Astrology: New Moon in Aquarius February 1, 2022

Johfra Bosschart, ‘Aquarius Man,’ 1975

The month of February 2022 begins with a powerful New Moon in Aquarius. We also have the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger beginning today, as well as the observance of Imbolc, or the Feast of Saint Brigid. The last Water Tiger year was seen February 5, 1962 – January 24, 1963, making this is a profound time for Water Tigers, as it signifies the completion of an old cycle and the beginning of a new phase. The festival of Imbolc celebrates the power of the Goddess Brigid, a figure that later became known as the Catholic Saint Brigid, and is observed at the point midway between the December Solstice and the March Equinox. Imbolc heralds the coming of spring, celebrating the rise of the Earth’s fertility as it is quickened with the increasing power of the Sun.

The New Moon of February 1, 2022 brings the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger. The last Water Tiger year was observed from February 1962 – January 24, 1963. Water Tigers are exciting, charming, innovative, daring, skillful, natural leaders, honest and lucky.

Astrologically, this New Moon is super-intense as we have a conjunction of the Moon, Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, a conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Venus and Mars conjoined in Capricorn. This is heavy, concentrated Saturnian energy. Remember that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, as well as Capricorn – both signs are his domain and he revels when at home, providing us with the most profound expression of his executive capabilities. This is a perfect time to plan, build and manifest, as well as evaluate and eliminate what is excessive or unnecessary. Squaring the Aquarian New Moon is Uranus in Taurus, pushing us on a very deep level to manifest real, substantial change. Uranus in Taurus is shaking our foundations, asking us to change how we do what we do, set new patterns of behavior and consider how we tread on this Earth and why. This is a potent time for breaking new ground – physically, or spiritually – as the forces currently in alignment are concentrated on manifestation, removing what is in the way, and spurring lasting transformation.

Even if you are not one for ritual, this powerful New Moon is the perfect time to quietly focus on your soul’s deepest intentions. Take a little time to reflect, meditate, chant, pray, dream, focus on what you want to see blossom as the Moon progresses. Get in touch with what you love and value, and allow your passion to speak for itself. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve right now – the vibrations will resound with those around you, as everyone is feeling the same intensity and will respond in kind.

‘Brigid’ artwork by Lisa Iris. Saint Bride, or Saint Brigid, is a patroness saint of Ireland, a Christianization of the native Goddess Brigid, one of the old gods of Ireland, associated with wisdom, healing, poetry and poets, a protector and helper of women.

Remember to listen to that quiet inner voice that tells you what feels out of balance, for it is at the New Moon that sticking points can arise and trip us up later. What seems wrong right now probably needs to be addressed with true focus – get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore. Be courageous and meditate on what troubles you with an eye to culling what you no longer need, but remember to be gentle and patient with yourself and those around you. Later in the week, the Moon conjoins Jupiter on the 2nd, then Neptune on the 3rd, adding inspiration and beauty to our focus. Mercury turns direct on February 3rd, and the Sun meets up with Saturn on February 4, solidifying our intentions. A very busy, high-intensity week allowing us access to incredible powers of insight and manifestation. Use this time wisely.

New Moons and Full Moons are regarded by yogis and mystics as the most potent times of the month when we should hold back from action, instead taking the time to ground ourselves and feel our connection with the world and the greater universe, reaching out our feelers to understand where we are in the overall context of our lives. New Moons allow us the pure subjectivity to feel who we are and what we want to become. Embrace this powerful manifestation energy available now, and travel gently, in peace.

New Moon in Aquarius February 1, 2022. 5:47 UT, Greenwich UK. Chart courtesy of Astrodienst

Astrology: Happy New Year 2022

Guercino, ‘Atlas Holding Up the Celestial Globe,’ oil on canvas, Italy, 1646.

Each year on January 1, we are greeted with the serious face of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, and everyone, like it or not, takes stock on this day. It’s usually a somber time, for even if we have much to celebrate, Saturn likes to elbow in and say his piece, ensuring we prepare to fulfill our duties for the year ahead. However somber, this is also a time of great promise and hope, for it is only through commitment, hard work, and focus that we can accomplish anything, and it is at this time that these positive, useful energies are in abundance, more than at any other point in the year. I like to look at the chart of the New Year as a marker of the overall tone of the year to come, and we see that 2022 is chock full of intensity.

