Astrology: Sun Sign Taurus

Salvador Dali, “Anticipation of a Bullfight” (Carmen Suite), lithograph, 1970

“There are some days when I think I am going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.”

Salvador Dali, Spanish artist, Taurus, b. 11 May 1904 – d. 23 January 1989

The Sun travels through the astrological sign of Taurus each year from ~21 April until ~ 21 May. In the Northern Hemisphere, we find the power of springtime courses through the world, as light grows greater, the air becomes ever warmer, and nature quivers with fecundity. Go into a garden on a late spring day, preferably sunny, and make sure it’s a day after a thorough, drenching rain.  Get down onto the ground, with a little shovel (or even better, bare-handed) and dig deep into the soft, warming soil.  Inhale deeply and smell the scent of fertile Earth. Feel the texture of the soil, dense and lush, and observe the little creatures going about their business all around. You will find the wonders of the Earth in that moment, warm, rich and soft, bursting with life, fertile and steady. If you are not interested in gardening, and consider yourself more of a city mouse, then take the afternoon and spend it at a museum or art gallery, and top off your day with a fine meal at a posh bistro or restaurant, ensuring that you have all the courses available, including drinks and dessert. This is Taurus.

Sun in Taurus expresses the essence of Fixed Earth.  Taurus people are Venus ruled, sensual creatures of comfort, pleasure and dependability. They prefer to know where their next meal is coming from, when they are going to have it, exactly how it will be prepared, how it will be paid for, and by whom. They do not like deviation from routine, preferring to cultivate a sense of security and foreknowledge in their everyday lives.  Venus ensures that Taurus people are typically quite pleasant and refined; these folks do not like anything vulgar or upsetting rocking the course of their placid days.  At their best, Taurus is sophisticated, elegant, pampered and urbane, appreciative of fine art and all things of beauty and comfort. They know which are the best restaurants, and which dessert is worth the calories . Scheduled pleasure is the best pleasure, as far as they are concerned, and if you want to understand your Taurus friends, just see what happens when you try changing plans on the fly. It won’t go over well, and you will slowly be edged out of their social graces, which, given how seriously they take the cultivation of pleasure, won’t be a very comfortable position for very long.  At their worst, Taurus can be jealous, possessive, selfish, belligerent, lascivious, hedonistic, obstinate, petty and crude, and while it takes a lot for Taurus to degenerate to a negative state, the Venus-ruled are not completely innocent of succumbing to debauchery every now and again.

Taurus Tarot Correspondence – Major Arcana V: The Hierophant (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Taurus people like to feel loved and admired, they want to smell good, taste delightful things, touch things that are soft and secure, and ultimately, always know that there is money in the bank to keep the good times rolling for as long as possible.  Taurus rules money, art, and wealth, and they expend their energies ensuring that they have enough of everything. Not quick to get upset, they will put up with a lot just to keep the peace, because peace is pleasant and why bother expending any of their carefully stored resources in a fight, when deep down they know that things rarely change.  Get a Taurus upset, and you will be very sorry.  They will explode, and all the strength of that finely honed patience will come crashing down in a blow out that will at the least, be memorable, at the worst, a complete deal-breaker. Getting angry is a large energy expenditure, and a Taurus is grudging with any expenditure, energetic or otherwise.  When Taurus gets to a place of anger, you had better believe that they mean it and if you are on the receiving end, like it or not, you will surely remember the thrashing you receive, Taurus outbursts often becoming the stuff of legend: “Remember when Uncle Steve got SO MAD…” If anyone can teach a lesson so that it will stick, it’s a Taurus native. Some of the very best lessons they teach, though, are of generosity, patience, dependability, and loyalty. If you are looking for a true, blue friend who will help you out when you really need it, Taurus is a great bet, as they are, at heart, gentle, sensitive, caring souls who truly believe in the power of love and friendship.

