Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – The Flower Moon May 16, 2022

Odilon Redon, White Vase with Flowers, pastel on paper, France, 1916.

May’s Full Moon, also known as the Flower Moon, is a total Lunar Eclipse and is exact at 25º18’ Scorpio on Monday May 16, at 4:15 UT (May 15 00:15 EDT). The term “Flower Moon” perfectly describes this time, as the energies closely reflect those experienced by a flower opening to life after a long winter’s struggle. Watch a garden in the springtime, and you will see that Nature is ever determined to provide budding plants with the challenges they require to grow into their strongest version. This Lunar Eclipse presents us with a time of considerable potency, offering just the right amount of difficulty and inspiration we need to move forward into our best future.

Lunar eclipses are watersheds; decisions have to be made, something must be left behind, and our destination remapped. In the case of a budding flower, the state of dormancy must be left behind, and the urge for life apprehended. For us, it is similar; eclipses present us with new ideas and directions of growth, often through irrefutably important events, thoughts or interactions. What had once seemed like vague possibility becomes a point of central focus, particularly if it benefits our evolution. Things which seemed so important in the past shift out of focus, moving into the background to support the new vision which pulls us ahead into the future. And so, we evolve.

This Full Moon Eclipse is marked by a tight T-square with has Saturn at its apex. Saturn stands at a crossroads, looking left to the deeply emotional Scorpio Moon, and right to the Sun/Uranus/Mercury Retrograde conjunction in Taurus.  This is a time of heavy consideration, and the Moon in Scorpio wouldn’t have it any other way. What we value most on an emotional level, where we find security, meaning and connection is now highlighted by the undeniable urge for forward motion and growth. We cannot suppress the life force, and the Full Moon allows us to see clearly what must be shed and what must be allowed to come to life. 

Mars and Neptune are conjoined in Pisces, diffusing energy so that rather than clearly seeing what is happening, we need to intuit, reaching with senses little used.  This aspect can be very inspiring, giving us the energy to work at manifesting our dreams, but it can also be very delusory, fogging real action and perception with untruth.  Faith in the growth process is required, and a bit of caution not to get lost in the fog.

Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries, which creates a second-guessing effect for the normally demanding Venus in Aries experience.  Venus seeks to please herself, she wants beauty, adoration, peace and pleasure. As natal ruler of Taurus, currently locked in conjunction with Chiron, we find an undertone of doubt in what where we find pleasure. Something must change in what we find enjoyable, collectively, for there is a woundedness associated with what we seek.  Every time we reach for something we want, there’s a pinch involved.  While certainly an uncomfortable aspect, it allows us to collectively find a sense of true empathy as we go about chasing our desires. What we value as a society is changing – our urges for consumerism, glamor, and over-consumption are clearly no longer working out, for the economy or the planet. The “me-first” urge of Venus in Aries is being given a pause as we find other, more equitable ways of seeking pleasure and enjoyment, particularly in light of the mass suffering the world is currently experiencing.

Pluto in Capricorn stands high above it all, looking down with an unrelenting desire to see everything turned upside down.  The changes that are currently being wrought are fundamental, deep and permanent. Pluto lends support to the Retrograde Mercury, indicating just how deeply we need to dig in order to ensure that costly, time-wasting errors are not made, but this aspect also gives us a wonderful opportunity to thoroughly review old work, plans and ideas for potential breakpoints and pitfalls. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a tough placement, as Gemini rules our communication, our thought processes, daily interactions, business, contracts, writing – all the things we rely upon to get our point across and gather the information we need on a daily basis.  Communication is challenged during this Full Moon, but that may not be a bad thing, as the overall energy right requires us to slow down, consider, be open to inspiration and evaluate what lies ahead as clearly and thoroughly as possible. Saturn dominating the day adds a sobriety and discipline that is required, ensuring that we will take our time with this eclipse.  Envision where it is you want to be three months, six months, one year from now, and use the energy now available to put your vision into motion.

