Astrology: Sun Sign Gemini

Albrecht Durer, Adam and Eve , engraving, Germany, 1504. Durer was a Gemini, born 21 May 1471.

“I don’t think I’m tangible to myself.”

Bob Dylan,singer-songwriter, author, Gemini b. 24 May 1941

The Sun travels through the astrological sign of Gemini from ~ 22 May to ~ 21 June each year. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is in full swing, flowers are blooming, birds have returned from their southern sojourns and nature is bursting with activity, bright, noisy, cheerful and busy, much like Gemini. Open the window wide on a warm spring day and let the breeze flutter through the curtains. See the papers stir on your desk, perhaps lift and drift to the floor. Step outside into a garden, or better yet, go to a hillside or mountain, feel the wind over the earth, and see the pollen and dandelion seeds floating on the air currents, the butterflies hover and dart, and listen to the humming of the bees as they move from flower to flower, ever eager to catch the best pollen hoard. That’s Gemini, soft and light, sharp and quick, a balm to those who suffer from boredom, but a potential irritant to the particularly sensitive. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Earth is falling deeper into the throes of late Autumn, and while many people assume that to be a quiet time, it is actually one of the busiest seasons as the earth is deeply engaged in multiple processes that will ensure the return of fecundity with the inevitable rise of solar power. Either way, Spring or Autumn, Gemini is busy, busy, busy as the elements go about their business collecting, organizing and preparing material reality for its next phase of existence.

Ah, Gemini. Delightfully changeable or maddeningly inconsistent? Superficial, or meticulous? Which is it? Why not both? Gemini loves variety, spontaneity, jokes, puzzles, tricks, mysteries, mischief and most importantly, communicating.  Gemini is Mutable Air, ever changing, flowing and dancing from topic to topic, from one personality trait to the next, one scene to the next, one person to the next.  Ruled by Mercury, God of Tricksters and Thieves, the fundamental impetus is to knowledge, conversation, categorization, definition, analysis and logic. Gemini find that every single little thing is a joy of discovery. Why stop to make a commitment when there’s always more to do, see and be? To stand still is boring, lifeless and dull. The next thing might be so much better than what is here now, so it’s best to keep moving and discovering. 

Gemini Tarot Correspondence Tarot Major Arcana VI: The Lovers (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Gemini feels most authentic when allowing themselves to be versatile. Society often deems Gemini as superficial, but it isn’t as simple as that. In fact, the Gemini mind is most complex, forever collecting, comparing, defining and redefining all that it knows. The designation of “The Twins” is a nod to their need for versatility and their capacity to shift perspectives. Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is often considered an amoral god, as the line between good and evil is ill-defined for one with such extensive knowledge, and the ability to take the opposing view with little hesitation, merely because there is definable and sound logic in the argument can be maddening to those with fixed opinions. Sales people, stock brokers, businessmen, secretaries, writers, journalists and educators fully embrace a flexible mind and open morals, as it is in objectivity that we truly discover the truth. Gemini can handle routine, but only insofar as there is some variety within that routine. Excellent at multi-tasking, they want nothing more than to cover all the bases, as fast as possible, win the game and go on to play another one, preferably with a whole new set of people.  They love the idea of more – more talking, thinking, planning, and then entirely changing their minds to find an ever better scheme than the original.  Change is anathema to many people, but to the Gemini is it is as necessary as the air we breathe. When it comes to love – male, female, transgender, asexual, auto-sexual, gay, straight, pansexual – who cares, as long as they are interesting. Stuck on how to fix a problem? Ask a Gemini and you will get multiple solutions tossed at you, categorized in hierarchical order like it was nothing.  Can’t figure out how to approach that cute potential date?  Ask a Gemini, they’ve been there, done that.  A quick text and away you go, off on a new adventure. Need someone to be there at the most important event of your life?  Maybe don’t ask your Gemini bestie. While they might be very enthusiastic, there’s no telling if something far more interesting than you might crop up as a distraction that cannot be resisted, and if you are a sensitive type, it could lead to tears, recrimination, rumor mongering and some sorry ego bruising.  Life with Gemini is certainly never boring, and once you get the knack of the ever-changing whims and moods, you are in for an unforgettable treat of a ride.

