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A Man Who Loved Seagulls an excerpt from Osho’s Just Like That

The greatest secret of life is – and remember it always – that life is a gift. You have not deserved it in the first place. It is not your right. It has been given to you, you have not earned it. Once you understand this, many things will become clear.

Honoring National Indigenous People’s Day

For some people violence, theft and guile are mysteries and puzzles, unthinkable dishonor and abusive behavior in a world that is otherwise peaceful and beautiful, and those people are often taken advantage of and shoved aside by history. It is the shame of humanity that we have allowed this to happen in North America, and Canada in particular, and that shame will be eternal. There is no restitution for genocide, despite all the pretty political words and money bandied about to save face and make nice.

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14 2022 – Forecasts for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is exact on June 14 at 23º52′ , 12:51 GMT/7:51 EDT, and it brings with it great idealism and inspiration, making us want to think and do only the best, and see the good in everything. Full Moon forecasts for each sign of the zodiac here…

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – The Flower Moon May 16, 2022

May’s Full Moon, also known as the Flower Moon, is a total Lunar Eclipse and is exact at 25º18’ Scorpio on Monday May 16, at 4:15 UT (May 15 00:15 EDT).  The term “Flower Moon” perfectly describes this time, as the energies closely reflect those experienced by a flower opening to life after a long winter’s struggle. Watch a garden in the springtime, and you will see that Nature is ever determined to provide budding plants with the challenges they require to grow into their strongest version.


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