Astrology: US Federal Election November 3, 2020

Image: Getty Images, 2019.

Looking at this US Federal Election astrologically – whether or not Trump wins, the energy that he represents is closely attuned with the basic elemental energy of the United States chart itself. His chart, when overlaid with the US chart is like a shadow image – he is the “Other” that the US needs to contend with, the opponent (or partner) which requires constant consideration. The US is going through a major and deep catharsis, and the core energy of darkness, the wresting of power, the elitism and philosophical bullying that the US was built on is encapsulated in a man like Trump. That’s not to say that there is nothing good in the US – there is, but the level of duplicity and falsehood, purporting one message and yet acting in a way that is contrary and self-serving, lifting and maintaining an elite class – is central to how the US was built, and Trump is the poster child of this outcome. Even if he does not win, that dark energy which he encapsulates will still seek expression, as this is the cycle that the US is currently experiencing. Whether or not that energy can be worked through peacefully is debatable, and with coming transits – including Jupiter/Saturn moving into Aquarius on December 21, 2020 , and ultimately, Pluto entering Aquarius in 2024 – the next election year – a further stricture and realignment of the US administrative/governmental systems will take place.

Biden represents an old class that is also duplicitous, feeding itself and its supporters with tired platitudes that purport to uplift and equalize all people, while also maintaining a status quo that keeps itself elevated above the masses which it claims to represent. The fact is that the United States House of Representatives has been controlled by the Democrats from 1930-1994 – that’s 64 years of the last century; they controlled the Senate for 48 years – from 1930 – 1978, and won the most presidential elections from 1968 on. It would seem that the social unrest that the US is now facing is a direct result of all those years of power – decades of maintaining the suppression of minorities. This is not new stuff, and it can’t all be blamed on the Republicans – the Democrats have a lot to answer for, and this history stretches back to the origin of the party and its fundamental difficulty in getting past the philosophies behind the Civil War.

Trump is a business-man, first and foremost and he stands outside the political system. It’s bizarre to watch as he doesn’t seem to care about government at all – he cares about power, and whether or not he is interested in the redistribution of power (which it seems he is NOT), only time will tell. The structure of US governance is changing, and it remains to be seen whether it truly becomes a plutocracy, or whether it tries to uphold the façade of democracy that it currently maintains. The changes that need to be wrought in the US system cannot be done within one electoral term, or even two – it will take decades of concerted, cooperative effort. Biden is just about finished – he is almost 80 years old, and ready to sail off into the sunset. Biden sits in the US’s 12th house, he is old memory, core unconscious energy. He has been a party man for so long, this has been his last shot at carrying the flag, and it is admirable, but it seems unlikely that he himself understands the machinations behind his own system. He is old, and his running mate is a woman – people are likely considering what it would look like should Harris, with her personal history and agenda, be lifted to the Presidency, and while it would be heartening to see this innovation and progress truly accepted, the US is deeply entrenched in its conservatism. Pence, on the other hand, is a perfect back-up guy. He mirrors his party exactly as he should, says all the things that are expected at the appropriate time and has no perceivable personal agenda.

The interesting, and lovely thing about the US is that the system (still) allows people the freedom to vote – whether there is fraud, etc. the people can go out and vote and express their opinion. The government is for the people, and the energy of chaos and innovation lies there, with the people, not with the structures which represent them. As such, the outcome of this election, like any other election, is always a surprise until the bitter end, as multiple unknown factors show their final effects. So we shall see what happens today – which way will the wind blow? Hoping things stay peaceful and that the transition is good and kind, whichever party wins.