Astrology Weekend Update: Mercury Direct and More February 4, 2022

Mercury went direct yesterday, though we are still in shadow until February 24, when it reestablishes itself at 10º18′ Aquarius. Anything that’s been on hold for the last month can be given full attention again, but ensure you take your time with the details. Mercury’s still in conjunction with Pluto, so this is a great time for concentrated work. The ability to focus will be supercharged, however, beware of obsessing or get dour. If you find repetitive thoughts arising, take a moment to clearly focus and figure out why. Have you been avoiding something? Are you not considering all angles, or just repeating the same approach again and again? Up until mid-month we have an opening to shake off mental bugbears once and for all.

Further, all weekend the Moon is in Aries until Sunday evening (5:52 pm EST/22:52 UT). This is a potentially ornery Moon, as it squares off with Mars, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. People may be a bit edgy, argumentative or otherwise grumpy. There’s a definite push for accomplishment on now – tidy up, figure it out, get it done. Find something to keep busy with, and go at it, but remember to be nice. You will want to have your own way this weekend – but so will everyone else.

Venus and Mars are still traveling together in Capricorn – a passionate time to fulfill desires, especially anything material. If you’ve been holding off on a big purchase, this is a good time to pull the trigger, especially if it’s something a bit showy or more expensive than you normally buy. You will get your money’s worth.

The Sun is conjoined with Saturn, so it’s a very good time to get serious about working through any new or existing plans, any material changes in your environment, dealing with tough stuff we don’t usually want to do, like tedious chores etc. You will feel like accomplishing something concrete, and not in the mood to fluff the time away. Get a head start on taxes, start that renovation, clear up the mess, hash out any legal issues, outline a game plan for the next period – any which way, the concentration and seriousness needed for big jobs are now available. A great weekend to get things done – enjoy!

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