While great lovers of all things fine and placid, Taurus has its polarity point as well, which is embodied in the sign of Scorpio. If Taurus finds themselves getting a little too predictable, things are a bit too easy going (read boring), let them look to their Scorpio alter-ego to shake things down a bit. Taurus would do well to remember that it’s not all sweetness and light, and that while they are enjoying their stable, pleasant existence, there is a whole world festering and seething deep on the down-low. Scorpio can teach Taurus what power, ownership and dominance of the material really means, for they have travelled all the darkest paths to get to the very bottom of things. For true security, Taurus sometimes has to explore and remember the depths as well.

  • Key words: loyal, dependable, generous, patient, reliable, calm, gentle, elegant, lascivious, hedonistic, jealous, obstinate, belligerent, self-indulgent, resentful, greedy, petty, intractable
  • Rulership: Venus, the Planet of Love
  • Modality: Fixed Earth
  • Polarity: negative feminine
  • Gemstone: emerald, agate, coral, topaz
  • Metal: copper, all coins and rings, metal jewelry
  • Tarot: The Hierophant
  • Color: pastels, soft creamy colors, rich dark brown, deep olive green, deep indigo
  • Deities: Hathor, Venus, Osiris, Hera, Shiva as sacred bull
  • Flora: daisies, wheat, flax, larkspur, lilies, spinach, grapes, artichoke, asparagus, apple, violet, poppy, rose sugarcane
  • Fauna: bull, cattle of all types
  • Famous Taurus personalities: Queen Elizabeth II, Salvador Dali, The Rock, Adele, Tina Fey, David Beckham, Henry Cavill, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Jerry Seinfeld, Bono, Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Gal Godot, George Clooney, Sid Vicious, Malcolm X, Liberace, Daniel Day Lewis, Nicolo Machiavelli, Vladimir Lenin, Marcus Aurelius, Ho Chi Minh, William Randolph Hearst, Stephen Harper, abolitionist John Brown.

Astrology: New Moon in Taurus 04/23/2020

Lascaux Cave Paintings, Great Hall of the Bulls, Montignac, France, Upper Paleolithic Era

This year’s New Moon in Taurus arrives propelled by the force of Uranus. With Aquarius rising, chart ruler Uranus is positioned at 6 º Taurus 24′ and his energy dominates the scene, conjoining the Sun and Moon at 3 º Taurus 24′. This makes a loose square to the disjointed Capricorn/Aquarius stellium which connects Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the 12th house. As Saturn is traditional ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, the heavy mood is even more pronounced. Mars at 16 º Aquarius 10′ in the first house conjuncts the Aquarius Ascendant and forces through a decidedly martial spirit, as the global mood of uncertainty, unpredictability, impatience and irritability rises.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rare experience; nothing like it has been witnessed by our generations. We are arguably at the height of technological advancement, and yet people are fighting over obtaining basics like toilet paper, flour and frozen foods. For all of our faith in science, there is a growing sense of Saturnian betrayal, as what we have come to rely upon no longer seems sure and valid any longer. It seems that the state of plenty that we assumed was available for all has failed us, science has failed us, the money that we have spent on resources has failed us, all supplanted and torn asunder by the force of nature in her unmitigated wrath. In the midst of what should be a time of technological fulfillment and mastery, the planet is gripped in the clutches of an illness that is not clearly understood by science, our assumed savior, and it is taking away those who are weakest and most vulnerable. Everything that is currently happening belies any real capability of the supposed advancements of our almighty economic power.

New Moon in Taurus, 3:26 am April 23, 2020, BST, Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London, England.

