Astrology: Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction December 21, 2020 – The Age of Aquarius

Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, The Fall of the Titans, 1596–1598 Wikipedia Commons

The Age of Aquarius has long been a topic of fascination, and mention of the phrase conjures images of free-loving hippies passing a bong and digging each other’s energy, full of hope and longing for a better future. Well, it seems the future has arrived, and the hopes and dreams of yesterday’s hippies are now ready and waiting for activation, provided we sort out a few administrative issues. The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius which everyone has been talking about is finally upon us. Saturn actually enters Aquarius today, December 17, 2020 and will stay in this sign until March 8, 2023. Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, and will remain in Aquarius for approximately 1 year, until December 30, 2021. Not quite pertinent yet, but still associated with this grand conjunction is Pluto, who will move into Aquarius in 2024 thus sealing the deals we are brokering at this time (more on that another time).

This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, though, is primarily significant for the fact that there has not been a conjunction of these two planets in such close proximity to Earth since 1683, when they were conjoined in Leo*. That was the era of Louis XIV, arguably one of the most kingly of kings (Leo), whose reign lasted longer than any monarch in history, even to this day. The reign of Louis XIV and his Ancien Régime embodied stupendous, gratuitous luxury, subjugation of the lower classes, the institution of serfdom, and the glorification of wealth, power and corruption. The forces that this inequity stirred ultimately resulted in a the French Revolution of 1789-1799, which is still spoken of in hallowed terms of bravery, courage, “Liberté, égalité et fraternité” (liberty, equality and brotherhood), particularly by a country whose radical societal changes were contemporary with the French Revolution, the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence date July 4, 1776, evoked only decades prior to the revolution in France, also relied heavily on idealistic principles of the unalienable rights of equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Much has changed since those centuries passed, though disturbingly, much remains the same, and we find ourselves on the threshold of even deeper changes to come. It is my estimation that we are in the midst of an era of revolution once again, albeit nascent days.

I believe that as a species, we are at a pivotal, evolutionary moment which will change how the world itself is conceived by humanity. Globalization is basically complete, and there is little that individual citizens of the world can do about it. This train has been in motion for hundreds of years, and is arriving at the station, as we have a global population that now finds itself incrementally sharing commonality more than defining differences, mundane politics aside. The impact of globalization on the collective psyche, particularly in the last 100 years, has been gargantuan, resulting in an evolutionary jump that might one day be compared to the discovery of fire, or the first use of stone tools. These changes are mostly due to advances in technology which have not only made former modes of living largely obsolete, but have also expanded our horizons to places previously considered impossible for even speculation. Technology, an Aquarian thing, has changed our behavior patterns in ways that will take decades, if not centuries to understand, but which are nonetheless powerfully and immediately relevant. Things that we do today – “googling”, “tweeting”, “online transactions”, “tracking”, “texting”, etc. – were simply not part of the human consciousness, let alone vocabulary at the beginning of the 20th century. Our capacity for comprehension is exponentially expanding as we are bombarded with ever more complex technology, and we will see this trend continue into the future. The human result of this exponential change is a required adjustment on a psychic, individual and collective level, as our innate beliefs reach new levels of transformation and re-establishment.

The human result of this exponential change is a required adjustment on a psychic, individual and collective level, as our innate beliefs reach new levels of transformation and re-establishment.

As Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius, we see the sign that is primarily associated with technology, innovation, science, discovery and invention occupied by two of the biggest forces in our solar system. Jupiter is associated with expansion, wealth, idealism, religion and higher education, justice, law, fortune, and benevolence. It is called “The Greater Benefic”. Saturn, on the other hand, represents forces which could be called opposite to those of Jupiter, such as contraction, crystallization, coldness, austerity, misery, melancholy, old age and death. He is referred to as “The Greater Malefic”. The combined astrological force of Jupiter and Saturn speak of the urge to excellence and expansion combined with restriction, minimization, insecurity and overriding desire for perfection in execution. Jupiter wants to fly away, expand and make everything bigger, better, more fantastic, while Saturn wants to halt, contract, restrain and inhibit. As such, these energies, while respectful of each other, do not necessarily combine well. There is a push-pull effect, a two steps forward, one step back sort of motion. Working these two energies together well requires great consideration, attention, and effort, requiring an acknowledgement of motives, limitations and capacities.