The overall theme of this year is passionate, concentrated intensity. Pluto is conjoined with Mercury and Venus in Capricorn indicating that what we hold dear is being considered and understood with great profundity. As we look back on a year that has been universally trying, we feel compelled to consider what we hold most important in life, and people are willing to dig deep and really embrace their desires and reflections in a practical manner. 

The Moon and Mars are conjoined in Sagittarius, and there is a bright, active philosophical tone to emotion.  We want progress, we feel hope, and we are enthusiastically broadminded, open to learning more about the world around us – even if it only involves our local neighborhood.  Some might feel scrappy or self righteous, particularly when faced with Saturn and Uranus as they maintain their travelling square, but by now, the sense of constraint that has gripped the world since early 2021 feels like old hat. More and more, people are willing to work with societal situations, making the best of looming restrictions, rules and regulations.  There is a feeling of supported empowerment in the air.

However, there is also a tendency to feel confused or overwhelmed at times, as Neptune squares the Moon/Mars conjunction, and what is defined as truth these days seems to be a moving target.  No matter, as a lovely Sun/Uranus trine gives a strong sense of wanting to do better, making people readily able to find innovative solutions to improving their lives day by day. There is an emerging sense of universal agreement that what is practical must be the rule of the day – very Capricorn – and a strong sense of push back is at play, as pointing out inconsistencies proposed by authorities and bureaucracy is the new norm all around. The voice of the individual speaking the truth of the many takes on new power, and we will see this theme become more important over the next year, particularly as Jupiter dances back and forth between Pisces and Aries over the coming months. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something bothers you – it’s likely that you are voicing what many people may be too shy to say.

2022 also begins with a New Moon on January 2, at 12º20’ Capricorn, and it promises to be a tender time, as the Sun/Moon conjunction squares Chiron, the wounded one.  This energy underlines the intense Mercury/Venus/Pluto conjunction as people are willing to examine and accept things that cannot be changed, and work at finding practical solutions to living with things which feel perpetually sensitive.  While not light-hearted, the executive power of Saturn available now makes this a perfect time to work on establishing our visions in reality.  If you have any plans drifting on the sidelines, pull them out and put them into motion.  Also, if you have any lingering problems – be they lifestyle, career, health or relationship issues – this is the most effective point of the year to hash things out, examine the pros and cons of your situations and consider what positive changes you want to see actualized.  Saturn, while often dour, is truly the best friend we can have, for without his guidance and foresight, very little can be accomplished.  Use the power available now to manifest your dreams in their most perfect form and let 2022 be your best year ever.

New Year January 1, 2022 Greenwich UK, 0:00 UT

January sees Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, squaring Saturn and Uranus. Communications, paperwork and official matters will confound, but commitment to discipline will help clarify. Intensity in action puts dreams within reach.

February Mercury turns direct just before a sizzling Venus/Mars conjunction on Valentine’s Day. Discipline gets bumped by innovations, and watch for surprises in serious conversations, commitment and promises by month’s end.

March and April will prove to be a particularly intense months, and the Equinox in particular will feel a little hairy as Mercury, Venus and Mars are all involved in close contact with the heavy hitters Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Deep intensity, tensions and potentially explosive stressors will feel gnarly. Emotions are ready for deep work, beware of inflating desires.

May sees surprises as the Sun conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn. It will feel like an uphill battle as new constraints emerge, though powers of concentration will be flowing. Mid-end month will feel sensitive as hurt feelings want expression. Watch for tall tales from the 15th on.

June sees Mercury Retrograde from the 3rd the 26th and communications and travel will feel hard going mid-month. Make duplicate copies and write things down to be sure. Surprising pleasures lead to some remorse and power struggles by end of month. Keep a lid on it and save the embarrassment.

July is intense but vibrant and will prove to be a breath of fresh air in a year of contradictions. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride, but watch for aggressors at month’s end. Arguments and accidents arise from careless rushing and pushing. Be careful and be safe.

August flows with Leo’s passion, though beware of jarring surprises during the first week. Love affairs and obsessions could arise mid-month, and communication feels intense and drenched in mystery (or confusion!) Overindulgence mid-month spells remorse by month’s end. Remember Leo dignity and Virgo analysis and you’ll be fine.

September brings another Mercury retrograde, and loss of objectivity prevails mid-month. Passion runs high as dreaminess seeks to overcome reason. Personal empowerment holds the line – fix what’s been bothering you once and for all while the opportunity is there.

