Astrology: Sun Sign Sagittarius

Diego Rivera, Exploitation of Mexico by Spanish Conquistadors, mural, 1929-1945, Mexico City – Palacio Nacional,
Rivera was a Sagittarius, b 8 December 1886 d. 24 November 1957.

“When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.”

William Blake, poet, painter. Sagittarius, b. 28 November 1757 – d. 12 August 1827

Imagine yourself rolling down an open highway in a fast convertible, top down, on a starry, cloudless night.  Nothing but the wind, the stars, and you. (Well, maybe a buddy if you are so inclined).  Feel the freedom, the rush of the open air, the blast of freshness and the sense of invincibility, of pure joy.  That’s Sagittarius energy, boundless, huge and high.  Sagittarians are the embodiment of Mutable Fire, like the fire of starlight, of the spark of inspiration, fleeting and sudden, changeable and inconstant. People have said that this is Fire at its coldest, but rather, it is Fire at its most potent. This is the Fire that Prometheus stole from Zeus to empower his creation, giving humanity a chance to crawl out of the mud of basic existence to a state of openness and inspiration, imbuing humankind with the potential to learn, grow, and soar in the realms of spirit and intellect.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius from approximately 23 November to 21 December, and in the Northern Hemisphere, this is late autumn. This is the time when students everywhere are in the rush and depths of their studies. Preparations are being made for the Christmas festivities of December 25, and the world is jovial and excited. People sing carols, the party season is in full swing, bonhomie and goodwill is shared among all. It is an inescapable energy, and the world gets caught up in it every year, eating, drinking and spending money to excess. These are the days of Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruler, and if anything, an ostentatious party with the best food, drink and friends is the name of the game, a gathering where people can share themselves, reaching out with their philosophies, ideas for progress and furthering their lots, discussing pet projects, gossiping and giving to their favorite charities. Jupiter infuses Sagittarius with an unquenchable optimism and generosity, and you can always count on your Sagittarius friends to help when you really need it (if you can find them, that is!). It is easy for the Jupiter-ruled to understand your situation for they are broadminded, ever willing to lend a hand or share a laugh. They are limitless in their creativity, and they love their friends like no other, loyal to the end, always ready to come up with the best kind of reminiscing, always quick to recall the best of a person – the best story, the best laugh, the best characteristic – and they sweep aside negativity with impatience and disdain, for if anyone understands the phrase “There but for the grace of God, go I”, it is a Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Tarot Correspondence – Major Arcana XIV: Temperance (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

At their best, Sagittarius is enthusiastic, fun-loving, loyal, optimistic, uplifting, encouraging, open-minded, philosophical, intellectual, flexible, positive, motivating, honest and true. At its worst, Sagittarius can be fickle, escapist, unmotivated, tactless, foolishly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, messy, inconsiderate, and prevaricating. Mutable Fire gives Sagittarius the essence of Air, inspiring and fanning the flames of spirit and development, but given that Mutability, there is a tendency to be inconstant and easily bored. Chances are, when you are looking for your Sagittarius friend or partner, they are off doing something of their choosing, freewheeling and fun, even if it’s a business meeting or an onerous task. The inborn optimism of these people makes it hard for them to acknowledge that things are difficult, or even bad, and they can have a tendency to building castles in the air if they are not careful. They will always look on the sunny side, and put you to shame with your moping, grumbling negativity. Need to be cheered up? Call a Sagittarius buddy, and soon you’ll be laughing again, pondering the mysteries of the universe and plans for the next get-together. There are no better people to turn to when you need a lift, a good insight, an alternative perspective or to settle your qualms because Sagittarius is positivity personified. It’s true that they don’t like it when things get serious, but they will respect the requirements of the situation, and respond with a broad-minded, gentle and probing philosophy that leaves most people wondering just what other mysteries this person has hidden in their depths.

Sagittarius’ polarity sign is Gemini, and when Sagittarius are at their most free-wheeling it can be very helpful for them to remember their very particular Gemini friends who are more than ready to sit them down, make a list, check and double check the facts, setting them off with a solid plan for achievement that will keep the spring in their step and the smile on their face. Sagittarius needs to mind the details sometimes, and tapping into Gemini energy is a great way to keep a sense of balance, continual enthusiasm and achievement flowing. Boring? Maybe, but imagine the bragging rights you’ll have if you’ve got some solid facts behind your big plans, Sagittarius!

  • Keywords: idealistic, enthusiastic, vibrant, jovial, humorous, optimistic, visionary, inspiring, intellectual, humane, just, friendly, gregarious, philosophical, broad-minded, messy, superficial, scattered, careless, insensitive, tactless, inconsiderate, assumptive
  • Rulership: Jupiter
  • Modality: Mutable Fire
  • Polarity: Positive masculine
  • Gemstone: topaz, quartz, turquoise garnets (carbuncles)
  • Metal: tin
  • Tarot: Temperance
  • Color: purple, dark blue, green, yellow, deep, rich colors, pale green
  • Deities: Jupiter, Zeus, Nephthys, Apollo, Artemis, Vishnu, Diana the Huntress,
  • Flora: betony, carnations, dandelion, sage, aniseed, balsam, cinnamon, moss, garlic, celery, onions, currants, raisings, leeks, lime, birch, mulberry, oak, ash, chestnut, lichen, mallow, palm trees,
  • Fauna: horses, game animals, elk,
  • Famous Sagittarius Personalities: Pope Francis, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Thomas Becket, Mary Queen of Scots, Ludwig van Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Taylor Swift, Franz Ferdinand, Pablo Escobar, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Billie Eilish, Ozzy Osbourne, Stephen Spielberg, Scarlett Johansson, Diego Rivera, Emmanuel Macron, Nicki Minaj, William Blake, C.S. Lewis , Miley Cyrus, Alyssa Milano, Nostradamus, Georges Seurat, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Pryor, Keith Richards, Joseph Conrad, Gianni Versace, Andre Gide, Woody Allen

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