In Aquarius, the combination of Jupiter and Saturn is particularly pertinent in the arena of “the world at large”, as Aquarius rules society, fraternity, friendship, science, innovation, technology, the internet, invention, space exploration and associated concepts. As Jupiter and Saturn move deeper into the sign, I believe that we will see ever-expanding systems of technological architecture spreading across the planet, further unifying and universalizing human/technological interface experiences. A person in Thailand can ostensibly have the same interface relationship with their technological devices as someone in Peru, or Egypt, or Chicago or Moscow. This is astonishing, as we are transcending barriers of culture and ascribing to the new culture of technology. Technology is borderless, and knows no tribal affiliation – it is universal, a tool for all . Metrics and algorithms have been established which are recognized as common across the human experience, and which are highly effective predictors for human behavior, as well as shaping the direction of human behavior.

This last point is something of particular concern, as in the wrong hands, the tools of technology could have potentially disastrous effects on the future of humanity. Now, we can spin into conspiracy, we can discuss the mysterious origins of the technology that we are using, etc. to varying degrees of agreement and satisfaction, but the fact of the matter is, we are rapidly approaching an epoch of transhumanism, where the interface between human and machine ultimately becomes something almost organic, or at least as close to organic as one can get when discussing AI, technology, and manufactured products. This is pure Saturnian energy – giving structure to revelation, embodying pure science in reality. What we will see in coming years is an attempt at fully globalized systems administration (again Saturn) which go beyond the accidental power that was attained by big tech companies that currently rule the internet. The more or less secret controls that have been used by tech companies, the information that is bought and sold in the background by those with vested interests in market control, will become commonplace knowledge, and as a population we will need to shape these newly emerging power structures openly, and will full disclosure, implementing practical, helpful solutions to lift humanity up accordingly.

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”

Maximilien Robespierre, 1792.

Despite all the many ways this scenario could spiral into a totalitarian nightmare (and again, this is a very real consideration as we now move forward into a new decade that will be dominated by revolutionary Pluto in Aquarius), we are still talking about humanity, and the nice thing about humans is that by and large, humans are well-intentioned. We certainly have our fair share of psychopaths, dictators, and those whose tendencies run to the cruel and unusual, but for the most part, humans are motivated by love, and by the spirit of doing the right thing. This motivation prevails so long as we are not manipulated into complacency and existential confusion, and this is currently the big danger, and a possible result of the deep structural, psychic and psychological changes that humanity is facing. Looking at the overall chart of this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, sentiments run towards the taking the high road, and there seems to be a collective awareness and acceptance that “we are messed up and have to fix it”. We want to heal, we want to participate in the healing process, and we are energized to do so. What we need to hold onto, moving forward into this next decade, is that motivation to do right, to do good, or at the very least, to do no harm. We need to construct new parameters which acknowledge the realities of technology and its presence in our lives, while maintaining our personal quests for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. A tall order to be sure, but now that we are a global family, there are that many more hands to help, ears to hear and eyes to see what needs doing.

Our collective emotional reaction to all this change is confusion, and a pressing sense that we will be swamped by it all. There is a deep feeling of terrifying chaos at work in the collective, a pervading sense of “something is wrong, I don’t know, and I am scared”. We can’t really see what is happening, but we can feel it, very deep down. Levels of anxiety are skyrocketing, and for those not used to having deep psychological buttons pressed, there is eruption of anger, violence, denial and projection seeking to lay blame. This too is part of the process, as we work towards an evolutionary lift, raising our internal capacity to make sense of previously collective material. The collective IS pressing down on us, but it behooves us as individuals to press back, grab hold and reorganize things in order to maintain optimal survival, and ultimately, peace. We are all tasked now to usher in this “Age of Aquarius”, and we have on hand many highly capable tools of survival. The Sun/Mercury/Midheaven conjunction in Capricorn at the top of this chart speaks of the executive capacity for communicating, vision building, planning and manifesting what is needed – to build a world that acknowledges all comers, justly, dispassionately, and equitably. Transformation lies in the very midst of what we know as society, and the power structures that lurk within. The energy for positive change is available, we just need to keep our motivations real and strive for the best that we can be, both individually and collectively.

*Here’s a good article on the science behind the event:

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