Astrology: Saturn Overview

Henrich Aldegrever, Saturn Holding an Infant and a Scythe, Germany, 1533, engraving. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (not on view).

“If the Devil doesn’t exist, but man has created him, he has created him in his own image and likeness.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov, 1879-1880, bk.5, ch.4.

Saturn represents our basic capacity for structure, discipline, faithfulness and tenacity. Saturn’s energy is somber, mature and immovable. A strong Saturn provides us with the ability to actualize our creativity, manifest our will and weather periods of difficulty. There is a certain solidity to an individual with a sound Saturn function; they seem responsible and capable of doing the right thing when required. Ever attentive to duty, Saturn does not suffer fools gladly, and an excuse of presumed innocence is no excuse at all to the Lord of Time. He has seen all, and is pitiless in his summations. A diminished Saturn often results in deep insecurities which can be difficult to overcome a fearfulness and inability to take part in the parade of life in a functional, beneficial capacity. It often takes many Saturn transits to comprehend how to work with his energies in a positive, productive manner, especially if there are negative aspects between Saturn, the personal planets or points in the chart.

  • The outermost planet in the traditional zodiac, Saturn was eventually surpassed by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Second largest planet in the solar system and sixth from the Sun.
  • Domicile: Capricorn (December 21- January 21) and Aquarius (January 21- February 21) (though modern astrology has assigned rulership of Aquarius to Uranus). As ruler of these signs, Saturn is considered “at home” here, comfortably, and powerfully expressed. Note his rulership of signs which are associated with Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Saturn is cold, dark and constraining, much like Winter.
  • Detriment: Cancer (June 21- July 21) and Leo (July 21- August 21). The planet’s energies express themselves with difficulty in these placements. In Cancer, Saturn has difficulty living with the emotionalism, unconsciousness and sensitivity of the sign. In Leo, Saturn is compromised by the sign’s tendency to pride, ego gratification and self-adulation.
  • Exaltation: Libra (September 21 – October 21). The planet is at his best in this sign, at his most effective and full embodiment. Libra offers Saturn a rejoicing in the cool aridity of its sign, seeking harmony and balance in all endeavors. Consider the perfection of great works of architecture or diplomacy.
  • Fall: Aries (March 21 – April 21). The planet is weakest here, operating under a condition of handicap and thwarted expression. Saturn in Aries has difficulty managing the sheer willfulness and impetuosity of the sign. Saturn’s essential nature, tending towards containment and discipline are at odds with Aries’ impulsiveness and lack of constraint.
  • Natural house rulership: 10th house. The tenth house is our public face, and is associated with our most visible societal station, reputation, achievement, ambition and career aspirations.
  • Associated with works of malediction, the dead, darkness, old age, loneliness, animosity, grief, hiding, inferiority, chronic illness, rudeness, land and land ownership, art, architecture, construction, industry, Lucifer, mountains, obedience, pain, orderliness, the past, persecution, the police, prison, punishment, repentance, resistance, retreats, rigidity, sadness, solemnity, severity, servitude, selfishness, scruples, spite, stagnation, starvation, studiousness, suspicion, terror, thinness, tombs, ugliness, twilight, the vagus nerve, wealth and miserliness, woes and worries.
  • Astrological glyph ♄ represents a sickle, traditionally used for hand threshing and reaping.
  • Saturn’s colors: black, dark blue, dark green, grey, brown.
  • Plant associations: aconite, asafoetida, aspen, barley, beech, belladonna, blackthorn, cannabis, comfrey, hemlock, hemp, henbane, indigo, ivy, pansies, pine, poplar, poppy, as well as violet, willow, witch hazel and yew.
  • Mineral associations: asbestos, bismuth, black tourmaline, gypsum, jet, lead, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, smoky topaz.
Saturn during equinox, natural color. Cassini Equinox Mission, July 2008

Astrology: Sun Moves Into Sagittarius

Brad Pitt, in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, 2019.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! The Sun moves into Sagittarius today, November 21 at 21:00 UT, 16:00 EST. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rings in the festive season, and anticipation runs high as people’s spirits are infused with good-natured joviality. This is the time when students everywhere are in the rush and depths of their studies, shops are filled with music, party season is in full swing, and goodwill is shared among all. It is an inescapable energy, and the world gets caught up in it every year, eating, drinking and spending money to excess. Such is Jupiter, expanding and enlivening all that it touches.