Gemini’s polarity lies in the sign of Sagittarius. While busy accumulating data and proving that they have it all ready and meticulously catalogued, Gemini might take a lesson from their alter-ego Sagittarius, and remember the big picture of life, the universe and everything. Facts, figures and collections are extraordinarily valuable things, for indeed, where would be be as a civilization if it weren’t for the power of logic and reasoning? But in order to find balance and meaning, Gemini has to keep in mind the grand scheme of things, the long view, and the ultimate destination. You might not have received the communication you need right now to get your immediate task completed, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing when you allow room for things to float and rise about the nitty-gritty sometimes? And if anything, Sagittarius can remind Gemini to laugh – laugh loud, laugh hard and keep it light, because as they have learned, nobody likes a know-it all!

  • Keywords: versatile, quixotic, changeable, dynamic, adaptable, communicative, witty, intellectual, analytic, rational, logical, cunning, insensitive, inconsistent, superficial, jumpy, anxious
  • Rulership: Mercury, the God of Thieves, Tricksters, Travelers, Merchants, messenger of the Gods
  • Modality: Mutable Air
  • Polarity: positive masculine
  • Gemstone: aquamarine, clear crystals, alexandrite, tourmaline, spar
  • Metals: mercury (quicksilver),
  • Tarot: The Lovers
  • Colors: yellow, orange, mauve, pale reddish grey
  • Deities: Mercury, Janus, Castor and Pollux, Apollo, twin deities hybrid deities
  • Flora: birch, hybrid plants, orchids, hazel, nut bearing trees and shrubs, marjoram, lavender, ferns, lily of the valley, caraway, peas, beans
  • Fauna: hybrid creatures
  • Famous Gemini personalities: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, John F. Kennedy, Boris Johnson, Xi Jinping, Aung San Suu Kyi, Bob Dylan, Helena Bonham Carter, Chris Evans, Angelina Jolie, Tupac Shakur, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Nicks, Natalie Portman, Kanye West, Johnny Depp, Paul McCartney, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (twins), Prince, Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood, Pancho Villa, Elon Musk, Egon Schiele, Diego Velasquez, Albrecht Durer, Paul Gaugin, Mary Cassatt.

Astrology: Sun Sign Capricorn

Henri Matisse, L’Odalisque, harmonie bleue, oil on canvas, France, 1937. Matisse was a Capricorn, b. 31 December 1869 – d. 3 November 1954.

“I have found God, but he is insufficient.”

Henry Miller, The Tropic of Cancer, Miller was a Capricorn, b.26 December 1861 – d. 7 June 1980

The Sun moves through Capricorn from approximately 22 December to 20 January, and in the Northern Hemisphere, the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn coincides with Winter Solstice, the shortest day, and the darkest, longest night of the year. We are as far away from the warming light of the Sun as possible, and we must resign ourselves to the cold, dark stillness of winter. Many people associate winter with Death, and indeed to primitive folk, it was often a time of terror, with the bulk of the year spent in preparing for the possibly fatal circumstances that might arise in succumbing to the frigid darkness. Nature displays a chilly, unforgiving face in winter; there is little green to offer us relief, nothing soft or colored, other than perhaps the blood red of holly berry, and cardinals perched on dogwood stems. Nature is at rest, hibernating and reconvening energies for the eventual power and force of spring, and all activity is deep and hidden, as is much with Capricorn. These people are the embodiment of Cardinal Earth, best represented by the slow yet unstoppable evolution of mountains, islands springing from the seas, the rocky cliffs against which crash the ever-churning oceans, the bookends of earthly existence, responsible for outlining our sense of reality. Look at architecture, roadworks, canals and public edifices and you will see the face of Capricorn looking back at you, defining, sustaining and demarcating our sense of space and time. We take for granted how our sense of time is defined by the parameters of space, and yet, as humans, our days are spent going from here to there, from one place to the next. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, Lord of Time and Matter is the one who defines our movements, ever-building and placing new landmarks for us to absorb into our consciousness, never ceasing. Capricorn is all about the things that stretch above and behind us, above and below, the unassuming, and often unacknowledged backdrops of our society, which we can never do without, and yet we completely take for granted until somehow these things are gone.

Capricorn is steady in the execution of power, for the Saturn-born always take a long view. Plans are meant to be achieved with care and patience, for only in approaching the world with thorough consideration we achieve long-lasting success. Capricorn does not like to redo, let alone undo any already completed work, and so will ensure that accuracy is fundamental to any endeavor. While all this sounds like our Capricorn friends are all business, no pleasure, this is not entirely true. Yes, perhaps they prefer to spend their time in pursuits that allow them improvement, as any expenditure of time is considered a luxury to Capricorn, and had better be a good investment, but who can blame them? These people understand the true preciousness of time, and the fact that our individual time here is cruelly limited. There will never be enough time to do everything that we want, not by a long shot, so Capricorn chooses carefully and wisely. At best, Capricorn is shrewd, dependable, responsible, methodical, ambitious, practical, loyal, disciplined, cautious, patient, humorous, and at worst, Capricorn is snobbish, pessimistic, cold, fearful, rigid, miserly, unfriendly, insecure, and cruel.

