Astrology: Full Moon in Taurus October 31, 2020

Full Moon in Taurus October 31, 2020 14:49 UT (10:49 EDT). This year Halloween is special for a few different reasons. Firstly, we are still living with a global pandemic. Secondly, it is a Full Moon day, and an unusual full moon in that it is the second full moon of October 2020, thus what is known as a “blue moon”. Thirdly, the last time we had a full moon on Halloween was in 1944, during the thickest part of World War II. Fourthly, we will soon be witnessing the results of the hotly-contested US Federal Election race, which, it can be said, will be an unsatisfactory showing no matter who wins.

We have five planets in retrograde, giving a largely sublimated feel to current energies. Retrograde Mercury in Libra is in a tight square to the Saturn-led stellium in Capricorn, making communication ornery, and frustration plentiful as people try to get their point across nicely, but with an underlying current of “I know best, it’s for your own good, I am trying to be nice here, so you’d better appreciate it!” Mars in Aries, also retrograde, loosely squares the Capricorn cluster, suppressed aggression embodied as the urge to accomplish is stymied by red tape and power struggles. Venus in Libra is opposed to Chiron in Aries, but otherwise unaspected, a melancholy scenario where we see the urge for partnership, pleasures and refinement juxtaposed against wanting to blame all the superficiality of the world for the troubles we are globally experiencing.
The Moon/Sun opposition stands alone though punctuated by a highly unnerving Uranus at 8º 41’ Taurus. Perfectly conjoined with the Moon, in complete opposition to the Sun, the presence of Uranus is inescapable, creating deep stirrings in the subconscious mind. Be on the lookout for things oozing out of the edges, strange remarks and “Freudian slips”, and unusual perspectives leaking into regular day-to-day affairs. For most people, the status quo is equated to comfort, and security is an assumption. While we don’t like change, this Taurus Full Moon is a perfect time to admit to what doesn’t work any longer, and embrace new, fertile energies. What if all that we assumed for so long just doesn’t work any more? What if our habits are no longer nurturing us? What is holding us back? What is there that might benefit from exposure to the light? People can learn to live with anything, even if those things are toxic, detrimental and ultimately crippling. Where are we crippling ourselves, as individuals and as a society? Allow the light of this Full Moon to illuminate the path forward, exposing what needs culling and enlightening inspirations that we can use to shift ourselves to a new level.

With Jupiter as chart ruler, issues of fraternity, equality, philosophy, morality and religion are of paramount importance, perfect for the US Election of November 3, and for addressing the ever-expanding conflict that we see around the world, all stemming from persistent tribalism and closedmindedness. What is justice, what is sacred, and how do we find a clear path to safety in the thicket that is the world today? How do our personal values correspond or clash with the values of the society that we live in, and how does society impact on our individual perceptions of security, comfort and well-being? We strive to rationalize the current events of our world, and to do so we need to tap into clarity of mind, unobstructed by irrational, subconscious emotion and preconceived, ancestral expressions of sentimentality. Whatever happens in the US on November 3, expect the unexpected, and be prepared for things to go very much sideways for a little while as people’s constellated preferences are challenged to the max. The very identity and consciousness of the US (if you can imagine such a thing) is transforming, and we must pray that the resulting pressures remain controllable.

Full Moon in Taurus, October 31, 2020 14:49 UT, Greenwich, UK. Chart courtesy of

Cardinal Signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – Keep communications open, even if it feels like an uphill battle. Partnerships and social organizations press upon individuality. Aries – stay cool, you are learning some new moves. You have new desires cropping up, and those closest to you don’t quite understand. Patience is wearing thin, but stick it out. Be nice. Cancer – draw on what you see in the world, and create. You are a perfect conduit for what is emerging from the depths, and while sometimes this feels threatening or scary, flow with it. Beautifying your home feels good; hold back on major expenditures until the New Moon of November 15 if possible. Libra – sometimes you feel as if you need to constantly explain and justify, keeping it sweet, and that still no one can understand. There is a firestorm pushing at your psyche, impatient and persistent, requiring you to dig deeper for the clarity you take for granted. Keep the peace and stand your ground. Capricorn – if you feel like the walking wounded, remember to be patient. The deep work continues, and while there may be irritations, even conflagrations multiplying around you, remember that the eye of the storm is the calmest place. Be in that place and remain in stillness. Creative inspiration is high.

Fixed Signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – Things you have taken for granted are showing their flaws. You can hear movement and rumbling somewhere far away, and it feels scary…but kind of wonderful too. Taurus – crack it open, this lunation is powerful and deep. If it feels weird, great! Embrace some new facet of you. Let them watch as you shed a few layers and shine a new light. Don’t be afraid to push back, and see how good it makes you feel. Leo – work life could feel emotional, and while you love the attention, it might be a bit tender in there. Watch for something surprising to crop up, and consider the adjustments that you need to make at home to accommodate changes as they arise. Scorpio – partnerships, close alliances, legal issues, contracts and negotiations are highlighted for the next few weeks. Plans emerge in new ways causing you a bit of a shake up. Communications feel testy as it is a matter of logic vs creativity. Avoid power struggles, or consider your philosophies as you engage. Aquarius – innovations and improvements at home are on the horizon and you are in demand on the work front – people look to you for answers and your inspirations surprise everyone. Daily communications could be annoying, take the higher ground.

Mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces – How we move through the world, those little routines that define us are all highlighted. Gemini – Watch your dreams, listen to your intuitions, follow your fantasies and imagination, you could find some insights into how you take care of yourself, basic health and mind/body maintenance. A good time to address these issues and how deeply they are interconnected. Virgo – how do you define your personal philosophy, and how do you communicate this to those in your immediate environment. Expect some new ideas to come to light, perhaps you have decided to examine some new philosophies or culture outside your normal frame of reference. Your ideas of creativity and pleasure are up for renewal, and primal urges could be quite moving. Sagittarius – you are feeling reflective and deep moods bring you a sense of renewal, inspiration in how to approach daily matters that have proved irksome. Sometimes it’s easier to find new ways than to keep shoving your opinions where they don’t belong. What is important takes on new meaning, informed by depths you have previously avoided. Pisces – are you getting your point across, or maybe it’s time for a new tack? A fresh sense of freedom pervades your interactions, as you are loosening the fetters on your previously held philosophies and methods of interaction. People you thought you knew surprise you. Building a sense of home that allows pleasure to take center stage takes on greater importance.
Be well everyone and thank you for reading