While this year may be quite different, as pandemic lockdown measures are enforced across the world, this is a time when people want to gather, to share themselves, reaching out with their philosophies, ideas for progress, discussing pet projects, gossiping and giving to their favorite charities. Jupiter infuses Sagittarius with an unquenchable optimism and generosity, and you can always count on your Sagittarius friends to help when you really need it. It is easy for the Jupiter ruled to understand any situation, for they are broadminded, ever willing to lend a hand or share a laugh. They are limitless in their creativity, and they love their friends like no other, loyal to the end, always ready to come up with the best reminiscing, quick to recall the good in everyone. The inborn optimism of these people makes it hard for them to acknowledge that things are difficult, or bad. They will always look on the sunny side, and put you to shame with your moping, grumbling negativity, which they will sweep aside with impatience and disdain. If you want to find someone who truly understands the phrase “There but for the grace of God, go I”, find a Sagittarian.

At best, Sagittarius is enthusiastic, independent, fun-loving, loyal, optimistic, uplifting, sporting, encouraging, open-minded, philosophical, intellectual, flexible, positive, motivating, honest and true. At its worst, Sagittarius can be fickle, escapist, unmotivated, tactless, foolishly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, messy, inconsiderate, and prevaricating. Mutable Fire, Sagittarius embodies the essence of air in fire, inspiring and fanning the flames of spirit and development, but given that Mutability, there is a tendency to be inconstant and easily bored (or just full of hot air!). Chances are, when you are looking for your Sagittarius friend or partner, they are off doing something of their choosing, freewheeling and fun, even if it’s a business meeting or an onerous task. Need to be cheered up – call a Sagittarius buddy, and soon you’ll be laughing again, pondering the mysteries of the universe and plans for the next get-together – even if it is just a Zoom call.

Sagittarius is associated with Jupiter, Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Vishnu, and Diana the Huntress. Its plants include carnations, dandelion, sage, aniseed, balsam, cinnamon, moss, garlic, celery, onions, and currants. Trees associated with Sagittarius include birch, mulberry, oak, ash, chestnut, lichen, mallow, palm trees, and the Jupiter-ruled love the gems topaz, quartz, and turquoise.

Famous Sagittarius Personalities: Pope Francis, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Thomas Becket, Mary Queen of Scots, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Taylor Swift, Franz Ferdinand, Pablo Escobar, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Billie Eilish, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Spielberg, Scarlett Johansson, Diego Rivera, Emmanuel Macron, Nicki Minaj, William Blake, C.S. Lewis , Miley Cyrus, Alyssa Milano, Nostradamus, Georges Seurat, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Pryor, Keith Richards, Joseph Conrad, Gianni Versace, Andre Gide, Woody Allen.


