Why Astrology

Auguste Rodin, ‘Le Penseur a La Porte de l’Enfer (The Thinker at the Gates of Hell) ,’ 1937. Musée Rodin, Paris, France.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1.5.167-8

Astrology has always been a controversial subject. Scoffers and critics are many, but equally numerous are those passionately dedicated to the art, and it has been so for a very long time. Why such polarization? Over the last thirty years, I have pondered this dichotomy, studying with various schools of astrology, and after much deliberation, testing and not a few heated discussions, what I have learned is this:  astrology works and it works well, even if we cannot presently explain why. There are many examples of things we now take as commonplace which in the past would have seemed fantastical, and I believe that astrology is like that. When humanity is willing or capable of focusing attention on energetic realms that have been studied by mystics for thousands of years, we may then understand the mechanics of interconnectivity .

Astrology is an occult pursuit in the truest sense of the word and many people find that difficult to accept, for it challenges what they think they know about themselves and the world. Taking the exact time and place that an entity enters physical existence and correlating that moment with the state of the cosmos reveals the underlying unity of Creation at large. That’s a big concept, and what comes of this revelation can be humbling. Astrology shows us our place in the grand scheme of things, and approaching astrology takes courage, for in its study, we are asked to open up and take a larger view. In learning about who we are, how we are made, and how we fit into our world, we can lead more fulfilled lives, and astrology provides us with tools that allow such growth, learning and understanding.

While astrology is mysterious and thrilling and beautiful, it is not a game. We don’t practice astrology for entertainment, to impress friends, or amaze strangers (well, I don’t, anyway). Astrologers are diagnosticians of the spirit, not magicians doing parlor tricks. Astrology serves as a metaphysical microscope, and personally, I use it with respect and sensitivity. This marvelous world is a place filled with people who are tender, complicated creatures, much more delicate than we typically acknowledge. Astrology is a precision tool that gives us the capacity to see into the workings of the world and the human soul with a level of perception that is extraordinary; as such it must be used with great consideration and compassion. I use astrology with care and humility, and in doing so, I honor, recognize and celebrate the miracle that is this world, and each individual’s inherent splendor and complexity. As Joni Mitchell wrote: “We are stardust, we are golden.” Truly, we are, and a powerful tool like astrology allows us to touch the wonder and joy that is this golden life.

So then, why astrology? Because astrology acknowledges the delicacy, beauty and confounded complexity of the human experience like nothing else. Some have called it the art of the soul, and I feel that pretty much sums it up. Astrology gives us a methodology that supports growth and compassion , and the opportunity to recognize and become who we were meant to be within the milieu of our larger environment. My dearest wish in practicing astrology is to offer readers and clients direction, help, comfort and inspiration, and to keep your paths lit as you go forward on your journeys. I look forward to exploring this wonderful life with you.


A: Adjective  

1. a. Not disclosed or divulged, secret; kept secret; communicated only to the initiated. Now rare.

b. Of or relating to magic, alchemy, astrology, theosophy, or other practical arts held to involve agencies of a secret or mysterious nature; of the nature of such an art; dealing with or versed in such matters; magical.

2. a. Not apprehended, or not apprehensible, by the mind; beyond ordinary understanding or knowledge; abstruse, mysterious; inexplicable.

B: Noun

1. A hidden or secret thing. Obsoleterare.

2. With the. The realm of the unknown; the supernatural world or its influences, manifestations, etc.; (collectively) magic, alchemy, astrology, and other practical arts of a secret or mysterious nature (see A. 1b). Cf. occultism n.

Etymology: < classical Latin occultus secret, hidden from the understanding, hidden, concealed, past participle of occulere to cover up, hide, conceal < ob- ob- prefix + a stem of which a lengthened form is seen in cēlāre to hide (see cele v.) < the same Indo-European base as heel v.1

Source: Oxford English Dictionary http://www.oed.com

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