An interesting observation – the Uranus/Sun conjunction in Taurus is yielding surprises every day, it seems.  A remarkable news article surfaced just this week, discussing how scientists have discovered a black hole at the Galactic Centre, in Sagittarius.  This will certainly set theorists on the path of wild speculation for years to come, but it is these sorts of discoveries and innovations which occur during heavy Uranus transits, and in Taurus, the manifestation in concrete reality is even more evident. Read the article here: Black Hole: First Picture of Milky Way Monster

Full Moon Forecast for Each Sign of the Zodiac

Aries:  Your persona comes across loud and clear, and you are in the midst of healing what it is about yourself that causes you the most grief, Aries.  You are all about the money now, finding new ways to diversify your assets, and opening to things you had never dreamed would be important to you.  However, this Eclipse is shining light on the fact that you need to contend with how you feel about significant others in your life – particularly any friends who may be causing challenges to your overall MO.  Be careful not to escape into overindulgence as you try to escape the pressure of reality, it’s not worth it in the long run.  Listen to your dreams, and watch for Freudian slips as communication can prove challenging.  Say what you mean, say it again, and one more time for good measure, otherwise misinterpretations will be hard to unravel later on, which would be a waste of time – anathema to any self-respecting Aries.

Taurus:  Taurus, it’s pretty hard to ignore you folks these days.  You are coming into your own, and for all those who thought they had you pegged – HA.  This Eclipse, the spotlight is on how those closest to you affect who you want to be, and how you want to be perceived.  You may have a bit of trouble communicating your values right now, but don’t feel rushed. Take your time to work out the nitty-gritty.  Career plans get serious as long-term details crop up, and you need to sort through what’s best for your overall development.  Old beliefs need revamping, but don’t necessarily look to your circle of friends for answers – that bunch may seem a bit foggy right now, so take what you hear and see with a grain of salt.  Deep healing of old, gnarly wounds is highlighted right now.  Take time with yourself – meditation, ritual, prayer and grounding will be especially fruitful right now. Embrace yourself – all of it – even the bits you wish you could forget.

Gemini:  This Eclipse may feel a bit confusing for you, Gemini, as you seek to solidify your self-concept. Just who are you, anyway?   There is much subconscious material springing up at you, causing some compulsive reactions that you need to sort out later.  This is a good time to take a look at any habits that might be better left by the wayside, and tightening up routines and daily tasks will be highly beneficial.  You may feel burdened by old beliefs that you can’t seem to shake, but rather than railing against them, meditate on what holds you back. Take your time and look at this stuff.  It’s all about how you deal with power issues, what’s fair and what’s not.  Friends inspire, and you can make peace with circumstances that once seemed inaccessible.  You may just find that previously closed doors are suddenly open – it’s up to you whether you step into that new reality or not.

Cancer:  This Eclipse is a great opportunity to start seeing some positive progress on things you feel like you’ve been working on forever.  The tide is just about to shift, as you find new opportunities opening up for you in social settings, and in manifesting your dreams and wishes.  Power issues, particularly with significant others, will feel tough, but a little discipline and a hard line is sometimes just right to define much-needed boundaries.  Let your creativity come to life this Full Moon, Cancer, and open to the inspiration you feel welling up – what you create now will serve as fuel for your fire as you continue through the months ahead.  Subconscious material can crop up, and it’s a good time to review old, long-standing problems that seem to have been evading practical solution.  Mediation, journaling and therapeutic talk can be very productive now in allowing you to finally unearth those nasty old stones that have been weighing you down.

Leo:  This Eclipse, the spotlight is on your home, Leo, and how you balance home life with career.  Everyone needs a solid, secure home base, though things are emerging in your public life which require integration.  Relationships feel serious, as the lay of the land is evident to all involved.  You know what you are dealing with; either commit or quit.  The depths feel particularly heady these days, as issues of sex, death, power and control slip through your consciousness.  You are in an intense learning phase, and your horizons are broadening, allowing you to finally embrace new ideas, visions and beliefs.  It feels good to know that you are on the right track – and you are!  Don’t be afraid to revamp your approach with daily work habits, getting rid of what holds you back, and stepping up to better ways.