Capricorn Tarot Correspondence – Major Arcana XV, The Devil (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

All this considered, it is an unfortunate thing, that as with the nature of ice, cold and immovable, so we often find Capricorn stuck and withholding. It is often difficult for these folks to really let go and enjoy themselves, as their inner judge never sleeps and is always watching the clock. They can spiral into complete constriction, never moving forward, stubbornly sustaining what they already have, for as well as ruling time, Saturn also rules want, fear and insecurity. To exist in such a place, governed by terror and unable to move forward is indeed a cold and lonely state, and Capricorn is no stranger to this feeling. Loneliness and isolation are regular bedfellows for these people, and they accept this fate rather stoically, as they understand that there is more to life than always having a good time. They prefer to be the ones who leave the party early, knowing there are a few hours left in the evening that could be devoted to working on achieving their accomplishments, but if you really need them to be your safe drive home, they will stay and patiently wait, watching you as you make a fool of yourself stumbling around drunk and ridiculous. Later, they will make you laugh so hard as they recount your buffoonery, you almost want to relive the experience just so you can have that attentive detail bestowed upon you again. And if you are in real trouble – serious life problems – or even if you are just feeling a bit confused about your direction, find your Capricorn friends. They will quickly and dispassionately delineate your situation, and arrive at the most practical and successful plan to get you out of trouble. There will be no fuss, the plan might even involve using an accountant or a lawyer, but you can rest assured that in the long run, it will work splendidly, and you will have learned a valuable lesson that only Capricorn can teach – how to plan, how to be mature, how to take responsibility. They are usually right about these things, so suck it up and move on. While some types will be smug and superior about their executive abilities, most of the time, despite their icy self-discipline, they will more than likely just have a good laugh at your expense, for these people are the masters of dry, sardonic humor. If your ego is not too wounded, you just might learn another thing from Capricorn – sometimes, all you can do is laugh, because life’s a bitch, and then you die.

Capricorn finds polarity in the Cardinal Water sign Cancer, and it is through Cancer that Capricorn can learn some much-needed lessons about how to be a bit more nurturing, gentle, kind and sensitive. With their tough demeanor, Capricorn often forgets that life is tender, people are fragile, and not everybody cares about the bottom line the way they do, and Cancer can show them how to open their hearts and let their guard down a bit. Vulnerability is fine, and between Capricorn and Cancer there are many defenses to be deployed when necessary. Capricorn can find a sense of true fulfillment in opening themselves up to trying a gentler path, as embodied by the Moon-ruled Cancerians.

  • Key words: authoritative, autocratic, reserved, ambitious, responsible, disciplined, austere, conservative, dependable, wry, tenacious, practical, patient, humorous, pessimistic, pedantic, boring, miserly, rigid, negative, cold, dismissive, snobbish, mean-spirited, spoil sport.
  • Rulership: Saturn
  • Modality: Cardinal Earth
  • Polarity: Negative Feminine
  • Gemstone: amethyst, garnet, black diamond, jet, minerals in general (especially those which are black or dark colored), onyx, white onyx, ore, turquoise
  • Metal: lead, silver
  • Tarot: The Devil
  • Colors: indigo, grey, dark grey, black, blue-black, dark brown, flat, dull colors, russet
  • Deities: Set, Pan, Priapus, Vesta, Bacchus, Cronus
  • Flora: comfrey, gardens in general, dock, flax, hemlock, hemp, henbane, ivy, nightshade, pansies, pine, plantain, poplar, poppies (especially black), quince, thorny trees and shrubs, old trees, woods and forests in general, willow, yew
  • Fauna: goats, asses, all animals with cloven hoofs and horns, cattle, pigs
  • Famous Capricorn Personalities: Elvis Presley, Joan of Arc, Isaac Newton, Kim Jong-un, Woodrow Wilson, Al Capone, J. Edgar Hoover, Martin Luther King Jr., Louis Pasteur, Mohammed Ali, Johannes Kepler, David Bowie, Benedict Arnold, Tiger Woods, Henri Matisse, Hermann Goering, Stan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien, Betty White, LeBron James, Stephen Hawking, Frank Kellogg, Anwar Sadat, Stephenie Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mel Gibson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton, Justin Trudeau, Jeff Bezos, Diane Keaton, Michelle Obama, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Kate Moss, Jimmy Page, Jared Kushner, David Lynch.