Astrology: Sun Sign Libra

François Boucher, Venus Consoling Love, oil on canvas, France, 1781. Boucher was a Libra, b 29 September 1703 d.30 May 1770.

“The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.”

Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1895. Wilde was a Libra, b. 16 October 1854 d.30 November 1900,

The Sun travels through Libra from ~23 September – ~23 October each year. Associated with the warm days of Autumn, the month of Libra is typically one of the more pleasant times of the year. Venus expresses herself in Libra as the paragon of refinement. Not one wrinkle, smudge or gaffe is permitted when Libra is in the house. Lights must be just so, flowers arranged exactly to best effect, food and wine perfectly paired, outfit showing off figure to maximum benefit, makeup perfectly applied, music pleasantly interesting, and the party filled with good friends and many laughs. Would that every day could be a party, a vivid discussion, a visit to the art gallery, an argument settled and peace restored. Cardinal Air loves nothing so much as to set things straight, ensure that balance and harmony reign, and that the angles are all correctly applied. Not that Libra doesn’t love a good fight, in fact, they often instigate conflict in order to control the restitution of peace. They love to be peace brokers, having their hand on the scale, occasionally tipping it one way or the other just to ensure that they can maintain the position of leadership, arbiter, and final judge on any topic. As far as they are concerned, until they have had their say, the matter is not settled, nor is it even worthy of consideration unless they deem it worthy. They may be pleasant, but never be fooled into thinking that lovely Libra is anyone’s pushover.

“Should I call him or not?”  “What do you think of this blouse?  But what about that one?” “Should we have pizza or sushi tonight?  I can’t decide”.  A Libra mother bought her son two ties for his birthday, both of which were fine silk, beautifully made, each with elegant patterns. She invited him over to dinner, and thinking he would please her, he wore one of the ties that evening, to show her how much he appreciated it. As he sat down at the table, his Libra mother looked at him and said – “Why are you wearing that tie?  You didn’t like the other one I bought you?”  Classic Libra.  Libra has a reputation for being indecisive, but it isn’t quite as simple as this. Libra people do tend to have a bit of trouble when it comes to making decisions, but it is mostly because they just don’t want to allow the thought that one thing could be better than anything else. It just wouldn’t be fair, as everything has its merits, if you look hard enough, and justice requires that we do just that.  They may fully prefer white, but if you choose black, then they will argue black with you, because they love you, they can see your point, and well, it would be better if you both agree to the same thing, wouldn’t it? They love to love, and they take pride in seeing the good in all. They will be very thorough in sussing out all the possibilities in any situation, considering and talking through each question from a myriad of perspectives, discussing with anyone who will listen, and looking around for further input to add to the mix already at hand. 

Libra Tarot Correspondence – Major Arcana XI: Justice (Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Libras present themselves gracefully, and you will rarely experience any instances of vulgarity, offensiveness or any sort of unpleasantness when dealing with a Libra.  They strive for peaceful circumstances, pleasant people and surroundings with which to occupy themselves. Discord or unpleasantness can make them physically and emotionally ill.  They will simply avoid people who upset them in any way, by being too loud, forward, rude or otherwise unpleasant. Often it is hard to understand exactly what has upset your Libra friends, and even they may have a hard time putting a finger on it, but they will simply know that something was “off”, and will avoid any repeat events until they figure out to their satisfaction how and why the situation can be remedied. Arguments can send them reeling for days, and recovery can occasionally require complete elimination of anything upsetting or bothersome. Arriving at a peaceful conclusion is the driving force behind their actions, and if they do not reason that peace can be achieved, they will move on to a more congenial circumstance. Life is short, why bother with misery? They are idealistic, and in their minds, a just world is a peaceful world, where all wrongs have been righted, all viewpoints are considered valid, and everyone’s thoughts are accorded with merit. How could anything less be fair? Libra can always be counted on to lift your spirits with their gentle loveliness, and when faced with a serious situation, even if the circumstances are life and death, they will always be able to choose the gentlest words, and the most just and equitable solution. Always fair and kind, Libra is the natural peacemaker of the Zodiac, motivated to lead the way to harmony, restore beauty and nurture friendship with all.

As Libra can have trouble with being a bit too accommodating sometimes, it can be helpful for them to tap into their polarity sign, Aries. Aries can teach Libra that it’s just fine to stand up for yourself, put your foot down, make a firm decision and initiate action. People will still love you, even if you decide to take a stand on your own, and relationships will not crumble if you don’t always defer to the prevailing mood or opinion. Libra can benefit from tapping into that maverick Aries energy once in a while, especially if they find themselves muddled with too many considerations.

  • Key words: fair, sociable, aesthetic, erudite, diplomatic, urbane, romantic, idealistic, just, peaceful, harmonious, indecisive, fickle, gullible, flirtatious, auto-erotic, flippant, elusive, superficial, prevaricating.
  • Rulership: Venus
  • Modality: Cardinal Air
  • Polarity: Positive, Masculine
  • Gemstone: sapphire, jade, chrysolite, coral, diamonds, opals, quartz
  • Metal: copper
  • Tarot: Justice
  • Color: emerald green, shades of blue, pink, pale green, deep green, crimson, yellow
  • Deities: Aphrodite, Eris/Discordia, Ishtar, Maat, Themis, Rhadamanthus, Minos, Vulcan, Yama
  • Flora: aloe, white roses, hydrangea, blue flowers, berries, dried legumes, wheat, apples, pears, grapes, mint, ash, poplar, tobacco, flowers in general, lilies, pansies, strawberries, violets
  • Fauna: lizards and small reptiles, elephants, nightingales,
  • Famous Libra Personalities: Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Margaret Thatcher, Oscar Wilde, Serena Williams, Eminem, Pierre Trudeau, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Jimmy Carter, Lee Harvey Oswald, Matt Damon, Heinrich Himmler, Vladimir Putin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Theresa May, Bela Lugosi, Johnny Ramone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Simon Cowell, Carrie Fisher, Snoop Dogg, Anne Rice, Benjamin Netanyahu, Annie Leibovitz, Danny Glover, Desmond Tutu, Sting

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