Virgo: The spotlight is on your daily communications, Virgo, and how your belief systems are being revamped and manifested in your day-to-day life. It’s a good time to start a new job, a new course of study, or enroll in a program that can help you with your career, or personal development. It is time to revamp how you think and talk about things – especially yourself. Are you stuck in repetitive, negative thought processes? Look to your creativity for ways to break free – deep things are welling up inside, let them out, and let yourself communicate freely. Be sure that you are meticulous in career matters – especially contracts, as things may go backwards for a while. Work habits and methods are due for a stringent overhaul. Clean out and rearrange what’s a mess in your immediate environment, and make space for something new and more beneficial to arrive.

Libra: What do you value, Libra? That’s the question you need to ask yourself this Eclipse. What is important to you? How do you define your sense of self-worth? Surprises come from power-plays, as intertwined values press upon what it is that compels you to feel good about yourself. Issues in the home, ancestral memory and the father rise up for you to evaluate. The impact of these matters runs deep, and now is a good time to see how such things influence your belief system. Communicating may feel difficult, but sometimes you need to let ideas breathe before sharing them with the world – now is one of those times. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate what you think you believe. Creativity feels serious – you want to manifest, but it’s hard work. Habits may be somewhat undermining; you think what you do on a regular basis is inspiring, but it may actually be diffusing your energy. Relationships feel sweet, as you have power available to heal old wounds.

Scorpio:  The spotlight is on your persona, Scorpio, as it seems that how you feel is what you are.  If you were ever going to wear your heart on your sleeve, right about now would be the perfect time – this Eclipse is highlighting just how you feel about your closest relationships, how they impact your daily habits, your creativity and your home life.  Power plays are gnarly, and you want to talk them through, but now’s not really the time.  Meditate on the details, and let these things rise to the surface before sharing your thoughts, otherwise you run the risk of misunderstandings and complications which will need to be sorted out later, if at all.  This is all about how you communicate.  You want to get deep, but start with yourself before unleashing on those around you.  Work habits feel good, health is fine, and creativity is inspired, if a bit nebulous at this time.  Solidify your home base, even if it feels hard.  What you do there within the next few months will result in a holding pattern that will last at least until the end of the year, if not become a permanent state of affairs.

Sagittarius:  This eclipse is allowing you to really get into your subconscious mind, Sagittarius.  You have the capacity to drill deep into what makes you tick, and you will be able to see just how things you hadn’t quite grasped about yourself surface in your health, work and daily habits.  Compulsive behavior can undermine your best abilities – now’s the time to focus on that stuff, even if it comes as a surprise, perhaps an outburst or announcement from a work colleague, employer or employee. Your values are being reshaped, and you want to communicate, but that feels hard, especially in relationships and partnerships.  Hold those thoughts for at least a month, because what you think is important right now probably won’t be later– if you can remember the details at all.  Look out for inconsistencies in matters dealing with home life, and beware of overspending, even if that splurge seems like a great idea now.  Let yourself feel creative, your pleasure principle is at a high level, so enjoy what feels good, and let the guilt go.

Capricorn:  The spotlight is on your society this Eclipse, as you seek to break through to new forms of creativity and pleasure.  What may have suited in the past no longer serves, Capricorn, and you know deep down that it’s time to move on and unleash all that you have pent up inside.  Work issues are tricky, and your daily habits need some reconsideration, especially things that tend to obfuscate what you should really be doing.  Don’t waste precious time, and don’t bother talking about it – just make the changes you know you need to make.  Your persona is in the midst of a total overhaul, and you can’t see the forest for the trees right now as you seek to define your values, but keep doing what you are doing.  You are motivated by what is serious, and results that matter for the long-haul.  Home life supports your efforts, and feels full and sweet at this time.  Enjoy and dig deep into your foundations, for they support you all the way.

Aquarius:  The spotlight is on your career, Aquarius, and this Eclipse offers you the opportunity to do what it takes to manifest your ideals in what you do on a daily basis.  Creativity seems a little confusing right now, as you seek to root out the details which have been eluding your grasp. Don’t bother discussing, just let everything that seems like a good idea now float to the surface – you will sort out the important stuff later, once it all becomes clear – but be sure to document everything, lest that genius idea slips away.  You want to communicate, get out and be busy in your community, and this is a perfect time to do so.  You will likely find yourself very involved with short-distance travel, errands, weekend vacations and shopping, visiting friends and relatives.  Your persona may come across as rather serious at times, but don’t worry – you are manifesting your true self.  Stick to your guns!