October sees Mercury, Saturn and Pluto turn Direct, while Mars moves Retrograde, and Retrograde Jupiter dips back into Pisces. The churning feels like revolving doors, as people mince words and hedge around the truth, which could lead to forcing issues by the 20th. A grand trine between conjoined Sun/Venus, Mars and Saturn allows for either free-flowing communication or floaty hot air. Maybe some tension’s not so bad after all.

November’s pressures could push things to a head and Jupiter turning Direct by month’s end feels like a gust of power blowing through and releasing tensions. The Full Moon feels romantic and grounded, but Retrograde Mars stymies action, requiring reconsideration of plans. Desire butts up against uncertainty as we race towards year end.

December begins with a sense of confusion, and if you feel like people aren’t listening, you are probably right. To frustrate matters, Mars is still Retrograde, and Mercury turns retrograde at month’s end. Jupiter moves back into Aries which feels powerful, Neptune turns Direct unlocking trapped dreams, and the end of the year finds us ready to celebrate, release and start the whole cycle again – one more time, with feeling!

Note: For this year, I will be posting monthly sign-by-sign reviews on the Full Moon. While the New Moon is the beginning of the lunar month, I have found that the power of the Full Moon is apprehended more strongly. The New Moon is a good time to start on new paths if required, seeding nascent manifestations (much like the beginning of the New Year), while the Full Moon is a time to take stock of what you have to work with in the here and now. The light of the Full Moon allows us to reflect, fulfill, create, release, cleanse, dispense with what is unnecessary, and see personal meaning and circumstance with maximum clarity. Essentially, more light is available for us to see during a Full Moon, and that increased light allows a greater conscious connection with personal power, and with the world around us.

Thank you for reading. Blessings to all for 2022!

Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer, December 29/30, 2020

(I don’t know where this image came from but it’s beautiful – kudos to the creator and I hope it’s ok for me to use it here.)

The last Full Moon of the year is upon us, and is exact on December 30 at 8º53’ Cancer, 3:28 UT (22:28 December 29 EST). This opposition involves the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn, sextiles Uranus and trines Neptune widely, so potential for inspiration, communication and innovation are all there to be utilized. We also have a rather tense Mars maintaining its square to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, so not all is rosy, but definite executive energy abounds. This Full Moon is all about home and our deepest associations with security, health, nurturing, and “Mother”, as well as ideas of protection, obsession, and emotional control – of self or otherwise. Sometimes, when the Moon is airy, we rationalize in order to understand these motivations, but this Moon is in Cancer, and she is most at home here in her domicile. This time, it’s purely emotional. Beware of emotional things spilling out where they don’t belong, and watch out for the irrational and uncanny at this time. This Moon wants us to feel deeply, to examine our hearts and explore what the word “Mother” means to us – this includes both the overriding societal assumptions of “Mother”, as well as the individual woman who gave us our lives. There is also a need to consider issues of power, transformation, sexuality and what it is that we give and take in our closest relationships. Do we find power nurturing or oppressive? Do we use sexuality to control, or does it help us grow past preconceived notions and boundaries? Do we give or take more in relationships? And just what does “Mother” have to do with all of this? Further – what do we do to “mother” ourselves and those around us, and how can we improve these methods?

Issues of power and its abuse have been a key theme throughout this year, and as we see the potency of the travelling Capricorn stellium break up and pass on to different areas, we are left with considerations of where that cosmic dust has fallen. This year has seen humanity brought to heel, and this continues to be our shared reality as during what is the most festive time of year for many, we are ordered to stay apart, sequestered. Everyone, everywhere – rich or poor – has had to comply with these requirements of the collective, passed down on high by “the man”, and while some flaunt their privilege in deciding to ignore the rules, this only serves to further delineate existing class struggles Tactics of coercion and disinformation abound, and will continue to do so – stay safe and sane people! Collective issues have completely transformed how we live our lives on a most basic level – how we care for ourselves, our health, our families and communities. Consider some of the events of this year, and how these might have impacted you – for a full list, see here, it’s quite astonishing: Suffice it to say, this is not easy stuff we have been working with! Remember most of all to be kind now, because chances are the person you are talking to is having a very real struggle that you just don’t know about. This year has negatively affected the whole planet, one way or another.