Astrology: New Moon in Scorpio


“There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Vladimir Lenin.
Nothing could be truer of this year, as time will surely tell. This year’s New Moon in Scorpio, November 15 falls in the last Lunar decanate of the sign at 23º 18’ Scorpio, exact at 5:08 UT (12:08 EST). The overall motif of this year has been the transformation of our collective inner workings, and as we edge closer to the end of 2020 we will see more and more how the activity of earlier in the year manifests on the universal level. While all around the world this year has been incredibly hard, with so much tragedy, loss and conflict, we should nonetheless feel proud because we are doing very good work for ourselves, on an evolutionary level. Take this time to turn around and look behind you at the road travelled so far since January 1 2020. Take a deep breath, here on the occasion of this New Moon, and consider – we have come a really long way, people! Deep, structural level renovation is happening, and while it would be easy to slide back into complacency, shrouding ourselves in the emotional comforts of “how it used to be”, we need to let that all go. Be courageous and move forward and upward, both collectively and individually. We can’t go back to the way things were, and we must move forward with faith that the future will be better for all of us.
Interestingly, the Sabian symbol for this New Moon is 24 Scorpio: “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.” This is an incredible visualization for what is presently happening in the United States, though we must ask – which man is it that that crowds are coming to listen to – Joe Biden or Donald Trump? We have on hand, right now, the opportunity to access a higher level than we have previously settled for, as a society, and as individuals. I feel this is well reflected in the symbol of the eagle, a truly Scorpionic creature. Eagles live in the craggy heights and mountains of the world, aloof and secretive, but to feed, they must descend, quick and deadly, ruthlessly capturing their prey. But when they returns to those heights, they are nourished and can savor the view which can only be achieved after forays to ground level, or below, descending light bullets into watery depths to deliver death to the unsuspecting. Death nurtures, and fuels life, inspiration, and ascension. And so the cycle continues, eternally. Look at what needs to be released in your life, and envision what new life can come of that composting. Move towards it!
Chart ruler Venus is couched in the 12th house at 22º Libra, and wrapped in a T-square involving the Capricorn stellium, with Pluto at exactly 22º Capricorn, opposed to Mars at 15º Aries. Venus in Libra idealizes fairness, justice, beauty and the pleasantries of relationship, but this T-square is hard core and obsessive, sub-basement level energy. This is not unfamiliar, but it does feel a bit tawdry, at this point; we can do better. Personal philosophies, our collective sense of justice, fraternity, equality and security are all being deeply challenged, and rightly so. This is intense, uncomfortable energy, as compulsive tendencies for gratification, always taking the easy way out, and pandering to the superficial optics of a situation are being challenged. What we consider “truth” about our allegiances, patriotism, and loyalty, built over generations, is rapidly changing. Mercury conjoins the 29º Libra Ascendant, itself speaking of highly erratic and untenable energies eroding to Scorpio’s transformative power. Mercury stands opposed to Uranus in Taurus in the seventh house, and from there, makes an out-of-sign square to Saturn in late Capricorn. Communication is constricted yet compulsive, stodgy but erratic, terse and potentially perverse, with interjection of hidden matters and obstinate dredging into the underside of things. Testy times indeed, as we see people simply unwilling to back down, but not exactly sure why.
The first house Sun/Moon conjunction sextiles the Capricorn stellium, and further neatly trines a supportive Neptune in Pisces. That is all quite lovely, potentially inspiring and productive, but only if we acknowledge the executive power of Mars in Aries, pushing us to do the dirty work. Chances are, subconscious power struggles will continue to abound, with little of true substance being said. Sitting in the sixth house, Mars tells us that people are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, revising systems, procedures, routines and habits. Grassroots level efforts can now shine as more people are realizing that it all begins at home. We must support our families, siblings, friends and neighbors at this time as we fight so many shadow enemies – from the pandemic, to elusive information flow, to the potential fall of democracy and the final rise of the plutocrats.
What we have right now is a recipe for deep down, home style revolution in the works, and this time embodies another quote – a phrase from Audre Lorde: “Without community, there is no liberation.” Look around you and consider who you belong to, and what is of real importance in your life. Be willing to part company, take a stand, and lend a hand. Above all, stay safe, and stay sane, people!
Aries – issues of power are highlighted now as you feel yourself forced to make choices between what you need to feed your home life, and what you want to manifest in your career. Relationships may be tense as you come on strong, though partners are willing to meet you half-way. Keep talking.
Taurus – Partnerships offer fertile ground for new beginnings, as new facets of you emerge. Sometimes this will come in fits and starts, no matter, as your personal philosophy needs time to catch up to your new persona. Spend some time giving yourself pleasure, take on a spa treatment, and consider a gentler approach to your health.
Gemini – “Much communication in a motion” as you seek to find new ways to move through your routine environments. Subconscious stuff pops through, and you may find yourself wondering why you said what you said. Look to your ideals to guide you. Seeking joy is gratifying, and aesthetics combine with romance.
Cancer – Creativity, romance, and new directions in what you find pleasurable and fun, a new project or an involvement with kids of all ages (if you know them, or have them) is highlighted now. Your love life takes a new spin, as you realize what you have been looking for is not necessarily what you need. Watch for tricksters.
Leo – Home takes on renewed significance as you find a revolutionary push in how you approach all those boring, mundane chores, routine circumstances, and issues of health, diet and regular physical maintenance. Look to new philosophies, perhaps presented to you via siblings or neighbors for inspiration and direction.
Virgo – Communication is key now, and you feel the need to bring about new ways to address situations close to home, in your local environment, with neighbors and close relatives. Rumblings in creativity are mirrored in the people you identify with on a social level. You feel like indulging yourself, and luxuries feel good and perhaps a bit sexy.
Libra – You may feel the need to stand up for your value system, and take a stand in a new way, defining what means the most to you in a way that breaks new ground. Home life is supportive, but deep changes here cause a ripple effect in your perception of what’s important, and what’s not. Creativity feels hot, and draw influences from outside.
Scorpio – Something new emerges in how you put yourself forward, and how you communicate and share this is transforming. Draw on untapped creativity, deep inspiration and consider what you need to heal. Energy is now available for concerted efforts at self-revision. Dreams are balmy and luxuriant, enjoy, though surprises may pop up in conversation with partners.
Sagittarius – Subconscious contents rise up for consideration, and modify how you strive to hunt down resources, particularly those related to the basic structure of what you most value. Social life is enjoyable, and romance is high energy. Home life is murky, and needs a bit of focus, though tender feelings may surprise.
Capricorn – Your society is expanding, causing a domino effect in how you present yourself, which is radically changing, and in how you communicate your inspirations. Home life is energized, but don’t pick at the thorn in your side. Career is salubrious, and your efforts are well-received; keep it pleasant, open and focused on the greater good.
Aquarius – Career moves are highlighted, and surprising information can rise up from your home base. Subconscious contents continue to push forward, causing pressure, and your value system seems intangible as the ground shifts beneath your feet. Neighbors, siblings and local environment seems testy – take the high road and spread a little joy.
Pisces – A shift in philosophy, a new sense of adventure, a moving spiritual or religious experience awaits and reflects new directions and transformation in what you consider as your society. As a result, you may feel a foggy sense of self-definition, but lovers, and partners like what they see and respond accordingly.