Taurus is the sign of Fixed Earth. At its finest, Taurus is fertile, healthy, rich and nubile. Taurus loves luxury, comfort and security. At its worst, Taurus is hell-bent on hedonism, belligerence and obstinacy. When unbalanced, there can never enough money, food, sex, alcohol or luxury to satisfy Taurus appetites, as they teeter recklessly into the unknown depths of Scorpio, floundering in corporeal inebriation without the fundamental makeup to dampen the glut of profligacy. But with this New Moon, we find Taurus electrified, revitalized and born anew with the power of Uranus at its back. The excesses that have satisfied Taurus’ appetites in the past are no longer applicable. The hunger for security is not finding appeasement as the economic structures which have been relied upon to float us are crumbling and meaningless. This planet demands change and will not stand for any further complacency and torpor, which are hallmarks of the unrepentant Taurus. With Aquarius rising and Uranus sitting in the midst of New Moon revelries, this is a time to get over the weaknesses of flesh, master the real requirements of the material world, and infuse deep inspiration into how we conduct ourselves in our daily affairs. That COVID-19 is taking a particularly heavy toll on those who suffer from obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure can be correlated with the earthy materialism that we associate with Taurus, currently being modified by the revolutionary leanings of Aquarius. Mutterings about “the means of distribution” and “equalization” flit about the ethers, and people look questioningly at structures which have failed them, the basic inequality of our social stratification and the very real suffering that is now happening in real time as material resources are not in the hands of those who sincerely need them most in a time of crisis, but are rather tied up in the upper echelons of economic ascendancy.

Mercury in Aries sits in sextile to Mars in Aquarius, lending support to the innovative mind, offering that spark of ingenuity and impatience that Aquarius loves so well. Venus in Gemini trines Mars, lending a taste of the erudite to pronouncements of transformation that call from the depths. The message is that we are all on board, and we can – socially and collectively – move forward with the idea of change. We all feel the work happening deep in the crucible of the unconscious collectivity. There is heavy work happening on a profound, core level, and while it is uncomfortable, while we see suffering and penitential hard labor occurring all around us, it is all seemingly silent and it is as if we are all observing this work through a veil, through water and great distance. We are isolated, and the stories of “our reality” arrive second and third hand. Even in the household of a first responder – a doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, cashier or cleaner – to understand is difficult. Our loved ones bring home with them an indistinct sense of fear, of pain and incomprehension, and unless we can physically see and experience what is happening out there in the world, their stories remain ephemeral and difficult to grasp. The fact that the front line workers are typically twelfth house people – those who operate behind the scenes, on an institutional level – is represented by that stellium bridging Capricorn and Aquarius. That very foundation, the working collective, and the core of our society is carrying the burden of transformation with each passing minute, hour and day that they witness the dying, the illness in its ugliness, in the cleaning up and fulfilling of the basic needs of society. While this heavy work happens behind the scenes, society itself chatters on, quipping and turning clever phrases, seeking out humor and amusement, languishing in the relative comforts of home.

This is a bowl chart – with the majority of the energy concentrated in the north east quadrant. Society needs to learn how to remake itself, and the fundamental lessons come from creating a totally new comprehension of the profound interconnection of life as it bears down on the understanding of what is Self. How does your welfare rely on the kindness of strangers? From the nurse who takes your temperature, to the cashier who is bagging your groceries, to the cleaner who is wiping down the handle of the grocery store freezer just after that old gentleman with the mask has touched it to get his frozen waffles; how do all of these seemingly meaningless, yet highly pertinent things bear upon you, as a discreet member of society?

It is in these very fine details of our lives that the most important matters transpire, and the message of this Taurus New Moon is this – take into great consideration the mundane and the earthy, the material and the practical, for it is in these things that we must change our assumptions and seek new ways of doing. Consider – what do you have? Do you have health? Wealth? Provisions? Love? What is it most important for you to have? And just what is it to “need”? And what are those things that despite all of our longing and striving which will remain forever out of reach? Are they wants, or needs? This New Moon is asking us to walk new paths in our having, and needing, and to embrace lighter, finer, more intuitive and efficient ways of communicating our wants and needs, which will only work so long as we express ourselves with integrity and authenticity.

“All present life is but an Interjection, an “Oh!” or “Ah!” of joy or misery, or a “Ha, ha!” or “Bah!” – a yawn, or “Pooh!”, of which perhaps the latter is most true.”

Lord Byron, Don Juan, canto 15, stanza 43, 1819-1824