Use this Full Moon in Cancer to really deeply consider how you take care of yourself, and those around you, and what you really need to feel more whole. Consider not just the hard stuff, but think about the good things too – what do you do well, and what makes you happy? Do you have skills that you can use to help others? Would it make you feel better to help others, or would that be too much? How can it get better? The light of the Full Moon is here to shine into those dark, murky places, those tender spots that we like to keep hidden and protected. While communicating about this stuff may feel difficult, the channels are open, so share your feelings at this time – share with your friends, your family, your loved ones. If you find yourself alone, have courage dear friend! Know that things will improve, and don’t lock up; reach out or go within, but know you are going to be ok. This is a time for all of us to to let this stuff out, collectively and individually – feel it, see it, and tell it – because in the telling, it becomes valid and real, and this becomes a starting point from which we can move forward on a better path. Even though it doesn’t always feel like it, we are all united on a heart level, and when we show ourselves, we grow. Love blooms and spreads, and it is love which will keep us afloat during these times of difficult and unusual change. Moving forward, the coming year will continue to present us with difficulties, but if we go forward in a spirit of togetherness, knowing that our hearts are united and that our circumstances are shared by our brother and sisters around the globe, we can take on these challenges with all success. Open up and share! Don’t be afraid. Let yourself feel it all deeply now, grab a bit of energy, set your house in order, and walk into the New Year with the awareness of preparation.

Aries: What does “home” mean to you, and how does that affect your career and your communications? Your social structure is rapidly transforming, and you feel more inspired than ever to connect with your tribe. Power struggles could emerge in your work life as you flex your ego. Keep it real.

Taurus: How you communicate takes on new meaning as you incorporate higher ideals. Deep changes occur as you feel empowered to take on a new public persona – you want to feel a new sense of power in how you are perceived. Move with it. Trouble rises when subconscious aggression clashes with your highest ideals; watch for nasty slips that cause some moral guilt.

Gemini: This time feels especially potent as what is most important to you becomes clearer. Trust your gut and talk it through. You are learning more each day, and it gives you a new sense of gravitas. Friends with benefits could try some power moves; keep yourself above the fray. Just keep talking.

Cancer: Who do you want to be? Who do you think you are? How are your relationships adding to your self image? What you share with others requires deep considerations, as new responsibilities arise. Tensions smolder in your public relations, and upheaval is a threat. Stay calm and discuss with the right people.

Leo: A good time to look at your subconscious motivations and any habits which may be obvious to others, but no so much to you. Open up to what lies just beyond your immediate grasp. Work allows a channel of communication with this stuff, and relationships bring a new sense of tension, which while initially uncomfortable, lend you a weightiness previously unfound. Philosophical exploration of power issues enlighten.

Virgo: Friendships and your connections with society are highlighted now, as you seek to find new routines and structures in your daily life. Issues of sexuality, and core beliefs about creativity, pleasure and productivity are undergoing renovation. Remember, sexuality doesn’t necessarily mean “doing it” – how do you live in your body, and where is your animal nature at? Don’t be afraid to roar.

Libra: Career issues are highlighted and the need to discuss your work at home focuses on how your creativity needs a new sense of purpose and seriousness. Home as a seat of power and command, and a not so subtle kick from partnerships lead to transformations in your understanding of pleasure and joy. Run with it.

Scorpio: You can feel more deeply in touch with your ideals, and more than willing to communicate this inspiration with those closest to you. A new sense of productivity and honor emerges on the home front, though you may feel intense pressure from established routine to find the best ways to rationalize these changes. Follow your heart!

Sagittarius: Shared resources are highlighted as you are willing to communicate your values with your closest partners. You find new depths in belonging, and you are at a point where you realize that your daily environment needs some deep restructuring. How you choose to find pleasure may not jive with what your value structure needs from you; a good time for re-evaluation of what is most important.

Capricorn: Close relationships are in the spotlight, as you find new modes of being and you want to discuss with those most important to you. Core values are up for restructuring, and a new sense of purpose must be considered. What you feel is most important to your sense of self meets tension on the home front, and it feels very personal. Look to shared values for insight.

Aquarius: All your little personal habits and routines are subject to review now. Look to what might be tripping you up subconsciously; tune into imagination and dreams for clues on how to progress. The very foundation of how you present yourself to the world is undergoing revision, so don’t be afraid to dig deep and keep what is most meaningful, and toss the rest. Lighten the load now!

Pisces: What gives you joy, and how you find pleasure is now highlighted. You feel the urge to create; don’t be afraid to reach out for feedback and support, your peeps are there for you and are willing to talk about it. Deep unconscious material will occupy your thoughts for some time to come. Don’t be afraid to realign yourself to reflect what really matters most to you. Go for it!

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