Pisces:  This Eclipse is focused on your most deeply held beliefs, Pisces, and you may receive some surprises from your friends, relatives and daily contacts that shake things up for you.  If you have been wanting to travel, now’s a good time to put a big trip into motion.  It’s also a good time to go back to school, take some personal development courses, learn a new language or meet people from places you have never been.  Think consciousness-expanding, and you’ll get the picture.  Finances are in order, and you are happy with making a splurge right now, particularly for something big-ticket.  Home life needs a bit of communication, but the details of what’s necessary are hazy right now.  Be very clear with any plans you put together that involve home, family and health care, as you will need to repeat instructions, processes and procedures if you don’t take extra care to double check and ensure things are in order at this time.  Your long-term dreams are changing, and as such, your persona feels a bit hazy right now, but no worries, it’s a good time to enjoy yourself Pisces.

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Astrology: Chiron in Aries

Pompeo Batoni, ‘Achilles and the Centaur Chiron’, oil on canvas, 1746. Chiron’s principle role was as a humane, wise and kind teacher.

Chiron stations retrograde 12 July 2020 at 9º26′ Aries, and will remain retrograde until 14 December 2020, when it stations direct at 4º56′ Aries. Chiron moved into Aries 18 April 2018, and will remain in Aries until 15 April 2027, with multiple retrograde cycles throughout this time period, the next appearing in August 2021.  With an erratic orbit, Chiron takes approximately 2- 9 years to travel through each sign of the zodiac. He takes 9 years to go through Aries, but only 2 years to move through Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. The longer he spends in any sign, will of course lead to a more developed expression and resulting overall impact, and there is much to consider in how Chiron distributes his energy throughout the zodiac. Chiron isn’t a planet per se; it is an asteroid, though it tends to function just as profoundly in our charts as would any other planet, particularly if in aspect to personal points or planets. He can be considered a generational influence, and as such, there will be many people of one’s own age-set who experience his impact upon their lives in a similar fashion. Personal understanding of world events and cultural trends and how these impact us on an individual level will be very similarly apprehended. Chiron does not rule any particular sign, as his influence is universal, and can be expressed through any of the twelve zodiacal sign permutations. He can be considered a helper, a maverick, a go-between, a form of psychopomp, shaman or mediator, as his influence on the chart is to show exactly where it is that we need to address challenges, wounds, and those difficult things that give us trouble which we tend to suppress, frequently experienced only in projection, denial or complete repression.

Considering his mythological origins, we know that Chiron was a centaur, half-man and half-horse. This speaks of his capacity to unite the more evolved intellectual and spiritual capabilities of humanity with the raw, primal, animalist urges which still flow through our bodies and psyches, mammals that we are. As far as centaurs went, most were quite bestial, falling prey to uncontrollable urges of lust, aggression and physicality. As Chiron was the foster-son of Apollo, god of medicine, healing, prophecy and music, his education in the arts and sciences elevated him above the common experience of his brethren, and allowed him a wider perspective on life. As with most of humanity, he had a personal tragedy which defined the course of his life. His occurred when entertaining the great hero Hercules; he offered the hero the wine of Dionysus, and in lust and rage, his fellow centaurs sought to attack Hercules at his leisure. Not one to stand for any affront, Hercules took it upon himself to slaughter the attacking centaurs. Chiron was caught in the crossfire, and was wounded with a poisoned arrow, tipped with a fatal toxin. Being immortal, Chiron was unable to die from his wound, as one normally would, but instead had to withstand immense torment and suffering as the poison continually worked through his body, causing him unending agony. He was finally released from his torment by Prometheus, who offered his mortal soul in exchange for Chiron’s immortality, thereby satisfying the punitive urges of an angry Zeus who sought eternal revenge for the crimes that Prometheus had committed against the gods. And so, Chiron was able to finally die, but his energy lived on in the constellation Centaurus.

