Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in 1953, and they are a set of evocative images applied to each degree of the zodiac. They are striking, intricate and multi-layered and add an interesting element to chart interpretation.

So then:  “A man declared bankrupt.” What an apt image for the end of a year that has found the world staggering under the COVID-19 pandemic and all the economical, social and political fall-out it has brought. Many individuals and businesses have lost their established livelihood as the constraints of the pandemic have left their work obsolete or impossible to maintain with pre-pandemic methods. Add to this the rolling climatic events that are gripping the globe, with increasingly dangerous storms and wildfires destroying established communities, forcing people to rebuild at a time when they should be celebrating. We also have rampant moral bankruptcy that must be addressed.  The pandemic, while completely decimating so many, has also served as a boon to opportunists, those inclined to profit from the calamity that has befallen society.  Previously defined lines of morality have been blurred and greedy raider mentality has free reign during this time of indefinite circumstances with ill-defined rules and regulations. The morality displayed by our governments, while usually dubious at best, is now teetering on the edge of collapse as global power structures rapidly shift, deeming presupposed notions of hierarchy no longer valid. 2021 has been a very intense year, and there is much sorrow sitting on the planet right now – remember this holiday to say a prayer for those in need, those who have lost their lives, and the families that struggle without them. 

This Full Moon in Gemini is complicated, and its energy will punctuate any holiday celebrations over the coming weeks as we approach the New Moon on January 2, 2022.  Be cautious during gatherings as there is an overall sense of smoldering aggression in the air, and a readiness to jump to militant tendencies to prove a point.  The Moon and Sun are constellated in a wide T-square to Neptune in Pisces, adding an irksome sense of confusion, and an inability to pin down the ever-elusive concept of truth.  Questions of personal values are polarized against the need to recognize the emotional requirements of others, but communication will be unclear, despite people feeling quite philosophical and willing to discuss their issues. Venus and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn indicate that people are seeking tangible manifestations of power, and a heightened desire for structure and authority, but the continuing square between Saturn and Uranus indicate that any attempts at the establishment of control are going to be punctuated by potentially explosive tension, a constant cat-and-mouse feeling of needing stability that is undermined by a desire for change and innovation. Jupiter lends a hand by allowing a sense of levity and breadth to the talkative Gemini Moon and the gregarious Sagittarius Sun, allowing the free flow of idealism and an overall need to “do the right thing,” but we have the danger of self-righteousness creeping in as people can get proud about enforcing their favorite rules and theories – there will be a lot of bickering around the holiday dining table about things like vaccinations, for instance, as folks get together perhaps for the first holiday in over two years, and are just busting to share their opinions, for better or for worse.  The good thing is that after all we’ve been through, people have come to a greater global understanding, and most are sincerely willing to pitch in and help, though everyone wants to see the sense of overriding danger kept in check – somehow. Overall, this is a high-energy, idealistic, potentially explosive but communicative time.  Think carefully before getting into any big discussions, but enjoy this holiday season – there is much good will in the air right now, so stay positive and do your best to avoid arguing!  

Sign by sign:

Aries: This Full Moon the focus is on how you communicate your philosophy of life, how you feel about issues of higher learning, and how the idea of God and personal spirituality impacts your immediate environment.  This holiday season will likely see you involved in deep discussions with siblings or neighbors. Intense concentration smolders around career – be careful not to let thoughts become obsessive, though you may find that you have a definite magnetism right now, as you come across as powerful, even sexy on the career front. Social issues feel serious as you strive to circulate with those older and wiser.  Self-image is a work in progress, and may feel tender. Allow yourself to have a lovely, dreamy holiday, and remember to keep it light.

Taurus:  This Full Moon taps into your deepest concerns about how the power of others affects what you value, your deepest sense of security and personal ownership.  You will be feeling quite philosophical and willing to explore the bigger picture in considerable depth.  Career and public image feels serious as you strive to express your highest ideals as representative of who you really are, and plunging into the depths feels sexy and a bit dangerous. Allow yourself to swim in those waters, for it is in the darkest recesses that you can reveal the light that guides you. You might be inspired to try a new look to bolster your persona – go for it!

Gemini:  Who are you Gemini?  This is your focus for this Full Moon. Partnerships, close friendships and rivalries offer you a mirror to help determine how it is you are presenting yourself to the world. All of this self-reflection can feel a bit heavier than you are normally comfortable with; beware of compulsion driving you to places that may not be healthy.  Home life allows you the venue to show your true colors, while you may feel a bit murky about career matters.  Do the stage rehearsal for family and friends before letting the cat out of the bag at work. Social life may be tender now; work with it, it’s healing.

Cancer:  This last Full Moon of 2021, dive deep into the depths of your subconscious mind.  Now is the time to dream, meditate, cast your spells, and discover how old thoughts and memories, and those things deeply buried may be impacting how effective you are in navigating the challenges of your daily life.  Could it be that you have certain compulsions, habits or preconceived notions that may be hindering your effectiveness in the work setting, or your personal health regimen?  Now’s the perfect time to suss this stuff out.  Relationships are hot right now, and romance feels right as you share your dreams with those closest to you but, watch out for compulsive behavior, as the resulting power plays could prove highly sobering.  Friends surprise, and career feels tender. Communicate with those you value most, it’s a good time to unburden yourself of heavy secrets that might be holding you back.

