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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – The Flower Moon May 16, 2022

May’s Full Moon, also known as the Flower Moon, is a total Lunar Eclipse and is exact at 25º18’ Scorpio on Monday May 16, at 4:15 UT (May 15 00:15 EDT).  The term “Flower Moon” perfectly describes this time, as the energies closely reflect those experienced by a flower opening to life after a long winter’s struggle. Watch a garden in the springtime, and you will see that Nature is ever determined to provide budding plants with the challenges they require to grow into their strongest version.

Solar Eclipse April 30, 2022 – New Moon in Taurus

We have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Saturday April 30, exact at 10º28’ Taurus, at 16:29 EDT/20:29 UT.  This is an unusual lunation, as it is the second New Moon of April, an occurrence which is only occasional. Any notable events that have occurred within the last month should be considered seriously, as the most challenging, exciting and charged concepts recently faced will form a signature of new directions manifesting, pointing the way to things which will become increasingly important in your life over the course of the following year.

Beauty Will Save the World: Full Moon in Libra 16 April 2022, with forecasts for each sign of the zodiac

In the spirit of Venus-ruled Libra, this Full Moon be a beauty warrior.  Do something beautiful in your life – honor the spirit of beauty, and share it with those you love. Be a torch-bearer and shine light into the darkness of the world now, as it is needed most, and let the light of this Full Moon in Libra fill your heart with the gentle grace of Venus.


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