Astrological Process

Whether you already have had astrological readings in the past, or are completely new to the idea, you might have some questions about the whole process. So what should you expect when you book an astrological reading with Veronica?

Based on the information you provide – your exact date, place and time of birth – your chart will be analyzed and you will be given a reading of the unique blueprint of your birth. You will be guided through the fundamental aspects of who you are, your over-arching tendencies, your modus operandi, your strengths and capacities, and if you feel comfortable, any areas you feel are blind spots that might be holding you back from being the best that you can be. If you choose a forecasting consultation, we will review major upcoming milestones and transits impacting your chart. It helps if you focus on specifics – is something in particular troubling you? Do want to plan for major life events? Curious about how you approach relationships, work, family? Feel free to ask questions – vocalizing aids understanding.

Personal consultations provide safe, gentle support as you seek greater understanding of who you are, and the sessions are paced allowing you to go in as deep as you wish. Exploring astrology is meant to help you feel enriched on your journey, providing tools and information needed on your lifelong quest to “Know thyself.”

Veronica’s approach to astrology is modern, focusing on psychological and esoteric themes. Veronica uses the Placidus house system (but will use any house system desired for personal readings), and in her writing, she always forecast ingresses and lunations from the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, UK, 0º longitude. She honors traditional rulership of the signs, but uses modern assignations as well. All consultations are private and confidential, and personal details are strictly guarded to ensure safety and peace of mind.

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