Because of his terrible biography, Chiron is frequently referred to as “the wounded healer”. His energy has to do with the processes of acknowledgement, understanding and acceptance. There is no sugar-coating it, Chiron poses a difficult energy, as it underlines that part of us which causes us to feel most dysfunctional. Every individual soul has something specific and definite which perpetually causes shame, grief, discomfort, insecurity, and a feeling of impotence or lack of capacity. We all suffer from this reality. Chiron’s sign and house placement can help us to understand exactly how to find the thorn in our side, and with attention, objectivity, honesty and effort, Chiron offers us an opportunity for tremendous growth and maturity.

When in Aries, Chiron is working with the typical Aries issues of immaturity, impetuosity, selfishness, callousness, and the principles of force, personal and global power, manifestation of will, energy exchange, violence, aggression, domination, and war. How we move through the world, how we choose to initiate action, how we create something from nothing, the way in which we exert our willpower – all of these things are point of focus with Chiron in Aries. This correlates quite tellingly with current events, as we find ourselves gripped in the chokehold of a global pandemic that has utterly changed the way the world operates. The old rules of engagement no longer apply, either on a personal or transpersonal level, and this thwarting of the will impacts the individual on a deeply personal, visceral level. We feel powerless and infantilized in the face of forces so much larger than us (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Exertion of will is squelched, and movement through space and time – a basic Aries function – is limited, requiring reconsideration and editing at every step.

For Chiron turning retrograde at 9º 26’, the related Sabian Symbol is this: “A man teaching new forms for old symbols….this is a symbol of the continuous and necessary rectification of understanding through direct and every day experience, such as brings every factor of inner realization into immediate and personal significance. Key themes: interpretation, exceptional capacity for putting one’s individual heritage to work, and when negative, witless distortion of values and twisted perspective in general events.” (Marc Edmund Jones, ‘The Sabian Symbols in Astrology’.) This speaks strongly of the current requirement to look deeply at our shared histories, our personal and societal prejudices, and the need for firm and courageous honesty (an Arian trait, when well utilized). As mentioned above, an unhealthy Chiron can result in projection, denial, suppression and oppression. On a global level, it is far too much to realistically expect anything but an unhealthy expression, so projection and denial are the name of the game. With projection, we find massive attempts at scapegoating, cancel culture, blame/shame tactics, and endless, exhausting tautological arguments where someone is to blame, is always to blame, will and must be blamed. Sound a bit like what we have going on right now? Indeed.

Combined with Neptune in Pisces, in itself stewing a hot-bed of fomenting mania, Chiron in Aries energy now creates a dangerous atmosphere that will likely continue to result in further examples of public, damaging witch-hunting, false accusations, and wild assertions based on ill-examined and little understood, unconscious matter. It’s like the world sprang a leak of deep, wretched toxicity, and it is just oozing all over the place, the spill widening, the stain sinking ever deeper into the fabric of our consciousness. How to remedy this? We must summon higher standards of personal accountability, courage, energetic determination aimed at self-betterment and pro-actively call out lies, bullying, manic/panic reactions and practice basic grounding. Keeping it real is hard, but it is what we have to do in order to ensure that things don’t spiral out of control. I am not going to touch on the influences of the other trans-generational planets here (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto), as this would entail lengthy and intensive review which presupposes the patience of you, dear reader, but suffice it to say that we are in a pressure cooker of wild archetypal matter, all swirling into a thick and heady stew of crazy-making. How to make it through this time, sanely and maturely?  Keep it real, ground yourselves, ask yourselves, not once, not twice but perhaps thrice “Is that true? Is that real? What does it really mean to me, and just why am I so angry about that?” before joining in the fray which is building on the sidelines, stronger and deeper each and every day. Chiron in Aries wants to taste blood, and perhaps in obeisance to the gods, we must offer up a bit, but the point here is that in order for us to grow, our bloodlust needs to evolve into something new. Aries requires a maturation process, and we have years to go until Chiron moves along into Taurus, but we have so much room for transformation available. We can harness that dynamic, pioneering Aries energy for true change, on both global and personal levels. This is the opportunity that Chiron in Aries offers us; to take up the mantle of the blooded soldier, the seasoned battle commander with the clarity of vision that only experience and wisdom can bring.

Thank you for reading, and be well, all.