Astrology: US Federal Election November 3, 2020

Image: Getty Images, 2019.

Looking at this US Federal Election astrologically – whether or not Trump wins, the energy that he represents is closely attuned with the basic elemental energy of the United States chart itself. His chart, when overlaid with the US chart is like a shadow image – he is the “Other” that the US needs to contend with, the opponent (or partner) which requires constant consideration. The US is going through a major and deep catharsis, and the core energy of darkness, the wresting of power, the elitism and philosophical bullying that the US was built on is encapsulated in a man like Trump. That’s not to say that there is nothing good in the US – there is, but the level of duplicity and falsehood, purporting one message and yet acting in a way that is contrary and self-serving, lifting and maintaining an elite class – is central to how the US was built, and Trump is the poster child of this outcome. Even if he does not win, that dark energy which he encapsulates will still seek expression, as this is the cycle that the US is currently experiencing. Whether or not that energy can be worked through peacefully is debatable, and with coming transits – including Jupiter/Saturn moving into Aquarius on December 21, 2020 , and ultimately, Pluto entering Aquarius in 2024 – the next election year – a further stricture and realignment of the US administrative/governmental systems will take place.

Biden represents an old class that is also duplicitous, feeding itself and its supporters with tired platitudes that purport to uplift and equalize all people, while also maintaining a status quo that keeps itself elevated above the masses which it claims to represent. The fact is that the United States House of Representatives has been controlled by the Democrats from 1930-1994 – that’s 64 years of the last century; they controlled the Senate for 48 years – from 1930 – 1978, and won the most presidential elections from 1968 on. It would seem that the social unrest that the US is now facing is a direct result of all those years of power – decades of maintaining the suppression of minorities. This is not new stuff, and it can’t all be blamed on the Republicans – the Democrats have a lot to answer for, and this history stretches back to the origin of the party and its fundamental difficulty in getting past the philosophies behind the Civil War.

Trump is a business-man, first and foremost and he stands outside the political system. It’s bizarre to watch as he doesn’t seem to care about government at all – he cares about power, and whether or not he is interested in the redistribution of power (which it seems he is NOT), only time will tell. The structure of US governance is changing, and it remains to be seen whether it truly becomes a plutocracy, or whether it tries to uphold the façade of democracy that it currently maintains. The changes that need to be wrought in the US system cannot be done within one electoral term, or even two – it will take decades of concerted, cooperative effort. Biden is just about finished – he is almost 80 years old, and ready to sail off into the sunset. Biden sits in the US’s 12th house, he is old memory, core unconscious energy. He has been a party man for so long, this has been his last shot at carrying the flag, and it is admirable, but it seems unlikely that he himself understands the machinations behind his own system. He is old, and his running mate is a woman – people are likely considering what it would look like should Harris, with her personal history and agenda, be lifted to the Presidency, and while it would be heartening to see this innovation and progress truly accepted, the US is deeply entrenched in its conservatism. Pence, on the other hand, is a perfect back-up guy. He mirrors his party exactly as he should, says all the things that are expected at the appropriate time and has no perceivable personal agenda.

The interesting, and lovely thing about the US is that the system (still) allows people the freedom to vote – whether there is fraud, etc. the people can go out and vote and express their opinion. The government is for the people, and the energy of chaos and innovation lies there, with the people, not with the structures which represent them. As such, the outcome of this election, like any other election, is always a surprise until the bitter end, as multiple unknown factors show their final effects. So we shall see what happens today – which way will the wind blow? Hoping things stay peaceful and that the transition is good and kind, whichever party wins.