Astrology: Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Sidney Hall, “Plate 25 of Urania’s Mirror (A familiar treatise on astronomy)”, etching, hand colored, London, 1825.

With the Winter Solstice today, in the Northern Hemisphere, (Summer Solstice in the South), the Sun moves into Capricorn and so defines the extremes of our experience, as we experience the shortest day/longest night or longest day/shortest night of the year, depending on where you live. This is Cardinal Earth, and the Saturn-ruled sign rules excellence in both ascension and profundity. In the North, we are as far away from the warming light of the Sun as possible, and we must resign ourselves to the cold, dark stillness of winter. Many people associate winter with Death, and indeed it can be a time of great fear; we have spent the bulk of the year preparing for possibly fatal circumstances that might arise from the frigid darkness of long winter nights – will we have enough, will we survive? In the South, this is the time of year that is hottest, brightest and most energizing. Nature is working towards its fullest expression of abundance, but with Saturn ruling this time, thoughts inevitably turn to autumn and preparations for the cold seasons ahead.

Capricorn is perhaps best represented by the slow yet unstoppable evolution of the Earth, the gradual shift of continents and mountains, islands springing from the seas, and the rocky cliffs against which crash the ever-churning oceans, the bookends of existence, all the solid structures responsible for defining our sense of physical reality. Look at architecture, roadworks, canals and public edifices and you will see the face of Capricorn looking back at you sustaining and demarcating our sense of space and time. We take for granted how our sense of time is defined by space, and yet, as humans, our days are spent going from here to there, from one place to the next. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, Lord of Time and Matter is the one who defines our movements, ever building and placing new landmarks for us to absorb into our consciousness, never ceasing. Capricorn is all about the things that stretch above and behind us, above and below, the unacknowledged backdrops of our society, which we can never do without, and yet we completely take for granted until somehow these things are gone.

Capricorn is steady in the execution of power, for the Saturn-born always have a long view. Plans are meant to be achieved with care and patience, for in approaching the world with thorough consideration we achieve long-lasting success. Capricorn does not like to redo, let alone undo any already completed work, and so will ensure that accuracy is fundamental to any endeavor. While all this sounds like our Capricorn friends are all business, no pleasure, this is not entirely true. Yes, perhaps they prefer to spend their time in pursuits that allow them improvement, as any expenditure of time is considered a luxury to Capricorn, but who can blame them? These people understand the true preciousness of time, and the fact that our time here is cruelly limited. There will never be enough time to do everything that we want, so Capricorn chooses carefully and wisely. At best, Capricorn is shrewd, dependable, responsible, methodical, ambitious, practical, loyal, disciplined, cautious, patient, humorous, and at worst, Capricorn is snobbish, pessimistic, cold, fearful, rigid, miserly, unfriendly, insecure, and cruel.

It is often difficult for these folks to really let go and enjoy themselves, as their inner judge never sleeps and is always watching the clock. They can spiral into complete constriction, never moving forward, stubbornly sustaining what they already have, for as well as ruling time, Saturn also rules want, fear and insecurity. Loneliness and isolation are regular bedfellows for these people, and they accept this fate rather stoically, as they understand that there is more to life than always having a good time. They prefer to be the ones who leave the party early, knowing there are a few hours left in the evening that could be devoted to working on achieving their accomplishments, but if you really need them to be your safe drive home, they will stay and patiently wait, watching you as you make a fool of yourself. And if you are in real trouble – serious life problems – or even if you are just feeling a bit confused about your direction, find your Capricorn friends. They will quickly and dispassionately delineate your situation, and arrive at the most practical and successful plan. There will be no fuss, the plan might even involve using an accountant or a lawyer, but you can rest assured that in the long run, it will work, and you will have learned a valuable lesson that only Capricorn can teach – how to plan, how to be mature, how to take responsibility. They are usually right about these things, so suck it up and move on. While some Capricorns can be smug and superior about their abilities, most of the time, despite their icy self-discipline, they just love a good laugh, for these people are the masters of dry, sardonic humor. And in this, you just might learn another thing from Capricorn – sometimes, all you can do is laugh, because life’s a bitch, and then you die.

Capricorn is associated with amethyst, garnet, jet and black diamond, the plants flax, comfrey, hemp, henbane, ivy, all nightshades, and forests in general particularly old forests, as well as the deities Pan, Priapus, Bacchus and Cronus.
Famous Capricorn Personalities: Elvis Presley, Joan of Arc, Isaac Newton, Kim Jong-un, Woodrow Wilson, Al Capone, J. Edgar Hoover, Martin Luther King Jr., Louis Pasteur, Mohammed Ali, Johannes Kepler, David Bowie, Benedict Arnold, Tiger Woods, Henri Matisse, Hermann Goering, Stan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien, Betty White, LeBron James, Stephen Hawking, Frank Kellogg, Anwar Sadat, Stephanie Meyer, Marlene Dietrich, Mel Gibson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kate Middleton, Dolly Parton, Justin Trudeau, Diane Keaton, Michelle Obama, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Kate Moss, Jimmy Page, Jared Kushner, David Lynch.

Capricorn David Bowie b. 8 January 1947 d. 10 January 2016.
Capricorn Kate Middleton, b. 9 January 1982.
Capricorn Kim Jong Un, b. 8 January 1984.