Leo:  The spotlight is on your creativity, and where you draw your highest levels of inspiration.  What propels you, what guides you, who do you look to as your personal muse?  It may just be the larger forces of society prompting you to be the best that you can be, and that’s a wonderful thing, for by focusing on the bigger picture, your personal creativity gets that much better defined.  Surprises appear on the career front, but you are in for a nice time of rest and recuperation this lunar cycle, particularly if you have been feeling poorly, stressed or otherwise compromised.  An overhaul is in order, and if you want to break any bad habits, the force is with you now. Deeper motivations and power plays in relationships elude you, and watch for deceptions in finances – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably really is.

Virgo:  The spotlight for this Full Moon is on the relationship between career and home life.  A good time to sort out details that may have been sticking points for a while.  You are feeling serious about health, personal and daily work habits, but don’t be glum, for the discipline you need is now available.  Watch for nagging healthy issues cropping up, but if they do, know that you have the power available to overcome after a few adjustments.  Creativity, romance and fun take a sexy turn – be wild, Virgo. It’s looking like this could be a spicy holiday, but beware letting your head run away with your heart.  Surprising inspirations come from higher learning, and if you feel like talking about it (and you will) go for it. You’ve got the ear of someone important.

Libra:  The focus this last Full Moon of 2021 is on your deepest personal philosophies. Now is the time to review what is most important to you, what inspires and guides you, and own how it is you like to communicate, no judgements, just truth.  You will feel a strong urge to make your ideals real, grounding and owning the inspirations you find in the recesses, at the edges, and in the nether-regions that many are too shy to face. Relationships feel tender as you plumb the depths, and you seek to find gravitas in your creations. Career is on the backburner, but you may find solutions to gnarly problems in your dreams. Keep your dream journal close at hand, and be open to active imagination.

Scorpio:  This Full Moon hits you where the sun don’t shine, causing you to dive deep and ask the question “What’s that worth to me actually?”  Values tangle with your various commitments, leaving you to reflect on issues of personal power versus what’s expected of you, otherwise known as duty.  Creativity is inspiring, and romance can feel dreamy, but surprises may arrive in partnerships.  Work circumstances and old ancestral duties bring serious sentiments and considerations can leave you feeling tender as the same old stuff keeps coming around.  A profound discussion in your immediate environment stirs compulsive communication patterns and recurring thoughts. If you feel like fighting, take a breather and keep it nice. It may not seem worth it tomorrow.

Sagittarius:  Partnerships and self-definition are the key themes for you this Full Moon.  Meditate on how home life and career are working or not working with what you need for self-definition at this time.  Is it all about them, or all about you? How to get the balance right? New innovations in the workplace, perhaps the arrival or departure of co-workers or routines can be inspiring and lead to greater efficiency in communications, while seeming troublesome at the outset.  This holiday season, Sagittarius wants luxury, and only the finest gifts will satisfy you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, you are likely to get exactly what you wish for.

Capricorn:  Capricorn, what you value is serious longevity, and you don’t want to see any superficial fluff flying around this Full Moon.  Your persona feels deeply passionate, and only intensity will satisfy you now.  The spotlight is on personal habits, health care and how old skeletons in the closet are messing with your sense of well-being.  Time to evict those old bones – don’t be afraid to purge what you don’t need. If you find yourself caught in a loop, and you can’t quite understand it, you’re probably working under a compulsion.  Study it, it’s ready for dissection, and be willing to leave behind what doesn’t work for you any longer. When one door closes, another one opens – it really is true. Romance and creativity are ripe with inspiration now – share your dreams and visions, you are connected to big things.

Aquarius:  This Full Moon shines a light on the connection between your creativity, your highest ideals and how you put yourself out into the world. As you rummage through the depths of known experience, your urge to communicate feels a bit tender, and rightly so. You are in uncharted waters Aquarius, but be bold and lead the way for others to follow.  Your persona is oscillating between somber and jovial, but your value system is inspired, even if tangible proof seems elusive right now. Your subconscious mind can provide a gold mine of rewards, be open and pay attention to dreams and visions, quiet manifestations and messages. You may be receiving more than you know.

Pisces:  Dear Pisces, it’s been a year, hasn’t it? This Full Moon highlights your home and how your public image impacts on who you are in your private moments.  You are putting yourself out there with great verve (even if all you do is visit the grocery store, mind you!)  Ask yourself – how does your public persona impact who you are in your most private moments?  Your identity is ever shifting, and what you value feels a bit tender as you realize that old ways need to be revised in order for you to move forward.  Watch for surprising communication from those closest to you, and be ready to revolutionize your social scene, what inspires you, and your biggest hopes and dreams.  Subconscious stuff can feel heavier than usual, watch for strangely upsetting Freudian slips or blurting things out that you may regret later.

PS: For anyone interested in Sabian Symbols, astrologer Lynda Hill has been working with the Sabian Symbols for decades and has a great website with a very fun instant oracle feature. Find it here: Sabian Symbols

Full Moon in Gemini, December 19, 2021, 4:36 UT, Prime Meridian at Greenwich, UK. Chart courtesy of

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